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  • kalcidis

    The magazine should be published in an English version also!

    I’ve got one issue of ND and I had to write down the whole articles in wordpad just to paste them in Bable Fish (at altavista) so I could read it.

  • Rockman


    Cool Stuff and great to read your informative comments. But geez man if this is the tail-end of the list then can’t wait till ya hack it down to the last thirty…twenty….ten.

  • Dave Home

    This looks like a great selection and I like the cover too.
    PS Really like the blog Tim!

  • AnorakTrev

    Well, you`ve done yourself proud here.I pop back here every now and again,`cos your the mutt`s nuts on Rocksteady info.All power to your Dancecrasher 100 Best Rocksteady Tunes.Keep up the good work.Excellent.


  • admin

    This post has caused offence to a former moderator of the Chatty Mouth board. I’m sorry this has happened, no disrespect was intended as the comments are all reasonably lighthearted which I believe is clear.

    Meanwhile the people at the Pama forum are a bunch of cheats 😉

  • I’d be interested to see you list them in order of importance/usefulness Tim – (although I fully appreciate why you might not want to).

    For all the drama on that board, the people on ‘Chatty Mouth’ have consistently been the most useful/knowledgeable/forthcoming for me when I’ve been seeking information about Alpha old boys. B&F a close second – but perhaps less useful now than it once was.



  • Christopher Porter who wrote that piece is a good writer and a good guy. He kindly let me use his great article about Dizzy Reece and the great pics that go with it on my ABS page.

    He has a mostly music-related blog which quite often features reggae at:



  • admin

    I wouldn’t dare Baldy 😉
    Seriously though I’d say I enjoy Blood And Fire and Pama the best. As for Chatty Mouth, after the latest outbursts, childish digs and abuse I doubt I’ll be posting there again. Life’s too short…

  • So I’ll know where to find you next time I want to pick your brains Tim.

    Respect as ever


  • Matty-J

    That’s a pity in a way as it means a hiatus from a great reggae night, but I can’t say that I liked the Embassy at all compared to Catch from my brief experience of it.

  • Amazing… can’t wait to arrive home for listening the tunes! And this is the end of the list…? how will be the first 10 tunes? Good work!
    Happy 1968 🙂

  • professor

    Baldy – just sublime. thanks for the peek.

  • professor

    Duh – it’s TIM right? Love that Headache tune.

  • admin

    Yes it is Tim Professor. Glad your enjoying this, the next part is coming soon.

  • very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  • Prof – I only wish that my rocksteady collection was anywhere near as good quality as Tim’s.



  • great initiative and a nice read/listen. cant wait or the rest of the list. just wantde to point out two of the most famous ‘versions’ of gir iv’e got a dat: Harry J’s Liquidator and the non reggae version of the Staple singers ‘Ill Take you there’ , to my knowlegde te only time a reggae song gets a soul/funk version, usually it is the other way around.

    but i’m sure you were aware of this

    bless Jumbo

  • admin

    That’s interesting I’m aware of the similarities between the two but never thought of Liquidator as a version of Girl I’ve Got A Date. I’ll go away and have another listen.


  • Hey guess what? the hottest reggae singer Ava leigh who’s worked with the famous Sly n Robbie, Nick Manasseh, and future cut has free music you can download at ?check it out.

  • twinpeaks^^

    Love your work and can’t wait to see the future additions. I’ll be interested to see where Desmond Dekker’s Fu Manchu and Alton Ellis’ If I Could Rule this World appear on your list. Love the label shots too. Great reading. Thanks.

  • Dave Home

    I really like the new layout Tim. I believe that Little Clive who toasted on ‘African Bread’ is Clive Chin but can’t confirm that 100%. Nice to hear ‘Stamma’ on the intro as well.
    Just in case anyone is interested the inspiration for Dennis Alcapone’s fantastically titled ‘Erotic Touch of Hot Skin’ can be found here;

    ..and there’s a review of it here;
    It sounds like a winner!

  • Daniel

    Hi Tim, I realized today that I have the original rock steady version of Always and The Erotic Touch Of Hot Skin. Its on Olympic pre. Artist: ED. Parkins – Soul Message

  • admin

    Thanks Daniel this is very interesting. There’s an email coming your way…

  • Dave Home

    Wow! I’d really like to hear ‘Soul Message’. I remember Tim saying that he felt ‘Always’ was a version to an earlier rhythm whereas I felt it was on an original rhythm. Looks like you were right Tim!

  • admin

    Soon come Dave 😉

  • finally…an update!

    i’m really loving this list, keep ’em coming!

  • _natty_

    many thanks for this depp work!
    I wait for the next ep !

  • Donald Gregory

    Great to see these lists of music I have loved for 40 years. Do not agree with all of the comments but that is hardly the point. Maybe you are right and I am wrong. I have most of them and want the rest!

  • Paddy

    Hello at dancecrasher,just stumbled onto your site and its brilliant.had to sell all my ska n rocksteady records years ago,just starting collecting again.Hope my faves are gonna be in your 100 greatest rocksteady list.1.wailing wailers nice time. 2.Tommy MCcook soul for sale.3.Ewan and Jerry rocksteady train.4.The Jamaicans woman go home.5.Bob Andy I’ve got to go back home.keep up the good work i’m off to put on some tunes.

  • I

    “Patsy – Love Is Divine , This only came out on a Jamaican blank originally.”

    That’s Not true i have it on a gayfeet 7 inch ( No repress)

  • admin

    “Patsy – Love Is Divine , This only came out on a Jamaican blank originally.”
    That’s Not true i have it on a gayfeet 7 inch ( No repress)

    Thanks for the info. I’d love to see a lablel scan if that was possible.

  • Stephen

    “Patsy – Love Is Divine , This only came out on a Jamaican blank originally.”

    This came out at least twice on Jamaican issue (label or not) once with “Toast to James Bond” by Baba Brooks and once with another B Side (don’t know what it is but it wasn’t memorable) which unfortunately is the one I have!

  • Jack_of_my_trade

    Excellent stuff. I’ve always been very much into rocksteady so this top 100 is just what I need. If you need a scan of the labelled Treating me bad (or Miss Cushie with center, or Johnnie Cool on Olive Blossom with credits), let me know! I will be glad to help out. Respect!

  • Sorry to disappoint you, Tim, but the scan also comes from Clarendon’s website. 🙂 still I am pleased to hear that your hectic schedule still allows you to read my stuff…

  • admin

    LOL nevermind, there was me thinking you had a subscription to Womans World and Cosmo.

    I’m going to do a quick rundown of blogs soon and yours will definitely be there. I’ll be interested to see if I can upset as many people as the messageboards one did…

  • Michael

    there’s also a section now on for JA stuff, plenty of clips, sorted by style

  • Hi

    Honest John’s Records starts selling these 7inchies.

    Copasetic will start soon.

    The stocks is not so many.Please check it!!


  • chris lane

    Hi Tim… have to say I think that the Drum Song ‘original’ is a bit of a red herring…. different chord changes, no trace of the horns melody (in either version) – and the bass line (though more obvious in the El Chicano) is close, but not close enough for me. Coincidental, imho, just like ‘Green Island’ and ‘Get Carter’……..

    And while I’m on it – the original to Errol Dunkley’s You’re Gonna Need Me’ is by Barbara Lynn (on Jamie)…. Great project – keep up the good work, Cheers, Chris

  • admin

    Thank for this Chris, I’ve got to say I did think long and hard about the Viva Tirado link, any similaritiy is as you say pretty week. That said I thought the similarity with El Chicano was clear, but that came after Drum Song so who copied who? Still you much more of a musician than me so undoubtedly your right. I’ll amend the article when I get round to it.


  • Maureen Sandford

    Sorry about this bad news. This is Terrible.
    The Killing must stop!

  • Sad news, Michael ‘Mikey Dread’Campbell passed away

    1954 – 2008
    Mikey Dread At the Control, Trodding to Zion.

    Michael Campbell better known as Mikey Dread, is a Jamaican singer, producer, and broadcaster.

    From an early age, Campbell showed a natural aptitude for engineering and electronics. After he finished college, Campbell started out as an engineer with the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC). Campbell wasn’t impressed that the JBC’s playlists mainly consisted of bland, foreign pop music at a time when some of the most potent reggae was being recorded in Jamaica. He convinced his JBC bosses to give him his own radio program called Dread At The Controls, where he played nothing but reggae. Before long, Campbell (now using the DJ name Mikey Dread) had the most popular program on the JBC. Well-known for its fun and adventurous sonic style, Dread At The Controls became a hit all over Jamaica. Inevitably, JBC’s conservative management and Campbell clashed, and he quit in protest.

    By that time, Campbell had earned a solid reputation as a singer and producer and began recording his own material. Distinctive albums such as Dread At The Controls, Evolutionary Rockers, and World War III all became favorites amongst reggae fans. His collaboration with producers King Tubby and Carlton Patterson stand out as some of the best work each party has done. Campbell’s music attracted the attention of British punk rockers The Clash, who invited him over to England to produce some of their music. Although initially suspicious of the strangers, Campbell soon became the best of friends with the band, producing their famous “Bankrobber” single and performing on several songs on their 1980 album Sandinista!. Campbell also toured with The Clash across Britain, Europe, and the US, gaining many new fans along the way.

    After many years working as a producer and singer, Campbell withdrew from the business and moved to Miami where he furthered his college education with courses in electronics and business. Disgusted with several unfair contracts with record companies, Campbell shrewdly waited until all of the existing contracts expired and then regained control over his entire catalogue. Since then, he has been re-releasing much of it on his own Dread At The Controls record label.

    In October 2007, it was announced that Campbell was being treated for a brain tumour.

  • Big up crew! Lovin the melodica version as well 🙂

  • Prince Horror

    The Sean Paul mix is done by this mashupcrew: and is called “Steady Temperature” and can be found on this website:

  • Duke Man T

    is this film out? looks good

  • Dead Dred

    wheres the new segment man? whats the deal with that?

  • gus

    hi there,
    thanks for your feedback. This is a trailer for a film I am in the process of finishing. At this i am looking for some funding to clear the amazing archive and music. I am hoping to get this film into UK (and European film festivals if I’m lucky) towards the end of 2008.
    The working title is “Ska Beat”

  • admin

    Thanks for the update Gus. Please keep us informed of any developments and good luck with the project.

  • Vince Owens

    Nice feature. I always imagined a Delroy original to ‘Smoke without fire’ before discovering this! Is there the same guitar bits on the original (Lynne Tait?)? Anywhere I can hear the whole original?
    Keep up the good work.

  • david kunzler

    gwan ricky trooper ,but i miss you selecting for jaro

  • the ska instrumental is (confusingly) called Rocksteady riddim, released on Orange Hill a few years back with an AMAZING vocal by sizzla. I think it was produced by Alborosie actually?

  • Donald Gregory

    Went to see this the other day. It is unmissable for any lover of reggae history but like most documentaries on the subject, does not give a clear indication of the music’s progression though its different eras, from boogie shuffle to reggae. Do see it though.

    Donald Gregory

  • Trombón P.R.

    Wow. Thanks for sharing and rescuing Don Drummond from obscurity in our Technological Era.

  • Glad that you enjoyed the film and exhibition. I devised and directed the film and I wanted to give voices to the people that moved the scene onwards. So I only worked the story themes that Coventry people talked about.

    Most older sounds talked about R&B from the Louis Jordan era, Bluebeat or ska the move to reggae and dancehall. Mento and Rock Steady weren’t mentioned in the interviews. I was happy that we got some detail about sound system equipment like the mighty GEC KT88 valves, Garrad decks and quad boxes which I hope make up for the gaps.

    Many thanks for the feedback.

  • Dave Home

    Really sorry to hear that Tighten Up is coming to an end. I’ve had some brilliant nights at TU over the years and always enjoyed the great music and nice vibes. Big Respect to Tim, Steve and Champion.

  • admin

    Nice one Matthew – thanks for the comment.

    Have you plans to show the film more widely or maybe a DVD release? I’d love to see this myself and I’m sure others would be interested as well.


  • Dave Home

    Thanks for the heads up. Enjoying listening to these selections.

  • Reggie

    Enjoying the site, the news pieces coming through thick and fast now.
    would add From mi heart as another classic missing from this collection. looking forward to it though

  • PortOJam

    Just caught with the depth of the site. Amazing job Tim. When you gonna complete the 100 greatest Rock Steady Tunes section?

  • paradox

    This is technically produced by Don Williams of Rebel Music, but yes Stephen is credited next to the version on the promo.

    Would love to know what role Stephen has played, it sounds partly band backed to my eyes (could be wrong of course). It’s certainly far removed from any of his other one drop efforts.

    In any case, wicked wicked business.

  • AnorakTrev

    Got my CD and the 7″ of ” Lorna Banana ” this week.An absolutely crucial set of tunes from the guys at Pressure Sounds.Excellent liner notes.
    Thanks DanceCrasher for the initial heads-up and the follow up reminder.You were right – You Need To Buy It :¬).

  • hhhhhhhhhhh

    spot on. couldn’t find any other good info on where it was exactly. WHAT A HERO

  • alex

    Great stuff…but where’s the part 4,5,…?!

