Early Reggae

These singles were for the most part released in the late 60’s.

3 comments to Early Reggae

  • Jah bless whoever put this web site together,it’s very informative and it helpful in the promotion of reggae music in America.I run a reggae show
    in northern colorodo and i am always seeking infomation on some of the classic old school artist i play.very comprehensive

  • Apollo 69

    You have collected here a TOP selection of jamaican labels!
    Big respect!
    If you’re interested, i could provide about 20 jamaican label from the 60s that don’t appear here yet!
    All the best

  • Uwe

    Lord almighty! Discovering the label scan from the Harmonians’ “Oh My Baby” (Tennors) really left me gasping for breath. I know this tune from the legendary “Reggae Girl” compilation, but have never seen it on a 7-inch before. Lucky owner!

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