January 10, 2015, at 11:47 pm

Rocksteady Revived

The DanceCrasher 100 Greatest Rocksteady Tunes has had a facelift.

All tunes should now be listenable on tablets and phones, some text has been corrected and (hopefully) all broken links to songs and label scans have been repaired.

Start at numbers 100-91

January 8, 2015, at 10:02 pm

King Sporty RIP

Noel Williams AKA Kong Sporty died on Monday in Florida RIP.

Feel Good All Over (Studio One) http://www.dancecrasher.co.uk/2015/feelgoodallover.mp3

Obituary in the Jamaican Observer.

January 3, 2015, at 10:54 am

Eight Sevens From Reggae Fever

Last month Swiss record dealers Reggae Fever announced the reissue of a second batch of 7″ singles:

Blue Bells – Love Time/Ecclesiastes Band – Part Two Dub (Premier/Reggae Fever) The first of two Hector Wright productions to see re-release. This dates from 1982 and was recoded at Channel One.

Blue Bells – Come Along /Upsetters – Along Came A Dub (Premier/Reggae Fever) Dating from 1976 this was recorded at Lee Perry’s Black Ark … continue reading…

December 23, 2014, at 11:57 am

Germain 7″ reissues

Five quality 80’s Donovan Germain productions available on reissue right now. These are distributed by Gaffa Blue in London and should be in all good shops shortly. The dubs are all exclusive to these releases and as far as we know were mixed more recently.

Cultural Roots – Can’t Fight Reality / Can’t Fight Dub Plate Version Cultural Roots – Age Of Creation / Age Version Cultural Roots – Tribal Avenue / Tribal Version … continue reading…

December 23, 2014, at 12:58 am

New stock labels page

The first new page in a long time and a new “stock label” design is featured. It’s always hard to come up with descriptions for these and this one was no different so the new page features the Circles & Diamonds design. See it here.

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December 21, 2014, at 11:07 pm

Federal Ska from Dubstore

Out on 7″ vinyl today four singles from Dub Store in Japan featuring stupidly rare or previously unreleased Ska tunes from the Federal stable. More info here.

The Maytals & Don Drummond – Coppa The Maytals & Don Drummond – Come Along With Me

Clive Wilson & The Ska talites – One Ska, One Ounce of Weed, One Beer Federal Singers – Love Is All I Have

Federal Singers – My Love Federal … continue reading…

October 21, 2014, at 8:45 pm

Music Keep On Playing

Two dates for your diary this weekend…

On Friday (24th October) the Tighten Up Crew play with the Rootkal posse at Trapeze in Shoreditch, East London.

Champian is off galavanting in Austria so we’re hyped to welcome the legendary Papa Face on the mic for us. For full details check here.

And on Saturday (25th October) I (Tim P that is, not the Tighten Up Crew) play at Live Injection at the Stags … continue reading…

October 5, 2014, at 9:39 pm

Tighten Up Crew new website

The Tighten Up Crew now have a website, please check tightenupcrew.uk for news of our Tighten Up sessions in London and other events.

May 12, 2014, at 7:05 pm

Tighten Up – A Tribute To Studio One

Listen to the recording of the May Tighten Up session. This was a special tribute to Studio One with guest selectors Asher G and John Dynamics plus Plattsie joining the Tighten Up Crew on the warm up. Plenty of anthems plus the hard to find and the unknown!

Tighten Up: Tribute to Studio One Part 1 … continue reading…

April 5, 2014, at 9:59 am

it’s quiet around here…

Sorry for the lack of updates – normal service will be restored shortly.

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