  • c a

    nice! my studio one LP is NOISY

  • AnorakTrev

    You`ve only gone and done it again ! ANOTHER brilliant set of scorchers.Totally agree about the Buster back catalogue,by the way.Looking forward to the next instalment already.THANKS.


  • alex

    It seems I got the answer on my question posted on 27 june…in the best possible way…thank you and keep on rolling.

  • admin

    Thanks for the comments. yes Alex you encouraged me to complete this section! Hopefully I’ll get the next one finished a little quicker…


  • c a

    another good one out of california is called reggae revive – available through itunes – it’s not all revival, there’s some dancehall in there too

  • eric

    this is a wonderful collection of rocksteady beats.. i m a deaf individual who is confined to the steady beats and bass of reggae. the faster these lists come the more i can fill my mp3 player with some of these songs.. currently thru napster.. any better reggae song sites i could download some of these songs?

  • Douglas

    Still arguably the best album released on Studio One since the archives were raided by Channel One/Joe Gibbs/Bunny Lee in the mid-Seventies. Only “Everything Crash” rivals it.

    Mind you, I’m not personally tempted to share out a lot of my hard-earned for ONE previously unreleased track and a couple of dub mixes

  • Matt 'bigboyrock' Morgan

    I’ll be having some of that

  • c a

    essential blog, great video clip, Rico Rodriguez on trombone. bless

  • Gaz

    Tim, glad to see your hairline has caught up with the rest of us !!!


  • admin

    Less of that you cheeky sod!

  • Dave Home

    Thanks for the link Tim. I think ‘Double Barrel’ was the first Reggae record I bought. I must have played it thousands of times over the years and still do. I really like the rhythm and play the version side a lot. It was really interesting to find out who played on the session. I knew about Sly and (obviously) Ansell but didn’t know about the others. Trust ace Engineer Lynford ‘Andy Capp’ Anderson to be involved too!

  • Tim P

    Someone asked for the tracklist for the mix:

    Red Is Danger (Justin Yap)
    Big Big Boss (Lloyd Daley)
    Sound And Soul (Caltone)
    Tribute To Sir Alex (Ellis/Moore)
    Reflections Of Don D (Joe Gibbs)

  • This is such a great read. Amazing job! Thank You so much and can’t wait to see the top of the list!

  • kenneth

    has anyone come across Tighen Up Vol 9?
    if u know where i can get a copy please let me know

  • Wow, very nice indeed! Thanks from Alaska.

  • Dennis Gill

    many fond memories of the Skatalites Band. As a teenager my brother and myself use to go to Bournemouth Club on Wednesday nights to hear
    them. We journeyed from Spanish town by Bus not knowing how we were getting home at 3:00 am when the session was over. Dizzy RIP, You’re gone to join Gabriel, Don, Roland, Jackie, Tommy and the rest.There’ll be some sweet sounds coming down on the night shift.
    As for me I got a whole lot of your music to last a lifetime.
    Farewell Brother Man, Farewell

  • funny that you mention us in this context, i love this riddim and was planning to blog it already 🙂

    it is silly though…

  • paul

    If anyone’s interested in #61, “Won’t you come home” by Delroy Wilson, the version that appears on Dancing Mood is apparently a later, non-rocksteady rerecording of the track. I’ve been searching in vain to find an available CD release of this track…

  • Thanks one more time for the joy and happy moments you gave us with those wonderful gigs with the Skatalites and then with Jamaica All Stars here in Italy.
    Love and respect to another, beloved artist of our wonderful music!

  • Prince Horror

    It’s been a while now since the last update now! More rocksteady scorchers for the people!

  • Brian

    Seconded! It’s gonna be a cold winter without 60-01!

  • nilo82

    Yes, what about the next?
    Since you asked for suggestions in the first post, i’ll give one: “Carlton & The Shoes – Just Me”. A tune for the top 20 imho thogh 😉

  • Robert

    Hi, can’t play this Tim, for some reason i can never play .rar files, do you have it on any other format

  • Tim P

    Hi Robert

    It’s a compressed file you need to unpack it, there is an mp3 inside. Check this for more info

  • Tim P

    Thanks all… I’ve done a bit more work on this thanks to the encouragement hopefully I’ll be there in a week or so.

    Nilo82 “Carlton & The Shoes – Just Me” a nice tune for sure but there is always better 😉

  • Robert

    Cheers Tim, I googled rar files and downloaded a free extractor thing, thanks for getting back to me mate. the sellection is killer Asher G really is the man, do you have any other recordings of his apart from the one(s) on your podcast page. Really been enjoying the Proffsser and Archie ones again.
    All the best

  • Prince Horror

    RIP Mr Soul of Jamaica, godfather of rocksteady, king of lover’s rock.

  • Brian

    paul wrote:

    “If anyone’s interested in #61, “Won’t you come home” by Delroy Wilson, the version that appears on Dancing Mood is apparently a later, non-rocksteady rerecording of the track. I’ve been searching in vain to find an available CD release of this track…”

    The rocksteady version is on the recent Soul Jazz “Studio One Kings” – I didn’t (but should’ve) realized this was the work on TimP, that rare Rulers cut “Let My People Go” is the best thing I ever got off a message board, cheers!

    Still lot of personal faves missing but 60 to go! Ken Boothe “Thinking”, Mr Foundation “See Them a Come”, Sound Dimension “Rockfort Rock”, Techniques “Traveling Man”, The Bassies “Big Mistake”, The Mellotones “Fat Girl in Red”, The Wailers “Hurting Inside”, Roy Shirley “I’m the Winner”, The Sensations “Lonely Lover”, Alton Ellis “If I Could Rule the World” and anything by Keith & Tex – so many tunes in barely a two-year time span, amazing! Eagerly awaiting the next ten

  • kalcidis

    A song by Early B called »Deaf Ears«? Never heard of it. Waiting for the book but will probably not pick up the album.

  • Prince Horror

    I think they mean “Deaf Ears” by Early Black:

  • I’ll second the “Love that Headache tune.”

  • Dave Home

    Really enjoyed the night. Great atmosphere and very well attended. Here are a few clips;

    ..Cheers for the ticket Tim


    hi to all i will in the new year have my uk dub sound system list ready to go with a lot of goodies the list will include all of my recordings ie sound system recordings going back to 1983 featuring myself Mc Clapper Priest
    and will also feature many dub club sessions
    and uk 1980s sound sessions so i will keep everone posted bless

  • Kaz

    I’m also waiting for 60-51 from far east!!

  • MoW

    Hi Tim! Please, carry on with your great work! Still waiting for tunes like “So weary”, “The good you can”, “One Way Street” or “Red eye gal” – and hopefully more tunes like “The Greatest” which I’ve never heard before.

  • This CD will be the initial release of newly founded ROCK A SHACKA EUROPE section!
    Manufactured and made available in Europe January 2009 – more releases will follow, soon.

  • MoW

    Waiting way too long – thanks a lot for the work once more!

  • Prince Horror

    Another great top-ten. So nice with classics like Perfidia and Red Bum Ball, even thou they’re played to death it’s still classic top songs.

  • Tim S.

    I’m so excited to see the new post for your 100 Greatest Rocksteady tunes. I check your website all the time hoping the new one will be up. I am slowly learning more about comtemporary jamaican music but my real love is anything from the 80’s back. . . especially rocksteady. Keep up the great work.

  • AnorakTrev

    Worth the wait . Thanks for the effort put into this !

  • there are several other cuts on the riddim: blak ryno, jahvincy & demarco all 3 also come with clash lyrics against mavado/aliance,there is a slack gal tune by vybz kartel as well

    bless jumbo

  • about the lyrics of Red Bum Ball:

    this is NOT off course a ‘homage to playground plays’ (i dont think it would have been so succesful in Jamaican dancehalls) but a has a double meaning: it’s about about a memory of teenage sex in school, he refers to her Red BUMBO and how she cried when he ‘took it away’.

  • brendan

    Just got the book the other day, absolutely beautiful presentation and lots and lots of info on the rival sounds of the eighties. The best reggae bbok for years.

  • Tony

    Another great top selection…but…Arrgh!! What is the rhythm track on ‘That Girl’? I just can’t remember and it’s really bugging me !!

  • PaulinAK

    More great stuff. In the middle of a cold snap, -43F right now, so it’s nice to hear some soothing warm weather inspired tuneage. Keep up the good work.

  • Fitz D

    The rhythm to that girl is Biafra By the Crystalites not sure if its availiable anywhere at the moment though

  • Mike morrissey

    Amazing interview with one of the early dancehall pioneers , respect

  • iam trying to get in contact with a dj by the name of little howie. he came over to england in the 80s with the sound youthman promotions from jamacia. i have heard that he has turned a muslim. i also heard he was in south london area. he means so much to me so i would appreciate it if you can try and contact him for me and even give him my contact ,email. many thanks karina

  • Tim P

    Not sure if I can help Karina. I’ll leave the message here, maybe someone will see it who has information.

  • Tony

    Thanks Fitz! I had realised it’s sitting on my ‘Undertaker’ LP ! Doooh!

  • I’m working on a novel based on Don Drummond’s life and times (told from the perspective of a contemporary inmate at the Kingston asylum who’s lived assuming he was Drummond) Thanks for this resource

  • quality reviewing, that. 🙂

  • Gabriel

    given that an england story wasn’t a soul jazz origination… does that make this more or less predictable?

  • Tim P

    Hi Gabriel. Fair point (I’ve amended the text)though your compilation was of course released on Soul Jazz.

    Whilst they may well have done something like this anyway, after the England Story comp (and it’s popularity) it was a bit of a no brainer really. I should stress this is not meant as a criticism of Soul Jazz – there’s nothing wrong with the comp or the idea I’m just pointing out the connections.

    On a related point did you ever check out the UK Dancehall mix i done? I believe this slightly pre-dated your one that lead to England Story (not that I’m claiming any kind of credit or anything). I may put it up on this site soon as the podomatic page hardly every works due to bandwidth restrictions.

  • Tim P

    Nice one John… I was of course far too rude to point out that the first I heard of the CD was via the review linked through the mighty Uncarved blog.

  • hey tim

    I downloaded loads of your mixes from podomatic a couple of years ago including the uk dancehall one, really liked them all especially the rocksteady ones (my favourite reggae era) and the jammy’s and black scorpio selections.

    there’s so much uk dancehall (both vocals and productions) that is so good and still largely unknown beyond the uk reggae scene, it’d be great to have more compilations dedicated to that, all that brilliant fashion/montana stuff as well as mafia & fluxy, unity, uk bubblers etc. it’s a shame that there wasn’t space in an england story to include more tracks from that era, in a way I think we maybe ended up spreading things too thinly over 25 years on that.

    re: the NYC comp, it’s definitely a good move on SJ’s part, I guess I was a little miffed cos I was thinking of pitching them a similar thing! but like you say, it’s a definite no brainer after the england story one and it’s not like I can lay claim to the concept once it’s out in the open – or indeed before, given that similar mixes like yours and john eden/paul meme’s Lyric Maker (or Fashion’s Great British MCs) had explored the theme already!

  • enjoying the top 100 as well as the rest of the site. can I add it to themusicologist?

    p.s thanks for the comment regarding the JamaicanVocalGroupAction selection that I’m throwing down..’River Jordan’ is certainly a killer whatever a wo/mans musical preference.

  • Mr English

    Asher G is wicked, digging some ugly tunes outta his studio one box. tuff session, bless up !

  • just posted the wailers cry to me. the harmonising always knocks me out..something else attached to the post that you may like?


  • man who sounds like he knows his ‘onions’

  • i’ll be there. looking forward to it


  • Thanks Tim. Nice mix as always.

  • Paul in Alaska

    thanks, no good local music for a couple weeks and ain’t able to get out to any ska/rocksteady/roots stuff(ie California ect) for a couple months. This fit the bill and I appreciate it. Paul in Fairbanks

  • First I’ve heard of this good news! I’ll get it listed on the London Dossier website. All the best, Jean-Paul

  • Sharp like razor…
    Excellent image and especially interesting seeing as it’s a sound from my ‘side of the river’in South London……

  • Tim P

    There is currently an ebay auction of 4 Jah Stitch singles. The proceeds of this will go towards his fund:

  • Tim,

    speaking of Buster…just threw down a cut from his 1967 ‘On Tour’ set recorded at The Marquee? on the musical diary.

  • While I am happy to see that there is a NY compilation like this, it also seems like the tunes that were selected kind of scrape the bottom of the barrel. I feel like they should have selected at least one vaugely underground Artist like Super C rather than having a bunch of Super Cat who was not, in fact, from NY. For that matter, neither was Born Jamericans (washington D.C.) or Uglyman.

  • Prince Andrew

    Any chance of this becoming available to listen again? Anyone evry here the BBC radio documentry from around 20 years ago on ska? Love to hear that again. Thanks for sharing and producing this great blog.
    Nuff respect
    Prince Andrew

    • Tim P

      I’ll host this on my own webspace as soon as I can get it off podomatic. I’m looking to massively reduce the shows on podomatic so at least the ones that are there can be heard…

  • Robert

    Nice one Tim for this again, are the others lost or are you reposting them in time,
    I’d love to have copies of the Professor v Archie clash, let me know

  • chuff

    tuf selection..anyone know the title of the val bennett tune on the first clip? 2nd tune in…. in need it!

  • Tim P

    Hi Robert

    I can’t get them back easily but it is possible so I’ll do this over time. I’ll have a look at the Keats Wine Bar clash. I never got all three parts to work on podomatic anyway so it’ll be worth a try. It’s a case of soon come at the moment…I’ll get there when I can.

  • Robert

    Hi Tim, Look forward to that, dealy session that Keats do, been after of the vocal to Glen Browns “tell it like it is” and Gene Rondo’s “someday” since hearing them on your podcast.
    many thanks for that mate

  • Must admire your dedication in compiling this list. Wouldn’t dream of sugesting any of my own faves as all music is personel. Look forward to the top 50.

  • Robert

    Cheers Tim you’re a star, made my night hearing this again, great clash, very entertaining and proper tunes for proper people
    Cool Runnings!

  • @chuff:

    I think the title you’re asking for is ‘Scabaduga’.

  • Donald Gregory

    Great to hear a version of Baby I Love You. Will look out for Cabbage Leaf. Any other versions of this?

    Donald Gregory

  • Tim P

    Hi Donald

    There are no other versions of Baby I Love you as far as I know. My version of Cabbage Leaf is on the label illustrated – I’ve always liked the “Hard Rocksteady” comment on this.


  • Skaville

    Beautiful tune,The Rulers – Let my people go……………………………………..
    it is posible to send me to mp3, thank you in advance,best regards jacky aka Skaville from Belgium.

  • Prince Horror

    So it says that Laurel was infact King Horror after all?

  • Joe

    On a concert a couple of years ago Laurel said that he wasn’t King Horror. If I recall correct he said that Mighty Growler ( was King Horror.

  • Tim P

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve got to admit I kind of accepted it was Laurel on the basis that it’s on the CD. I’ll ask the compiler to comment and will report back.

  • Prince Horror

    Joe: Yeah, I’ve also heard that King Horror was more than one person..

    Tim: I would be very interesting to hear what the sources are.. Just because it’s in print doesn’t make it true! ;D

  • Tim P

    I asked Laurence who was involved in this release and this is what he said…

    “In regard the inclusion of ‘Loch Ness Monster’ on ‘Fire’, Laurel himself
    claimed he was the artist on this and a number of other self-productions
    that accredited King Horror, even though the name was also used by Lord
    Davey at the time. But regardless of whether it was Aitken or Davey, we felt
    it’s inclusion was warranted by Laurel’s involvement as the record’s

  • Prince Horror

    So some people claim Laurel said he was King Horror, while other say he denied it.. Another reggae-mystery?

  • Joe

    So it seems probabel that King Horror was a alias for more than one artist (and that Laurel at least was involved in the production). I have even heard people claiming that Lord Tanamo(!) was responsible for Loch Ness Monster…

    Does any one know if Mighty Growler/Young Growler was a alias for Lord Davey?

  • Prince Horror

    No, Mighty Growler and Young Growler wasn’t the same person. Mighty Growlers real name was Errol Duke and was a trinidadian active under the 30s and 40s and presumably died in the 50s. Young Growler was his son, who recorded calypsos during the 60s notably on the Jump Up label.

  • bunny

    wonderful! why did he leave?

  • Dave Home

    Greetings Tim, that was fast! I’m still uploading them. I really enjoyed the selections from Tommy and Massa. Have to say a big thanks to Daddy Reds and Roots FM for the good vibes and to Ash for the tip on Pama.
    aka Herbert.

  • Tim P

    Nice one Dave. I knew I’d have to move fast to beat you!

  • fsd

    nice one for that!!

  • Prince Horror

    Ok, got some new info on Young Growler. Apperently he was not Errol Dukes son, but instead he was a chap by the name of Evril Davey who recorded some calypsos in 60s Young Growler.

    Just noticed this, RKR credits ALL King Horror tunes to Young Growler:

    Compare the Young Growler tune called “The Sausage” with the first King Horror tune “Cutting Blade”.. I’ll buy that.


    Many thanks for posting Tim, always a tough selection from the Rocka Shacka camp!

  • Prince Horror

    Lonely Heartaches are on of my top top fabs of all time. One of the first 7inches I bought. Great stuff.

  • Adam P

    Watch This Sound is a total Killer

  • Glad you got round to another 10 great rocksteady tunes. Looking forward to the rest. Would have put “Can’t you see” by Ken Boothe much higher though but it’s all a matter of opinion. At which place will you put “Venus” by Winston Francis? 😉

  • Dave Home

    I really like ‘Loney Heartaches’, that was a new one to me. Just ordered the ‘Rocksteady Rarities’ so promoting the music like this is defintely working!

  • AnorakTrev

    Hip Hooray , Tim ! At long last . Keep up the good work for us mere mortals . Thanks .

  • Adam P

    What other tunes on this riddim. Have heard a couple but just cannot think of them. Think I may have one in my box. Maybe WIllie WIlliams

  • this Bootleg is on the WRONG label LOL, the don drummond song is a Coxsone prodcution on the CaribOO label, NOT the CaribOU. check out the labels scans on this site. So how come those japanese got it on a Dada Toari’s Caribou label?? hmmm i bet yuo the did not license it…. i am sure Carol Dodd is alread talking to her lawyers, so better buy this quick (or wait for the eminent official Coxsone re-release

  • hello Tim, now you’ve got me rethinking. Because RKR lists it as CARIBOO, same as this one: i had this label on my wanting list for a long time ( since i am a coxsone collector) and was very surprised to see it on Caribou.

    All other Caribou singles are more in a mento/calypso style and produced by Dada Touari, and this sounds very much like the skatalites , which makes me think Coxsone so how come this is on Caribou?

    see, that’s why i was thinking that some one jus put the wrong label on a bootleg. And if it is a Coxsone production, Carol Dodd would have been invloved i presume.

    but then again, the CariBOO singels seem to bee more from the pre-ska era(owen gray, cleu J)so it would be odd for coxsoen to revive this labelin 1964-65 ( which sound more like the era for this chune)

    And maybe it was a track that Douari licensed from coxsone to put out on his own label. or a one off ska recording he madewith the skatates.

    but i am not sure, as yuo say. most of the time those Japanese deal with legal matters more properly than most Jamaican or UK re-issuers.

    so please take off my copmment if you feel like it, because it seems i was too hasty in condemming this re-release.

  • Tim P

    Cheers for the response. I was thinking the same thing about the Coxsone Cariboo label which was also very early 60’s. To be honest I have no idea who produced Bellevue Special I’ve not seen any evidence that it’s Coxsone, except the claim in RKR (without a matrix) but maybe it is?

    I’ll delete the comment if you wish but the discussion is good so I’ll leave it if your OK with that?

  • please leave the comment, you never know maybe someone with all the answers reads it.

    i found this blank on popsike: BLANK[CARIBOO]/MATRIX # CR 23 – DON DRUMMOND [SKA INST]
    i dont know if its the same, because the listening function expired.

    as for the producer: to me it sounds very much like skatalites in studio one, more so than treasure isle or wirl; but then coxsone rented out the studio quite often.

  • MoW

    Absolutely amazing – thank you!

  • i had the lp back in the 70s and sold it out of ignorance. so glad it came back around on cd. the lagoon label released Treasure Dub 1 & 2 and this completes the trilogy. a hard to find work has resurrected for the world to enjoy. i will. thx, Lord Chris (musical savior)

  • AnorakTrev

    Joe White`s ! I`m So Proud ” and its instrumental version by Karl Bryan & Lyn Taitt & The Jets is also avaliable on the ” Jamaican Memories ” CD on Trojan TJACD 014 , which btw is a storming collection of the original LP plus 16 bonus tracks !

  • Soulbro

    Many thanks for this lists of tunes. So nice with your comments and pics. Facts Of Life by Roy Shirley And The Uniques and Dedicated To You AKA Dedicate My Song To You by the Jamaicans are my alltime favourites on this list(81-90).

  • Soulbro

    Alton Ellis was the true “Godfather of Rocksteady”. R.I.P
    I’ve Got A Date is a real classic!

    PS I’m really having a good time here at Dancecrasher 🙂

  • Soulbro

    Can it be better than this! I longing for the next ten to come…


    Very nice opportunity to sample the session for those of us who weren’t able to be there. Many thanks Tim!

  • Soulbro

    Perfidia by Phyllis Dillon is a true gem – one of my favourites here along with Derrick Harriott’s The Loser.

  • r00ts

    WHAT!!!!!! amazing keep ’em coming!

  • Tim P

    Nice one John, many thanks for the support. She did come back on stage for a couple more tunes by the way – but it took a while…

  • freddie longlegz

    Patsy – Love Is Divine
    aka Find Someone, issued in the UK on High Note as the flip to The Gaytones’ Target (HS037, ’70), but I’m sure it was issued on an earlier UK High Note with a different title.
    a superb Ska-to-Rock Steady, definitely Jamaican Soul!
    Great site Tim, keep on the good work!

  • mateo360

    great !! any chance to know the title of that killing rocksteady track beginning at the 22th minute of the 4th part ?? I just love it ! Sounds like “the Ethiopians” but i’m not sure…

  • gary collins

    stay blessed chapter 1 will be released this month check out my space sir collins
    and leave a comment

  • Tim P

    Hi Mateo

    That tune is Buss You Mouth (AKA Contention) by the Ethiopians.


  • good job you recorded this session. sounds like a stormer. still gutted i didnt make it down. see you soon chaps

  • Dave Home

    I really enjoyed listening to this. Great to hear Sir Collins and son reminiscing. I think it’s really important that this history is not lost.

  • ‘Again’ sounds a lot like the studio one version (you said it again, any idea on the studio for this one?

  • Dfrence

    maximo respeito…
    keep burning

  • laurie

    I wish we had this kind of sound on the west coast of Canada. Is there any way that this latest tighten up session could be posted for download, cause the older sessions are such great listening material. Thanks very much.

  • andy hynd

    i’ve been following this section religiously since conception,the tunes keep getting better& better,and is a constant source of inspiration,how about Earnest & freddie-‘deep down in my heart,got this on a blank Flames(anyone ever seen a labeled copy?)i hope this gets an inclusion,it deserves one!
    keep up the great work

  • gary collins

    please go to myspace sir collins
    and download the chapter 1 album remastered from the original reel to reels from the sir collins archive
    stay blessed dancecrasher and keep up the good work
    sir collins and family

  • Neil

    Just had a listen to your dulcit tones pon the radio broadcast. Sounding good…

    Have a good carnival.

  • AnorakTrev

    The Junior Soul track ” Miss Cushie ” is now avaliable on the ROCK A SHACKA Vol. 16 CD ” Orange Street Special – Fabulous songs Of Miss Sonia E Pottinger Vol.2 ” along with a collection of other fine Rocksteady .

  • nice clips tim. i love the bit on the 2nd clip where i lose my proffesionalism am bend down to pick up my red stripe. quality! will let you have clips on my camera when i sort them out.plattsie

  • bunny

    nice tunes shame about the shirt!

  • There is now an online archive of Limonious’ artwork:

  • dreada

    Nice interview, but what’s the deal with writing ‘mon’ when the word is ‘man’? It looks so touristy…

  • Michael Villet

    The “deal” is that transcribing patois is difficult. My personal opinion that if you transcribe everything into “closest standard English” you lose the feel of the language. So when deciding whether to transcribe “take” or “tek,” “can’t” or “cyaan,” “that” or “dat,” I went with what seemed closer to how it was originally said. So a couple of times in the interview, when Trinity said “man” in a way that sounded much more like “mon,” I transcribed it as such; elsewhere in the interview I transcribed using the standard spelling.

  • jumbo

    a side is called Lena Bella – coxson, b-side is unknow to me, but accoding to RKr it’s a ken khouri prod.

  • laurie

    Sounds great Tim, and I was wondering if you were going to post a link to download the night.
    Thanks again.

  • Is there a play-list for the session?
    Very nice selection by the way!

  • Tim P

    Can’t believe I missed that Fred as I have the High Note 7″. I’ll correct the above. Thanks for the info!


  • Tim P

    Thanks to all for the comments. Trev – Miss Cushie details are updated – cheers!

  • Tim P

    Thanks to Paul and Brian for the info about Won’t You Come Home, I’ve updated/corrected the details on this one.

    Sorry Skaville this is not a download site.

  • You are wright these two tunes are really nice to listen. And I like Ena Bella the most.

  • tee

    Very nice video. Specially the smile of girl in the video. I liked it very much.

  • “Too late” in on JA Kentone. The flip is “In the garden”.

  • i dont understand the info update on Wont’you come home. To my ears the version as it appears on ‘Dancing Mood'(the LP, i dont do CD’s) is the original rock steady version, with a slight overdub on the drums. so it’s not a remake as suggested by paul.

    But why include a SO1 cover instead of the original chune?

    The Conquerors – Won’t You Come Home (Gayfeet)

    (riddim by lyn tate & the jets, not sibbles/mittoo)

  • Tim P

    Good question Jumbo… let me look at this one…

  • phwoooooooooar! excellent stuff, tim!

  • Reggaematic

    I guess you could possibly call it a Bow-Tie design.. LOL

  • Baudolino59

    From the fairly “Latin” sound of it, “Voodoo Moon” is probably a cover of the 1942 Enric Madriguera tune also known as “Enlloro”. He was a Latin American bandleader popular from about 1932-1950, and the tune was also recorded by Percy Faith.

  • wiz247

    Headache – The Ethiopians
    Wow! What a scorcher! How you guys unearth some of these gems is mind blowing. Good work!

  • wiz247

    Memories By The Score – The Paragons. I copped this from my parents collection way back when on a blank and had no idea who it was or the story behind it. Not dug it out for a while, but it’s double AA sider and a nice tune. Good work.

  • wiz247

    Big ups on the interview!
    Big up the legendary Charlie (Sir)Collins. Glad to know he’s getting the recognition that he deserves! *thumbs up*

  • Lesha

    It was issued as AMG37B? Very strange, tapir’s list it to Glen

  • Lesha

    Great; didn’t ever see it on old site

  • Tim P

    AMG837B yes. The label (incorrectly) credits Ernest Wilson. Tapir’s listing is actually correct, but not what it says on the label!

  • Hi Tim

    I was so pleased to find you gone all blogged as I was missing the email newsletter.

    This is so much better. And hearing The Maytones cut for the first time in (too many) years over my morning coffee was a great start to the day.

    As the youth of today often say “Tune!”, sir.

    — Steve Cox

  • toby

    cheers Dancecrasher crew for posting the Soul Shake show and promoting my page. big thanks.

    yes, Voodoo Moon is in a class by itself, no doubt

  • Al Kaatz

    Hi Tim, Regarding the Soul Tops comments, as far as I know the group is the same as the Four Tops, or at least the lead vocalist is the same, Dionne Cameron.

  • Al Kaatz

    Jumbo you are correct in your comments. The Conquerors version was first. I actually prefer the Studio One version, which is credited to “Delroy & Ken” on an old Studio One LP I have.

  • Al Kaatz

    Tim thanks for posting the Alva Lewis “Revelation” – I had this blank for years and never knew who it was.

  • Woah! That Al Brown just filled me with envy! Massive tune!

  • @ Al Kaatz:

    you added one Top to many!!!

    haha, i’m sure you meant to write Three Tops (Four Tops being the Motown group)

  • Nino

    Great session, could you tell me the name of the song that starts around 02.12? Wonderful tune!

    Blessings from Sweden!

  • Nino

    Oops, forgot to mention that it’s the tune from 02.12 into the third part I’m asking about!

  • This has been long awaited. As always a great post, Tim!

  • AnorakTrev

    As kalcidis says ” long awaited ” . Another great crop of tunes here , Tim . Spoil us and release the whole caboodle on a multi-CD compilation ? …. we can but wish . Thanks for your hard work and eclectic taste .

  • Great posting — a terrific balance between your deep knowledge of the tunes as a collector/scholar and your outright enthusiasm for the music. Also, it is refreshing to see a list like this that balances the obscure rarities with more well known masterpieces.

  • andy hynd

    another great selection, many of my faves in this posting-quality 2nd to none!

  • Donald Gregory

    I had no idea ‘Foo Manchu’ was British! You are right about British rock steady. I propose a debate on great British rock steady. ‘Foo Manchu’ is already taken so I suggest ‘Rudy’s Dead’ by Little Grants & Eddie on Pyramid and ‘Invaders At The Carnival’ by the Invaders on Columbia Blue Beat.

    Donald Gregory

  • Marni

    Yes, I thought you’d buried the project by now. Man I’ve waited long for this installment. “Travelling man”, yes indeed, though I’d definately put the instrumental, “Moon Shot” on my top ten of rocksteady instrumentals. Also good to see the Wail’nSoul’m starting to pop up, couldn’t be the last…Thanks!

  • Donald Gregory

    Sorry! ‘Rudy’s Dead’ is on President.


  • Tim P

    Thanks everyone for the comments.
    Trev – there is no chance of a compilation as I don’t have the rights to these tunes. I did think about a mix tape/podcast type thing though, I may get round to it one day!
    Donald – other good UK rocksteady? Hmmmm that would be hard, there are some half decent tunes for sure but nothing else comes close IMO…
    Martin – Trust me this won’t be buried but it still may take along time to complete! I don’t know Moon Shot I don’t think. Your comment about Wail’nSoul’m may well be accurate – wait and see 😉

  • This can be downloaded … right? I think CVP has these as podcast thingies in mp3. Do you perhaps have the link if so?

  • Tim P

    Hi Kal

    The link is here:

    thanks to Rasadam on Chatty Mouth.


  • Moon Shot is on the b-side of phyllis dillon & hopeton lewis”Right Track'(on the uk release). re-issued by Trojan about 5 years ago. and yes: a great Supersonics chune

  • Prince Horror

    Waited a long time for this, but as always it was worth it. I wonder what the top 10 tracks will be..

  • Tim,
    what a top ranking selection..
    Ken Parker’s version of Sam Cooke’s ‘Change’ still kills me every time, (and has done since first hearing in the early 80’s)

    respect to you


  • Lesha

    Very nice, Tim! I’d like header )

  • originator

    any chance for a download? i’d like to listen it on my ipod… cheers

  • The Jamaican title of ‘Moon shot’ from above is ‘Travelling on Bond Street’. On the JA Treasure Isle copy it is also the flip of ‘Get on the right track’ (credited to Phyllis Dillon only though).

  • yeah man, stricly black scorpio pon di mix
    big tchune deh yah! you should put it for download

  • Tim P

    Thanks Originator and Princelo. You can download by right clicking here:

    I’ll try and sort these out as podcasts in future…

  • gruff

    The Maytones cut is a world-class stormer.

  • Scorcher Tomas

    Good working!

  • bmd

    Thanks for posting this up Mr. P.
    I really enjoyed doing this show, and the next one is even better, with many more tunes on it compared to chatty chatty levels.

    Hopefully going to do one with Mr. Penny Reel too, also will likely be co-hosting a seperate show with Steve in the future showcasing a wider width of our musical loves..


  • Rickyroots

    On face value this like any other PS release looks very exciting but if like me you have the original 1995 release and the later release Down Santic Way another PS compilation of Leonard Chin’s output from 2005 you will note tracks 6. Columbo – Augustus Pablo, 7. Special Branch – Leonard Santic All Stars and 19. I Don’t Want To Lose You – Paul Whiteman all appear on the later release.
    So what do you actually gain from the increased release? 9. Hell Boat – Santic All Stars (Augustus Pablo), 18. Mexican Rocking – Santic All Stars a straight version of I Roy’s Yamaha Ride, 20. Shouldn’t Say No – Jah Woosh the DJ cut to Paul Whiteman’s I Don’t Want To Lose You also available on the Chalice Blaze LP / CD and track 21. Santic Meet King Tubby – King Tubby & The Santic All Stars the dub / version to Paul Whiteman’s I Don’t Want To Lose You.
    Two tracks are deleted from the 1995 release 15. Free Jah Jah Children – Jah Woosh and 16. Blackman In Dub – Augustus Pablo & Paul Blackman, which to my listening ear is the same as track 21 from the new release Santic Meet King Tubby – King Tubby & The Santic All Stars.
    You can do the maths for yourself, the only advice I would give is…….if you don’t have either of the releases mentioned then you do need to buy it.


  • Top Bore

    The lead vocal on Travelling Man is actually by Johnny Johnson of the Techniques and not Pat Kelly. Watch the Rock Steady Reunion video and you’ll see him sing it. Johnny dropped out of the business although he is rumoured to be the voice behind Johnny and the Attractions. May well be true?

  • Yeah I wish I wrote more about reggae as well! 🙂

    Any rich benefactors who want to support my immense talent should get in touch 😉

  • Dave Home

    Mikey, I really enjoyed listening to the show and looking forward to Part 2. Thanks to Steve for the name check!

  • bmd

    Dave, I’ve thought for ages that I’d really like to get a show organised where I interview your goodself, if you want to let me know yay or nay please contact on

    tah for listening, …


  • mrbunny

    “yaabby yaabby youuuuu!! ”

    Truly a sound to knock down Babylon walls
    We lose the man at a time of such iniquity
    When righteousness is at a premium
    We need music such as his to remind us that there is a proper way to live our lives

    Bad news Dance Crasher

    “Seventy two different nations”

  • Saludos muy buena la musica y todo

  • Really really sad news.. What a genius that man was..

  • bmd

    Steve B was putting this together sleeve note wise when I visited, hence his playing of Jamaica History Lesson from Early B. Wonderful tune and worth the two lps just for imo.


  • bmd

    Just to let you annd everyone know Tim –
    066 Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio presents The Steve Barrow Special – Part 2
    is available –


  • Lesha

    Is it any chance for transcript of this chats?

  • bmd

    Lesha, hi I’m Mike the guy who did these interviews, I thought about transcribing them, but have put that idea aside, just not enough time in my life to do it. However anyone is of course welcome to do exactly that and I’d be all the help I could.


  • Tim P

    I think it would be a good idea bmd – I could help and host it if your interested?

  • bmd

    Hi Tim, I’d be very interested in seeing them transcribed, just not in doing the work myself. It’s only that I am so busy with stuff, I’ve got shows coming up to do with Steve gain, the possibility in the offing of doing something similar with Penny Reel and I hope Dave Home, plus the shows I already do, the websites I’m designing and the blog I’ve just started regarding wider musical interests. It’s all mad, plus the 2 year old, the wifey and the lack of a job at the moment. . . (as you know, ’cause you’re doing similar)
    If I can help then I can send a DVD of the shows, but I just can’t spend the time doing the transcribing. Anyone else who wants to put in the time is very free to do so thought. There is nearly 4 hours of chat, so the transcription I can’t imagine how long that would take, it would certainly be a big job. I’d be happy for you to havem hosted at D’Crasher, as you know you were my original inspiration!

  • Tim P

    Nice one bmd I’ll be in touch…

  • bmd

    Tim, have sent PM back to you a C Mouth, call me or e-mail whatever, and let’s chatty chatty mouth nicodemus…

  • >>In our father’s house<>My baby is gone<>Old broom<<.

  • Dave Home

    Really sad news. RIP Lyn Taitt.
    RS Digital and Jude presented a really nice tribute to Lyn Taitt on Supreme FM. I hope they don’t mind me putting links to the show here;

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    Crikey..did I beat Tim? Result!

  • Tim P

    Wow – that was quick! Thanks very much Dave.


  • Simple Simon cut Christopher Columbus twice both times on full up! First one was for Hit Bound and then for the LP he did for Striker. If you notice, the riddim is a bit more digital than the Hit Bound edition.

  • Striper1969

    Nice, nice!! The maytones in their glory!! Managed to get this on JA Blank backed with Cold up!!

  • Robert

    Hi Tim,
    Sorry to high-jack this thread but do you know if there’s any recordings of the Dancecrasher Tiny T & Professor Mark night a couple of weeks back, sounded a good night!!!
    Robert (Roliesoul)

  • My favorite all tho not listed is Slim Smith (out of love)
    you cant beat the smooth harmony in that song. It sounds like the man
    really crying. I just love this song to death as if it just came out.

  • Isa

    Hi, sorry to comment here, but, please please please, more posts of 100 greatest rocksteady tunes!!! 🙂 thanx! cheers from brasil! this site is extremelly good! 🙂

  • Site’s looking very nice Tim. Nuff respect!

  • I enjoyed the mix and the site as a whole hope to get down to another one of your nights, me and my girl enjoyed the Texas Ranger one. Check out my blog and our runnings up in brum

    Love and abide

  • Oh don’t if you’ve got it or heard it but it a witty gem. Shelly Thunder – Shock me A shock – Sleng teng. you can hear that on my special

  • Tim P

    Many thanks for the correction Top Bore – I’ve changed the credit.

  • Robert

    Hi Tim, Nice Nice session!!!!, do you have recording of the Tiny T Dancecrasher nite a few weeks back.

  • Prince Horror

    What kind of device do you use to record your sessios? I’ve used a lot of different gadgets but the sound quality is always a dissapointment..

  • Tim P

    Hi Robert – Thanks for asking. Yeah I’ve got a recording of the Tiny T dance. The mic didn’t come out but the rest is there, I’ll put it up for a download tomorrow.

    Prince Horror – The recordings are done to an old mini disc and then recorded to the computer in real time. They are recorded directly from the desk (not by mic) which means the quality is usually very good.

    Many thanks

  • The ad with Long and Short of it features Kew and Ossie DaCosta. Kew is the Long one.

  • what happened with the movie, could you finish? would like to see more…
    greetings from germany,


  • Mullett

    Never mind the free postcard or poster – I want one of them tee-shirts Jammy’s wearing! SUPER POWER!

  • the story is well known and told manuy time before, but sleng teng was released at least 1 week earlier than feb 23,’85 in the UK: new entry at number 5 in the Echoes disco 45 charts of februari 16, 1985. (see:

    so whats the deal with that?

    February 16, 1985

    1. Gregory Isaacs – GP – Full House
    2. Dennis Brown – Historical Places – Joe Gibbs
    3. Frankie Paul – Tidal Wave – Powerhouse
    4. Sugar Minott – Loving You – ET
    5. Paul Blake And The Bloodfire Posse – Pink Panther – Studio Works
    6. Tristan Palmer And Jennifer Lara – Love Has Come At Last – Fantastique
    7. Junior Reid – Babylon Release The Chain – ET
    8. Sly And Robbie – Maxi Taxi – Taxi
    9. Al Campbell – One Beer Bad Boy – Rocky 1
    10. Paul Blake And The Bloodfire Posse – Every Posse Get Flat – Studio Works

    Disco 45
    1. Barrington Levy – Here I Come – Time
    2. Paula – Jazzy Baby Lady – Rock And Groove
    3. Trevor Hartley – Call On Me – Sir George
    4. Sugar Minott – Herb Man Hustling – Black Roots
    5. Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng – Greensleeves
    6. Al Campbell – Really Got To Get You – Fashion
    7. Charisma – Something About You – NK
    8. Maxi Priest – Should I? – Level Vibes
    9. Junior Reid – Original Foreign Mind – Black Roots
    10. Johnny Osbourne – In The Area – Greensleeves

    1. Cocoa Tea – Wha Them A Go Do – Can’t Stop – Volcano
    2. Dennis Brown – Revolution – Yvonne Special
    3. Sugar Minott – Herb Man Hustling – Black Roots
    4. Leroy Smart – She Just Draw A Card – Worldwide Success
    5. Asher Senator And Johnny Ringo – JA To UK MC Clash – Fashion
    6. Sugar Minott – Riddim – Powerhouse
    7. Barrington Levy And Frankie Paul – Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul – Arrival
    8. Roland Alphonso – Roll On – Wackies
    9. Alton Ellis – Showcase – Studio One
    10. Saxon Studio Live – Coughing Up Fire – Greensleeves

    Compiled by Dub Vendor, 274 Lavender Hill, London SW11

  • or a ‘lifebuoy’ design

  • claudio

    yeah was thinking about that one too… any chances to get one??

    super cool

  • Tim P

    Fair point it would be interesting to see if there are sound tapes of it being played before the Black Scorpio clash. It’s hard to believe that it wouldn’t have been played on a sound somewhere if the Greensleeves release was out there.

    I’ve always assumed that the Jammy’s 7″ came out before the Greensleeves 12″ but maybe not??

  • i dont know. I do know that a lot of music was only (or first) released in the UK ( from the pama-trojan days up to Jet Star & Greensleeves decline)

    because there was a huge market. so it is possible that Jammy first wanted to test the highly experimental sound of sleng teng on the UK market before release in in Jamaica.

    And greensleeve was right on the case releasing material of producers like junjo, jammys and george phang.

    Also i cannot beleive that if the JA 45 was releasedd before it wouldn’t turn up in the Echoes import 45 top 10..

    This one is for the people that were there..I was just a teenager in Holland.

    but now the deepen the mystery:
    First time i heard Sleng Teng was on Mikey Dread’s radioshow ‘Rockers In The Morning'(still have it on tape)
    I tried to find out the transmisson date for a reference. and this is what i read on Mikey Dreads homepage:

    Later in 1983-1984 Mikey Dread was employed at VPRO Radio in the Netherlands as a host and producer of a very successful weekly reggae program called “Rockers in the Morning.”He also presented a reggae show for Radio West in Bristol and produced reggae special reports for BBC Radio 1 for a national broadcast across the UK.

    In 1984 Mikey Dread hosted live events including “Miss Black UK pageant” in Birmingham.

    In 1985 Mikey Dread produced and presented a Reggae Radio special for Australian Broadcasting Corporation 105.7 FM JJJ Radio Sydney, Australia.

    So if he hasn’t mixed up any dates it has to have been 1984!!

    I will go in a Holmes mode and aks the radiostation, maybe they can look up any old transmission dates and solve this riddle

  • Marni

    very nice, thanks. hope to come check you in London one day this year. One question, what is the 3rd tune in part 1(….Hip Hip Hooray… that sounds like Lovejoys)?

  • Mistah Brown

    Easy Marni – that tune is Penetrate by The Almighty Stones. Great record. Picked it up a few years back off DJ Stein (The System) but haven’t played it out that much. Can’t remember the label right now tho…

  • Mistah Brown

    Just had a bit more of a listen and I’m actually only playin for the first 20 mins after which Plattsie takes over with that killer horns ting so his set’s right on there for sure. Will have a proper listen later.

  • Tim P

    Thanks Mistah Brown – so Plattsie is on the recording after all! Excellent – I’ll let him know.

  • Marni

    Thanks M.B., found out I heard it on eBay before (and lost the bid). Did a little research: on the original issue (Welders 7″) they were named Mighty Artons. Only 50 copies were issued apparently. Then as The Almighty Stones on Hot Stuff. But what a bass.

  • bmd

    That ‘Be At The Jamaican Success Club’ sleeve from Al Kaatz is the kind of thing I wake up from seeing in lovely happy dreams.

  • Que buen y maravilloso trabajo gracias a quienes se tomaron la tarea de hacerlo

    Excelent and wonderful work..many thanks to all of those who made this list


  • don cosmic

    as far as I know, Sleng Teng was played the very first time ina dance by Blacka Dread on 11th of January 1985 (Sir Coxsone vs Saxon). Coxsone got the Under Me Sleng Teng pre-release from Jammy (different mix as the JA 45) and they also had a dubplate on Sleng Teng by Junior Reid called Under Sir Coxsone. my friend who was an active part of the Sir Coxsone crew in those days told me that they had the dubplate a couple of months before the pre-release. anyway, this claim opens a new topic – what was the first tune on Sleng Teng? 🙂

    Jumbo: I’m not sure if Mikey Dread played it in 1984. But let me know if you find out the transmission date.

    here’s the Sleng Teng part from the Sir Coxsone vs Saxon clash

  • You can get them at our store but your link appears to not be working — a question of a instead of a!

  • Tim P

    Thanks for that – the link is fixed.

  • @ Don cosmic,very interresting. You’ve been able to push forward the release with at least a month.

    I’ve written to the national media archive here in the Netherlands, hopefully they can provide me with exact transmission dates of the Rockers In The Morning Show.

  • Tim P

    Yes this is great so thanks for that Don Cosmic. I haven’t seen that tape before, I don’t suppose you could put the entire tape up to download?

    I intend to ask a few people about this but suspect that the answer is going to be that no one really remembers!

  • i did get a reply from the Media Archive, they have 2 undated Rockers In The Morning shows in their possession. so unfortunately i cannot find out the transmission dates. THe arent allowed to copy them for me, but i could go there and listen at a 45 euros an hour rate.. which is a bit much.

    hpoefullw someone else will add with some new information.

  • Tim P

    45 euros an hour! hmmm. Oh well thanks for trying! I’ll report back if I can get further info.

  • Thanks Tim, nice article as you say, I like the way this guys peices stuff together,…

  • 45 Euros is a bit steep if they search you on the way in

  • don cosmic

    Jumbo: I didn’t push the release date forward. Sir Coxsone played a pre-release (with an intro) and not an already released tune. I know you didn’t mean it like that, I just want to be precise. I’m sure you know that any detail matters.. 🙂

    Tim P: throw a mail to doncosmic(at)peppa(dot)biz, I’ll give you a link for the whole tape.

  • true, but in the UK the term pre-release is usually used for a Jamaican import 45 (blank or printed)and a release a UK printed 7 or 12″.

    So if he spinned a JA pressed 45 pre, it would have been pressed and thus available at least a few days before( manufacturing and transport time minimized)in Jamaica.A nd if a UK sound would have it i am sure Jamaican sounds would be able to play it as well eventhough it wasn’t available to the general public, thus not pushing the official release date further, but in the same time shedding doubt on the february soundclash sleng teng debute myth.
    If on the other hand Coxsone played an UK pre-release/testpress they obtained from Greensleeves, Coxsone could well be the sole sound worldwide to play that chune on that moment(except for Jammy’s Superpower offcourse)

  • big bad

    great! thanx!

  • Tim P

    The version on the tape is off dub plate surely and not a vinyl issue, as well as the spoken intro it sounds like the mix is different though I could be wrong about this as its hard to tell if the sound is being manipulated by Blacka on the sound. So it’s a pre but not in the sense of a Jamaican vinyl issue.

    As such this proves nothing concerning what date the UK or Jamaica issue was released but it certainly corrects when it was first played out in a dance.

  • pama boss sounds

    Pama Bullet – BU 419 – 1970 ” Bunny Lee AllStars – Hot Lead ” is the second cut, but with piano and less strong organ, to Trojan ATTACK – ATT 8001 – 1969 ” BIG L – MUSIC BOX ”
    all the best

  • alan hughes

    Caribbean Music Festival 1969

    I went to this concert in 1969 and I still have the ticket.

    Would it be possible to get a PDF download of the programme as mine has got lost over the years.
    This was a brilliant concert and I feel proud that I travelled with a few of my mates on the train down from the Wirral, Cheshire at the time of this feast of reggae music. Superb.

    Many thanks,
    Alan Hughes, Bromborough, wirral

  • soul rebel

    niceness indeed , question is ; when is that actualy going too be released , it’s been nearly 2 year’s any reason for hold up ?

  • Tim P


    Ive listened to the rest of that tape thanks to Don Cosmic. It’s certainly very early 85 but unfortunately there is nothing on the tape to indicate a definite date (no announcements of future dances etc). That said I don’t doubt the information given by DC so 11th of January 1985 is the probable date. It’s credible to think that Jammy’s may have let a dubplate of Under my Sleng Teng go to Coxsone in the UK (but not to any Jamaican sound) knowing that would have little impact on what he done when re-lauching Jammy’s Supa Power at the dance with Black Scorpio.

    I spoke to Champian from Jamdown Rockers about Sleng Teng the other day, he thinks the Greensleeves 12″ did come out first and also that it wasn’t the first tune released on the rhythm with Pumpkin Belly, for one, coming first. This again probably causes more questions than it does answers as Under My Sleng Teng is in the UK reggae charts on 16 February 1985 yet Beth Lesser puts Tenor Saw voicing Pumpkin Belly on exactly the same day!

  • Cool Hand Luke

    I suppose this is a good time to post up the track listing:

    1. Midnight Riders – Cork Dancehall
    2. Rev. Danny Dread – Ruff Neck Business
    3. Don Angelo – Bicycle Move
    4. Steve Knight – Tell Them Already
    5. Andy Williams – Play Them Selector
    6. Errol Bellot – Weh Do She
    7. Rupie Culture – Ruff & Tuff
    8. Chuck Turner – Run Around Girl
    9. Screwdriver – She Boom Style
    10. Conroy Smith – Love Affair
    11. Sammy Levi – Wrap Up
    12. Cutty Gritty – Heat
    13. Horace Martin – Hackle Me
    14. Anthony Malvo – Can’t Stay Yah Girl
    15. Super Black – Just Like Magic
    16. Pad Anthony – Born Lover Man
    17. Professor Nuts – No Gun
    18. Admiral Tibet – Dis Girl Hot
    19. Derrick Parker – Joyride
    20. Carl Meeks – Tuff Scout
    21. Captain Leafie – Cant Hold We Down
    22. Pinchers – Young, Fresh & Green
    23. Malibu – Ragga Muffin Selector
    24. Desmond Scarlett – Poppy Show Lover
    25. Hopeton Junior – Hard Fe Get
    26. Tippa Irie – Bad Boy
    27. Screwdriver – We Rule
    28. King Everald – A Nuh Me Officer
    29. Dignitary Stylish – Jah Send Mi Come
    30. Everton Blender – Blend Them
    31. O’Neil Famous – Hackle De Brain
    32. Prince Jazzbo – 333
    33. Super Black – Rambo We Rambo
    34. John Wayne – Me No Response
    35. Bimbo (Garnett Silk) – Problem Everywhere
    36. Tony Rebel – Starvation
    37. Flinty Ranks – Gunman Style
    38. Pad Anthony – Turn Me Loose
    39. Pad Anthony – Gotta Be Strong
    40. Barry Back – Lose Me Work
    41. Gregory Peck – Stamma Mi Stamma
    42. Banana Man & Derrick Irie – Tight Clothes
    43. Papa San – Respect Due
    44. Michael Bitas – Champion Bubbler
    45. Carl Meeks – Who A Tell The Tale
    46. Anthony Selassie – Busy Body
    47. Nitty Gritty – Original Banga Rang

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Damn, track 7* by Rupie Culture is not ‘Dancehall Bubbler’ it’s called ‘Ruff & Tuff’ my mistake, I wrote the list from memory.

  • Tim P

    Thanks Luke – I’ve updated the original list.

  • Tim P

    Hi Stefan

    I don’t think I know Music Box – if you can supply a sound sample and label scan please let me know.

    Many thanks

  • chuck e.

    Great music from my youth days. I sense a lot of Lynn Taitt guitar riddims in these tunes. He recently passed (January 2110) with very little comment, a true pioneer of the genre.

  • skaville1966

    Hot Coffee is the horns cut to Cherry Pink, by Mr. Miller on Jackpot JP703 and Pat Satchmo on Bullet BU427B.

  • Tim P

    Thanks very much!


  • Big up! If anyone wanna download the mix – here’s the link

  • Thanks a lot mate. Was sorry to miss it.
    See you soon

  • Stagalag seems to be almost as good as Zion Gate and Rebellion 2010. Another nice relick is the new version of Boops riddim by Jukeboxx productions. Nice cuts by Romain Virgo, Tarrus Riley and Chino.

  • It’s nice to see a song I wrote, a record I produced on the Sue Label with Bobby Lee back in 1966, is still being heard regardless of who the artist is. The back side of the original version had a change of mood for me when I wrote it. I was being more optimistic when My Luck Is Bound To Change was recorded. Im still waiting for the royalties from 1966….lol

  • dma

    big up dancecrasher

    nice page and wicked infos
    i appreciate it…so keep going 😉

    one lone

  • Tim P

    Hi Tom

    Thanks very much for the comment – it’s an honour to hear from you. Unfortunately I can’t say I’m surprised about the royalties – had you ever heard the Sensations version before now?

    It’s a shame the Sensations couldn’t have backed their version with “My Luck Is Bound To Change” it might have given a better context to “I Was Born A Loser”.

    Thanks again for dropping by and leaving the comment.

  • Tim P

    Thanks Erik – I hadn’t heard the Boops version (I slept on a recent version of Duck rhythm too even though Busy Signal’s cut was really good). Maybe a round up of all recent re-licks would be in order.

    Are there any others I should look at? Please leave comments…

  • Lawrence G (Big Five)

    sounds like i missed a good night

  • Can’t recall any brand new relicks apart from those mentioned and those you’ve written about lately.

    French crew Irie Ites has done a version of Su Su Pon Rasta though. This was released in March. Vocals by Naggo Morris and Trinity. The riddim is very close to the original. Same crew has also done redone Strange Things and done a very good job IMO. This was last year though.

    Nas & Damian Marley have a version of Land of Promise by Dennis Brown/Love Fire by Aswad on the new album Distant Relatives. Tough version.

    I’ll see if I can dig out anything else.

  • Mr. Bapp

    Junior Bapp rules big time. Best tune on the mix by miles!

  • YoHanBerlin

    unforgettable night! big up tightenupCREW

  • AnorakTrev

    Keep `em coming , Tim .

  • Andy

    # 73 – Live like a king is currently available on Lynn Tait & the Jets Anthology

    This “greatest Rocksteady list” is well nice ! -good work

  • Dave

    i’ve been trying to get hold of this film for over 10yrs, i know many people will be pleased to see this released.

  • milky

    lovely mix my friend, if any one no about a music den listen up .if ur young den listen up and no were it a com from..SEEN!!!!!RESPEK TIGHTUN UP CREW….. comin from an old brixton soldier.. easy!!!!!!

  • laurie

    Tim, I think that there is a problem with the first two links. The third one is from the may night but the first two are from prior shows I think. Could be just me. Thanks.

  • Tim P

    Thanks for pointing this out Laurie – I’ve corrected these now.


  • Jah Love

    Where and when will the next dance be held?

  • Tim P

    Hi Jah Love

    It’s next Sunday – full details here:


  • I am just preparing a Collins Down Beat special for Radio Jamaica. Thanks for introducing the new Collins Downbeat 45s! Just a note:

    CR013A C.C. Collins & Owen Gray – Still Of The Night
    uses the backing track of Glen Adams´ “King Sized” (CR0010)

    CR15A Owen Gray & Dudu – I Will Be Waiting
    is another “Grab A Girl” cut I think.

  • Tim P

    Track list:

    1. Dread Dub Plate – Lee Perry
    2. Lama Lava Mix One – Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters
    3. Groove Dubber – The Upsetters
    4. Groove Rider – The Upsetters
    5. Jucky Skank – The Upsetters
    6. Chim Cherie – The Upsetters
    7. The Rightful Organiser – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    8. Stagger – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    9. Big Neck Cut – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    10. Zeal Of The Lord – The Upsetters
    11. Dub Of The Lord – The Upsetters
    12. Returning Wax – The Upsetters
    13. Bush Dub Corntrash – Winston Wright & The Upsetters
    14. From Dub Four – Clive Hylton & The Upsetters
    15. Roots Train Number Two – Junior Murvin & The Upsetters
    16. Locks In The Dublight – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    17. Moonlight Version – The Upsetters
    18. Dub History – Carlton Jackson & The Upsetters
    19. Living Dub – Keith Rowe & The Upsetters

    Apparently this is made up of mixes made for sound systems, Pressure Sounds don’t explicitly say that these are old mixes so it will be interestig to see when these were done.

  • The DOlly – Trigger Happy is the BURNER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim P

    Yeah it’s a great tune. It’s a shame they didn’t include the Studio One version of the Tonight rhythm – I need that Eddie Constantine cut!

  • Donald Gregory

    ‘Let Them Talk’ by Ranny Williams and George Regent was issued on the British Junior label in ’69 as by Anthony King. Do you know which, if either, is the correct credit? I am just curious to know.

    All the best

  • glenn kennedy

    have been wanting to know who sung ‘reggae a go go’ for years ! another tune from this period is Earnest Wilsons private number which allways sounds as if the tapes been run slightly too fast , great tune none the less.

  • Ahhh Yes….The K Vibes – Frenenemies on the same Coxsone Tonight riddim should not be sneezed at as well!

  • Tim P

    Hi Donald
    Thanks for spotting that, I’ve got that Junior single but never made the connection. I’d always wondered about the Anthony King credit as 1)never heard of him 2)there is more than one voice on the tune. My guess is that the Ranny Williams & George Regent credit is more likely to be correct but I don’t know how Trojan had the tune (master tape or pre?) and how they got the credits. I’ll try and find out and will report back.


  • MoW


    Dear Tim! Your feed isn’t working properly, I’m afraid. E.g., this news doesn’t turn up in my reader. Best, MoW

  • Tim P

    Thanks for letting me know – this seems to date back to an upgrade I done mid June – I’ll get on it.


  • Andrew Coad

    Neither sample link seems to work for me…

  • Dave Home

    Greetings Tim, Trojan included quite a few nice extra tracks on their CD reissue of ‘Tighten Up Vol 1’, a lot of which sounded like they came from tape. One of those tracks was ‘Rent Too High’ by Ranny Williams and George Regent so maybe ‘Let them Talk’ was from the same tape? In any case, it’s great to see tracks like these see the light of day!

  • Tim P

    Hi Andrew

    Sorry to hear that – the sound files are on a flash player, do you have flash on your computer?


  • claudio

    quite agree there, fantastic tune. when I first heard it I thought it was straight from the 80s!!!

  • Riddim by RAGGATTACK !!!!!!

    Big Up

  • Carter Van Pelt

    Also available from Dub Vendor, Dub Store, and Ernie B.

  • Marni

    Very good idea to have someone in the know add some perspective and common sense into what sometimes seems as hysterical as the stock exchange. Mr Barrow can hardly complain about the prices Mr Brooks fetches for him..The Clifton Gibbs ‘Brimstone & Fire* he sold 2 weeks ago went for around 400 $. I bought a copy some months back for 60$, both EX+. Ease up people. The scent of Steve can’t be worth THAT much.

  • Prince

    About the added intro, is this just a alternative cut or something that was added many years later? I really prefer the intro on the Moodisc reissue.

  • Tim P

    Hi Prince

    I’m really glad you brought this up – I’ve just listened to both versions (on youtube – I don’t have the repress). Most interestingly even without the intro the repress is quite a bit longer than the Fugitive issue (over 20 seconds), therefore assuming the Doctor Bird issue isn’t also longer which I doubt but can’t check at the moment, then the Moodisc reissue definitely comes from the mastertape and i’d have to say it’s fairly likely that the intro is also on there too.

    This is all conjecture of course but I’m really glad to have spotted that the repress is longer – I’ll have to go out and buy it now.


  • Prince

    And I’m glad somebody else wonder about these things.. The only thing that speaks for owning the orginal press is that the Fugitive label is so much better looking than the Moodisc repress. And of course that the orginal lick of the Lecturer-riddim is on the other side. Swap my repress for the original? ;D

  • Bernard

    Hi Tim,

    I have only just discovered the Dancecrasher website and am hugely impressed at the labour of love it represents. The Rocksteady countdown is a great feature which has kept your correspondents on the edge of their seats for a couple of years. I like the way you play it out gradually. It’s not until you are finished that anyone can complain about their favourites being left out. I am looking forward to seeing “Inez”(in the top ten),”Soul and Inspiration”(Hamlins), as well as “Sad Movies” all featuring.

    Keep up the good work. It’s an informed and thoughtful site for those of us who love the music



  • Tim P

    Hi Marni

    Yes, I wouldn’t begrudge Steve or Bob as they’ve both paid their dues and deserve a return – exactly why people would wish to bid significantly more for these tunes is still a mystery to me though. That said I’m not sure if Bob and Steve are the only sellers on ebay that attract consistently high prices in comparrison to everyone else but this is perhaps te most extreme example.

  • Donald Gregory

    It can be a mystery sometimes but there are certain records that I want that could be considered ‘gap fillers’ that are not neccessarily great records but I might be willing to pay a high price for that reason. Perhaps that is what happens here. All the best.

  • Dave Home

    An interesting look at some recent activity on Ebay. The good news is that there are still plenty of good value records to be found on Ebay.
    For example, I saw a very clean copy of Uhuru’s ‘Folk Song’ on Top Cat go for about £25 very recently. Not only is it a great record but it’s also really hard to find on the original Jamaican pressing. Someone got a bargain!

  • Laura

    You can follow the exhibition on twitter –

  • lucien sulloway

    I have a caltone pre with the matrix number wirl bc 4553 does anyone know who it might be . I would appreciate any information that might be available . The other side has no matrix number as far as I can See.

  • lucien sulloway

    sorry but in seeing The Caltone CAT pt 2 I discovered that it is the Tartans save a bread and (making love on the caltone pre wirl bc 4553).

  • Donald Gregory

    Thank you for warning us about this person. It’s a pity some people abuse the system. I don’t use Ebay myself but obviously a lot of collectors do.

  • steve

    “It’s hard to understand why Carlos does this all this” – what’s really hard to understand is why eBay, after repeated complaints from UK dealers, hasn’t shut this cretinous asshole down.

  • Mike Dean

    Bim and Bam, the Jamaican comedians do not seem to appear on this programme – were they there as a supporting act? If not, does anyone know when they did appear? They were on a Jamaican music programme at the Empire Pool Wembley in the second half of the 1970s.

  • Firstly I wonder if it’s that difficult to understand, eBay only benefits from this eventually if they are as they have been for some time trying to push everyone into selling and therefore buying using Buy It Now and not auction.

    Secondly, it’s not just Late 60s early 70s tunes getting ‘overed by the Mexican treatment, it’s happened on a number of recent autions on Jamaican 78s that I’ve been part of, and he’s screwed up royally.

  • likkleting

    dub records = diapers.

    oh the joy of being a parent.

  • Tim P

    Likkleting. So the diapers aren’t trophies as well then 😉


  • PEL

    One word ‘excellent!’ Thank you for the hard word you put in to making this happen.

    Can’t wait for the top 20!

  • Tewari’s Downbeat label started in 1953. He also had the Jamaican R C A label that put out a Tanamo EP in 1960.

  • DG

    Good to see that some pre-ska songs get rereleased on this cd!
    I´m absolutely loving “Omara Special”. Rico at his best!

  • Bionic D

    Is that a Pinchers tune at 21:45 in part 1 of the recording? I’m sure I’ve heard it before… What’s it called? Boom tune! Loving these Trash & Ready audios, thanks for putting them up

  • Tim P

    Hi Bionic D – it’s definitely Pinchers, I’ll try and find the title..

  • Mark Gorney

    I stupidly missed an opportunity to meet with eBay “executives” in San Jose not long ago, so I emailed about this problem, referencing this (very good) article (thank you).

    As there was no reply initially I emailed again and got this useless response from “Kristine.” Her email address is included if you want to email her/him/it.

    Hello Mark,

    My name is Kristine with eBay’s Office of the President. I received your message here at and I wanted to see if I could help out with this issue.

    We have taken action against the accounts that we were able to locate that have been placing fraudulent bids. I will also request that this individual be added to our filters, which are tools that allows us to screen individuals based on past patterns and behaviors. However, as you can imagine, extremely determined individuals can sometimes circumvent these filters. We will do our best to keep this member from continually disturbing our sellers, but I can’t guarantee that they won’t return. If this does happen, please contact me right away at this address so that I can add any new information to our filters to help tighten them up.

    As much as I would love to go after this individual in their own country, that isn’t always an option. I will continue to monitor the situation and pass along any concerns if this continues.

    Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.


    Office of the President
    eBay, Inc.

  • Well done by Cooke. Although he credits Don Drummond for a rhythm created after his incarceration, if not after he died. Credit for “Heavenless” belongs to trombonist Vin ‘Don Drummond Jr.’ Gordon.

  • Tim P

    Good call Brian – I missed that.

  • Amazing web site! Glad to read a bit of ebay report 🙂

    Web site added in favourite! Compliment for the super interesting content

    One Love

  • Matt Gevaux


    Im looking for a records for my dad, He really like studio one. Has done for many years!

    I am looking to buy him a record bu i am unsure of what the best/rarest records there is. Any ideas?



  • Ahhh…there is a KILLER Tullo T pon that riddim called RAGGAMUFFIN!

  • i still remember when few years back i felt crazy to pay 40/50£ for Walyn Rickets – Jah Is My Light & Glen Richards as Jah Glenn – Dread In A Babylon

    them can be rare but i couldn’t belive to see that price…expecially in VG conditions!

  • Still listen to those mix very often, I love them ! Have a question about 1 track. The last one from the part 2, I understand it’s announced as “the Renegade” from “the Zodiacs” but after a search it appears that this track is in fact some ska… Can u please, please (please !) tell me the good band and title of that sweet old reggae melody. Thx you !

  • Tim P

    Hi Mateo

    It is the Zodiacs, this rocksteady cut is a Merritone production and as far as I know only came on a blank. It’s usually called Renegade but Roots Knotty Roots calls it Walk On By. It’s on youtube:


  • hellim

    Just bought a repress of the Zodiacs tune, on wirl, from enthucol on ebay.

  • melvyn goodyer

    Hope therei s plenty of boxes they will go faster than a rocket

  • lucien sulloway

    I would appreciate any help I could get . I have a scmw005A AND smcw 005b
    might anyone know the title . One side is with gene rondo if I am not mistaken . Thanks Again Lucien Sulloway

  • Tim P

    Hi Lucien

    The a side is : THE INVADERS -AFTER A STORM (aka ‘BEYOND THE DARK CLOUDS’) I can’t help you with the B side I’m afraid. I got the information from the Pama forum –


  • AnorakTrev

    Recently got a CD called ” Cool, Cool Rocksteady ” which features loads of the tracks listed above . All in superb quality , btw. Not very often that you get ” multiple version ” Rocksteady tracks . Recommended , imho , for the non vinylites !

  • Bst Selecta

    Yes family, pls tell more about tune called Nothing Come Easy from Cornel Campbell. I have the same tune but on tempo riddim from Dub Chemis(JA). What is the name of the label who release this tune on other riddim.

    PLS add play list.


  • Bst Selecta

    Ok, i found this tune – 12″ Live & Love Label. Big tune !

  • steve

    Not the first time Pepper Pot has been re-issued, at least not here in the UK – I have a facsimile Randy’s issue of this from about 10 yrs ago (?) with a great Jackie Mittoo version – ‘Walking Trouble’ – on the B-side. Like you though, I’m puzzled at such a short pressing run, especially given the popularity of this ‘Skinhead’ genre. I wonder if Carlos will be getting himself a copy?

  • Disorda

    Easy, any idea who’s distributing this? Thanx.

  • Peter Dalton

    The idea that raggae histories all come to a sudden halt with the ragga explosion of the late 1980s and beyond is not all together accurate. The Rough Guide To Reggae by Steve Barrow and myself included a chapter on this very subject (as well as sections within the UK and US chapters). Included in the last updating of the book (2004) are such figures as Admiral Bailey,Chaka Demus, Lieutenant Stitchie, Major Worries, Courtney Melody, Cobra, Cutty Ranks,Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Tiger, General Degree, Wayne Marshall, Red Dragon, Super Cat. Vybz Kartel, Elephant Man, Ward 21 – in fact everyone of importance in the field up to the date of publication that we had space for!

  • Peter Dalton

    Further to my last message, here’s my own pick of the ragga tunes (for today, anyway):

    Murder Dem, Ninja Man, Steely & Clevie
    Fade Away, Little John, Taurus
    Champion, Buju Banton, Suite 56
    You Nuh Kotch, Terror Fabulous, Mad House
    Ragamuffin Selector, Chicken Chest, Oneness
    Dangerous, Conroy Smith, Redman
    Tour, Capleton, African Star
    Miss Ivy Last Son, Bounty Killer, Uncle T
    Screechie Across the Border, Courtney Melody, Stereo One
    Trouble Again, King Kong, Jammy’s
    Zim Bam Zim, Sanchez, Vena
    Run Down The World, Nitty Gritty, Jammy’s
    Boops, Super Cat, Techniques
    Poco Man Jam, Gregory Peck,Steely & Clevie
    Retreat, Cutty Ranks, Steely & Clevie
    Young Gal Business, Chaka Demus,Skeng Don
    Respect, Shabba Ranks,Shang Muzik
    Natty Dread, Lieutenant Stitchie,Stereo One
    When,Tiger,Steelie & Clevie
    Nuh Tek It Up Back, Cobra, Sinbad Productions
    Bandlero, Pinchers, Jammy’s

  • Rub-A-Daughter

    Think Alcapone’s cut to How did you know Rub up a daughter is on Mr. Gray’s original riddim as you can hear Mr. Gray sing in the background. The High School JA-pre-release’ matrix bears the intials GR…


  • Peter Dalton

    I tried to see the full article/chart, but without any luck. After clicking “check the full article here” above I found myself on a site devoted to various forms of dance music but with nothing (I could find) on Ragga. I’d still like to see it, so would appreciate any advice as to the next move after getting on to the site…or has the article been removed?

  • Very nice review. I enjoy this set a lot. Thanks / Erik

  • Tim P

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for the comments, your compeltely right about you and Steve’s Rough Guide of course, unfortunately most other publications haven’t been so inclusive.

    The article is still there on FACT though the graphics and youtube links are all gone now:


  • Peter Dalton

    Thanks fir the link. I’ve now read the piece had no argument with any of your selection – or comments.

  • Peter Dalton

    A great mix – but is part 1 still available?

  • Peter Dalton

    A great dancehall selection = but please provide a playlist!

  • Mangola

    Did you saw what should be released by Dub Store in December 2010? Merritone! I wonder wahts that will be – I hope for “So Weary” by The Minstrels to be reissued.

  • Rom1

    Thanks for this wonderful ranking but i might say alva reggie lewis Revelation disserves the first place. I’m looking forward to see the top ten.

  • Steely RoundBeat

    Can’t wait for the top 20 !!
    Haile Bless

  • Alias

    “Life Line” is one of my all time favourite tunes. I’m glad that it’s available again. (Have it on “Wiser Dread” already though.)

    I’d like to see all these Solomonic tunes collected on a CD, but that is too much to ask for, I guess.

  • pama boss sounds

    just had a listen to the “Max Romeo – A Dream” – PMLP 11 and noticed that the tune “The Horn” is a different cut to UN532A “Max Romeo – Mini Skirt Vision”

  • DG

    Just wanted to add, that “Love & Devotion” and “Build my world aroung you” are destinctively differnet cuts than the original 7″ release.

  • Tim P

    Thanks DG I didn’t notice that at all.

  • Peter Dalton

    Does anyone know if these five tunes have ever appeared on .45 before? I’m only aware of the two by Anthony Red Rose & King Kong appearing on their “Two Big Bull In A One Pen” album, and the other three on “King Tubby Presents Soundclash Dub Plate Style”.

  • “Reincarnated souls” hasnt been released since ” Blackheart man”, do you have any idea if that version is re-masterized, I’m not familiar with this Label. Hopefully the quality will be better than original!

  • A lot of the digifans will be pleased by this set of releases, if not alone for both Dave Bailey tunes which sell for GBP 50 the least on eBay. Nice one Dubstore!

  • kenny lithgow

    reccomendations for your top twenty include love me forever carlton and his shoes. my girl techniques, bob andy my time . let him try alton ellis .same song paragons . pretty looks heptones .tonight keith and tex .mark my word marcia griffiths .you have caught me melodians .gypsy woman uniques . real cool tommy mc cook . queen majesty techniques .swing and dine melodians .frozen soul soul vendors .once upon a time delroy wilson .hold me baby basil daley .court dismiss derrick morgan .walk the streets derrick harriott .soul food soul dimension or im and david . the last one i will leave to you . kennykool .

  • Roy Panton

    would like very much to get a copy. Please reply.

  • Moses

    This sounds amazing!

  • Tim P

    Hi Roy

    Thanks for the message. I”ve sent a couuple of messages and will let you know if I get a response.


  • Thanks for the audio Tim! I was lucky to be in town that weekend and passed through, the vibes were nice! Carl Meeks did a nice show and Deadly Dragon played a nice set, Champion killed it with a few nice tunes on the mic. Trueschool vibes as I would say!

  • rueben

    nice film, worth it just to listen to the congos music which is a different cut to the Image of Africa album audio which was supposed to be the soundtrack, the audio in the film is just like another Heart of the Congos LP,same standards, AMAZING!! why didn’t they release this version as the LP i will never know. Congos are legendary……

  • Prince

    Truly one of the top 25, one of the best rocksteady-anthems and the Gaylads definitive greatest tune..

  • laurie

    Thanks Tim for posting the sounds. Ridiculous that you guys do this on a monthly basis. Thanks.

  • The Big B

    “Tide Is High – The Paragons (Duke Reid Production)

    Perhaps one of the best know tunes of the rocksteady era, mainly thanks to the cover version by Blondie.”

    Tosh – for those of us that were around in the 6Ts THE PARAGONS is THE VERSION – the drab old blonde was an irritant!!

  • Tim P

    1. Troy Lobban – Let Loose (Skyline 7″)
    2. Mac Warner – Do Officer (Hi-Jack 7″)
    3. Ashanti Waugh – Feelings (Fantastique 7″)
    4. Patrick Andy – Self Control (dubplate)
    5. Johnny Clarke – Be a Better Nation (Mixing Lab LP)
    6. Boom Box – Gunshot (Tesfa 7″)
    7. Ossie D & Stevie G – Just Be Nice (Tiro 7″)
    8. Dogwood – Them Can’t Blow Breath (Rising Star 7″)
    9. Aisha – War on Crack (Strickly Roots 7″)
    10. Donovan – Own Soldier (Mango LP)
    11. Frankie Jones – Mr. Bad Boy (Trojan LP)
    12. George Henry – Jamaica Nice (Ho-Ma-Ka 12″)
    13. Quench Aid – I Wish I Had a Mom (Super Blast 7″)
    14. Horace Andy – Days Ain’t Brite (Atomic Bum 7″)
    15. Patrick Andy – Can’t Take the Vibes (Thunderbolt LP)
    16. Milton Curtis – No Evil (Spanna 7″)
    17. Rod Taylor – Don’t Play With Me (Plexi LP)
    18. Krystal – You Mean the World To Me (Super Power LP)
    19. Conroy Smith – Ram Dance Master (Top Ranking 12″)
    20. Shortie Ranks – Dance Inna Skateland (Kangol 12″)
    21. Dutchman – Bally (Romantic 7″)
    22. Frederick Lewis – Natty Dancehall (Jack Rabbit 7″)
    23. Mackie – Thing For Love (Crat 12″)
    24. Johnny Lee – There You Go (Fat Bwoy 7″)
    25. Vichous Irie – Late Night Attack (10 Roosevelt Ave. 7″)
    26. Yoruba – Jollification (Stage 7″)
    27. Montgomery – Sensimillia (Life Time 12″)
    28. Sammy Dread – Addicted To My Love (Vibrations 12″)
    29. Richie Roots – Hi Hello (Bee Cat 12″)
    30. C. Lestin – Mob Him Kill Him (Humble Lion 12″)
    31. Sugar Ray – Jamaica Nice (10 Roosevelt Ave. 7″)
    32. Super Majah – Lazy Man (Fat Man 7″)
    33. Hard Rock – Them a Hustler (Hard Rock 7″)
    34. Anthony Brown – Black & White History (Reggae’s Master Blaster 12″)
    35. Jimmy Riley – Come Back Baby (Live & Love LP)
    36. Nuthead – Bumbing Ball (Wild Apache 7″)
    37. Wayne Smith – Strange How the World Is Going (dubplate)
    38. Stanford Shirley – The System (Ujama 7″)
    39. Flourgon – Come Mek We Go Dweet (Kickers 12″)
    40. Robocop – Slave Driver (EVA 7″)
    41. Bionic – Youths in the Ghetto (Don Juan 7″)
    42. Michael Prophet – Liberty (Jam Rock LP)
    43. Frankie Paul – I Want Her (Abraham 12″)
    44. Clarence Parks – Militant Youth (Papa Roots 12″)
    45. Mikey Carroll – Militant (Creative Sounds LP)
    46. Flick Wilson – Two Youths Have a Quarrell (Kulumi 7″)

  • Marni

    I’ve looked for the “7 inch auction” for a while. Does anyone know where to still find it?

  • moody green garbage monster

    There are only 4 or 5 genuine wailers/Marley dubplates. The rest of them are all frauds .There is a high chance this one is as well.

    Most of that stuff is either unreleased/unfinished studio material that was somehow leaked or ended up in the public domain. Or done by the offspring of mr Marley / by Albert Griffiths from the Gladiators who is said to be a very good Bob Marley impersonator.

  • Matthew

    Hello. I just wanted to mention here that I have a list of 350 of the best reggae/rocksteady/ska songs that I have trimmed down from my collection of about 3,600 songs. If you’d like to see it I’d be willing to share. I need some help identifying the artist on two or three of the songs. Thanks for this list, and I hope you decide to correspond with me.

  • Peter Simmons

    Thanks for the heads up on Love and Livity. his is one of them I’ve had on tape for years but couldn’t justify (to the Mrs) paying £30 plus for. Order now placed with Dub Vendor 🙂

  • laurie

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for putting these up, I was really looking forward to it. I think though that there is a problem with the files, because when you are directed to megaupload it says the files are unavailable. Just thought I would let you know. Cheers.

  • Tim P

    Thanks Laurie. It seems that Megaupload is a bit hit and miss at the moment, if the lind doesnt work return to this page and try again. I got all the links working OK after a couple of attempts.

  • Dave Home

    There was a very entertaining Keith Lawrence interview with Blacker Dread on Colourful Radio recently where ‘Sleng Teng’ was discussed. Tim P asked Blacker who played it first…..
    You can listen to it here; number 75 from 24/11/2010

  • Dave Home

    ….Show number 74 is really entertaining too. Blacker Dread talks about joining Coxsone Sound and plays a great Bunny Wailer special. A really great show.

  • Susi (the one and only)

    Yes Tim,
    Wonderful, thanks. This music can NEVER die. Thanks for all the efforts….

    Susi (the one and only)

  • fantasic interview, just came across this interview from clicking a few links on anther site, great job love the samples, great history, welton was never one of my fav djs, i was a big echo fan, fav tape back in the day was echo, brigg, nancy and the singers, which i still play, but i really enjoy the history, and never knew how much work he put in, it kind of links up with the small interview lone ranger did in the studio one dvd, when he talks about the he and some dj,s from east mash up a dance and he got dj for the year, was it ranger welton ringo and echo

  • not available in germany.. content of UMG..
    does copyright count for a duplate?

  • Jumbo

    i dont know..
    i don’t hear any tubbys in this mix

  • Markus

    sadly this great mix is censored for german users. But you can outsmart Youtube: Insert the Youtube URL into any proxy service like and enjoy this video in your country 🙂

  • Carl

    god so many reggae artists left us this year. Yabby You, Sugar Minott, Sonia Pottinger, Gregory Isaacs and Glen Adams. Am i forgetting anybody?
    respect to all of them

  • Totally dig the vibes, open decks at my sessions in NC if you cats ever get out this way. ~ bless

  • Mark H

    There’s also a false start version of ‘Can’t you see’ in a very similar vein to “royal cord” (FND 8003A). Starting “if you want to know about version you’ve got to stop at this station, right about now I give to you man called Ken boothe…..dig it”, the song runs for a minute and then pauses “don’t get me wrong, i only stopped the song to tell you this….it’s a hit, just can’t miss” then restarts.
    Almost certainly done at the same time as Royal Cord and a very cheap way to re-use the Links material i suppose. I’d rather have the unadulterated version…..

  • SteelyNL RoundBeat

    God Bless Glen Adams (RIP)
    Another great foundation artist left us. A big man zeen his career! Nuff chunes!!
    Remember & play: Echo, Funky Skank, Looking Dread (all ClockTower) and more…
    I’m glad I met him once(show with The Slackers??)
    Cyaan’t be forgotten
    Salute Glen !

  • kenny lithgow

    did you know the first ever rocksteady tune was byan english group in 1964 check it out on youtube its called blue blue blue beat by the tornados scary ay .

  • SteelyNL RoundBeat

    Also check out/google Dutch artist Rita Hovink (1944-1979) De Blue Blue Beat (CNR-45/1964) on YouTube please 🙂

  • Sam

    When are the Top 20 coming?

    Cant wait for the Top 20!

  • morevest

    yeah i’ll second that…bring it on Tim can’t wait…

  • Yes I 😉
    Thanks For The Bad Selection

  • gary reed

    A rocksteady record very recently sold on ebay for $620.00 with the matrix wirl ry 4105 and wirl ry 4106 but the seller could not provide a name title or label, can anyone help on this?

  • Tim P

    You’ll Lose A Good Man/Soul Sufferer – I’m not sure of the artist but two great tunes.

  • Kris

    It’s not on the website yet. Unless I’m looking in the
    wrong place?

  • tim p

    Hi Kris

    Your correct it’s not on sale yet. If I hear that it is I’ll leave another comment as this is bound to sell out very quickly.


  • marni

    seen it up on ebay a couple of times before, always as an unknown. how about the producer initials ry, anyone? sorry for continuing a bit off topic.

  • sut

    was hoping this one would make the lineup. great tune. enjoyed the countdown so far. just hoping i live long enough to hear the no.1. hehe 🙂

  • Double great news !
    One for the crucial music and one for the people still supporting vinyl in these times.
    Thanks tim for the tip and respect to the Dug Out crew.

  • Miss Midget

    thanks for the news, tim!! 😀
    (love your site big time)

  • Kris

    Thanks Tim. I ordered one a couple of days ago. Keep up the good work with the site.

  • Hello, hope i’m not boring asking for another of those great tunes, but what is the one at 25:40 on the part. 2 ? looks like Toots & the Maytals but can’t find something related on the web… Thanks a lot !!

  • greeting,i am danny coxson the singer,also producer and song writer of the songs you are playing,president botha and hustling…please contact me………bless..

  • my e.mail…my web site…danny”artist”coxson
    link me…1876-2832043

  • Tim P

    Hi Matteo

    Your correct it’s the Maytals. Tune is called She’s My Scorcher.

    All the best

  • kenny lithgow

    will we ever see the top twenty ?

  • sut

    yes yes! excellent selection. can’t wait for the rest

  • Patrick

    lovely tune, great selection tim!

    if this one is #21, what’s gonna be #1 ?!?! 😉

    keep it up!!

    all the best from vienna,


  • artibella

    hi from mexico!!!!!! cheers

  • Bull

    The great Dennis Alcapone, next to legendary Ken Boothe and Mr Dave Barker at Reggae Brittania at Barbican. Documented by UK Pogus Caesar.! What a line up!

  • snop

    thank you for that wonderful ranking. Bus dem shut 20 th position, I can’t wait for the first ones. But i think you should reconsider alva reggie lewis revelation and consider zoot simms see them a come. anyway appreciate the work.

  • snop

    not to mention, peter austin- your love

  • Mick, Dublin

    Great sets from both selectors. Thanks for sharing

  • AnorakTrev

    Keep `em coming , Tim ! Any more minor key menace ? Keep away from the obvious ones !!

  • Roots Encounter

    Boom mix !!!!!!!

  • Rob

    check ebay, if you want repress then lots about

  • kenny lithgow

    you can’t go wrong with the heptones

  • Sir Mango

    … at the end of march (28th of march) the new Jammy’s come out if I’m correct. Really great releases indeed.

  • Peter Dalton

    Great stuff, for the most part at least! A few that deserve their place alongside these, in my opinion at least, include the following (all compilations/one riddim albums unless otherwise stated):

    Dance-Hall Fever! Volume One, Y&D
    Die Hard Pt. 1: Cutty Tanks & Tony Rebel, Penthouse
    Digital B Presents Kette Drum, Digital B
    Electrocutioner Phase 1, Jammy’s
    Ini Kamoze, Island
    Live & Love: Frankie Paul, Jammy’s
    Further East Volume 1, Jammy’s
    Mambo Taxi, Taxi
    Mercyles Bad Boy: Cobra, Sinbad Production
    Miss Ivy Last Son, Champion
    Momay Man Skank: Half Pint, Jammy’s
    Musical Confontation: Nitty Gritty & King King, Jammy’s
    Muslim, Xterminator
    Penthouse Cultural Center, Penthouse
    Propecy: Capleton, African Star
    Riding West, Jah Life
    Rough & Rugged: Shabba Ranks Vs Chaka Demus, Jammy’s
    Sara: Frankie Paul, Jammy’s
    Sin-Bada Then Them, Sinbad Production
    Top Temn Sound Clash, Uncle T
    Turbo Charged: Nitty Gritty, Jammy’s


    please release the whole thing,, night was to bad!!

  • Tim P

    Thats all that was recorded – sorry!


    Ah thanks any way! Great night!!


    Excellent, Excellent interview of my favourite Reggae artist. For years, many of my friends and other associates were giving plaudits to so many reggae artists and seldom if at all, the name Cornel Campbell barely got a look in. I have seen my favourite artist on a few occassions and each time he gives a polished, refined and sublime performance. His falsetto voice is music to a joy to the ears and he has been recording for 6 decades!!! What a feat. I have at least 15 Cornel LPs and over 75 singles 7″ singles from the great man.

    We view the same outlook on life and hearing that we share the same astrological sign (Saggitarius), is very compelling.

    My favourite Cornel song is “My Confession”, with “Make Hay”, “Pity The Children”/Power Pressure” (same rythym!!), “Stars”, “Blessed are They”, “I Am The General” all the “Gorgon” songs,”Girl of my dreams”, “Queen of the Minstrel” and “You are so Real”, hot on its heels.

    Will Cornel ever get the worldwide recognition away from die-hard fans? Somehow I doubt it. One thing is crystal clear, The man is Master of his craft, and I will endeavour to keep the Cornel Campbell bandwagon rolling. Just like his 1973 smash; “Let The Music Keep On Playing”, Cornel is and will ALWAYS be one of The greatest singers Jamaica has ever produced.


  • Billy_Boom

    Big ups to the Tighten Up crew !

    Been following the site for a while, really great stuff. Next time I find myself on your side of the pond I will be sure to check out your night ! Many days rocksteady is my favorite genre of Jamaican music and this site has been a very important resource for me.

    Keep up the serious works.

  • Brennan

    Thanks for sharing these!

  • soon come say chin at personal facebook!!!

  • There is also a double CD set coming out, Columbia/Legacy is putting out , it’s a re-release of his first 2 albums, Legalize It & Equal Rights, that includes demos and dub plate mixes. It comes out on June 21st if I am correct…

  • The strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • ROOTSBLOGREGGAE support Ray Hurford’s publication since many years…
    one heart

    jahgreg from ROOTSBLOGREGGAE

  • Tim P

    This single is currently available in the Trojan shop – very few copies are left though so move fast if you want one!

  • Freedom Ska is an entirely different tune from Freedom Sounds and a Randy’s production of McCook & The Skatalites.

    Freedom Sounds is a Tommy McCook composition, credited to him on original release, on first Ska Authentic V/A LP. So whence Roland?

    May be replica C & N label but not replicating or re-issuing an original release. Everybody was paired with “Heartaches”, also by Norma.

  • Tim P

    Thanks Brian. I wrote that in a rush and didn’t check it properly – the error is corrected.

  • Since Ken Khouri was born in Jamaica, doesn’t that make him a Jamaican businessman of Lebanese heritage?

    It will be a crime when material such as “So Weary” is reissued and the writers, Lennox Robinson and Mikey or the late Geoffrey Chung, are not paid a publishing advance, or anything.

  • Tim P

    Hi Brian

    Thanks for the input Brian, sorry if the comment about nationalities was a little misleading.

    I’m afraid I’ve removed the download link – unless you can confirm that the rights holders have authorised the downloads in which case I’ll happily reinstate it. I’ve consistently argued against unauthorised downloads and whilst I appreciate the ground may be shifting under me on this point but I feel that they harm the reggae music business and I don’t want to be associated with them.

    I agree with your comment about the publishing – as long as those involved do the minimum they are required to as far as the law requires then I guess thats all we can really hope for.

    Respect as always

  • Sir Mango

    The Kentone 7″ are great – Sharks is my favorite of those 5. Do you know more about the Merritone singles – will there be a reissue of The Minstrels “So weary”?

  • It should be noted that Rock A Shacka have previously released two CD’s of Studio 1 material which they later withdrew from market. Those titles, Rock A Shacka 6 and 7, were acknowledged to not have been properly licensed.
    Now they appear to have altered the title of their latest 45, Freedom Sound for “Freedom Sounds” and the credit, Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites for “Tommy McCook”, likely in order to avoid paying the song’s publisher, trombonist Calvin Cameron’s Cameron Music.
    So I don’t know that we need more releases like Freedom Sound, but a return to high quality, properly done Clement Dodd reissues is certainly overdue.

  • Alias

    Sad to read about the fussing and fighting. I just love Studio One music and would like to see more releases. I have a few releases from Rock A Shacka. Like them as much as the excellent Pirate’s(!) Choice. Didn’t know that vol 6 and 7 were suspicious. Dubstore is a fine label too. I hope Dodds and the japanese companies find some solution to this.

  • Prince

    Check the links, the first one says Tommy meets Ras Digby and the third one is not available..

  • Tim P

    Hi Prince

    The credit was a mistake – thanks for pointing it out. The last part should be fine – megaupload does that sometimes, try it again in a while.

    Many thanks

  • Prince

    It works now, thanks a lot for uploading these!

  • wayne seymour

    I saw this video on you-tube and at 3:21,I would like to know if anyone knows the label, the song and the artist. Cant hunt it down anywhere. here is the link.

    At 4:36 you get a quick glimpse of the label(it looks very old) but that’s all.
    Appreciate your help.

  • PappaDave

    Soul Bros. – One Stop
    Sound Dimension – Love Land
    Sound DImension – Jamaica Bag
    Tommy McCook – Caltone Special
    Tommy McCook – Sweet Lorna
    Ansil Collins Meets The Observer – In Bound Train
    Desmond Dekker – Foo Man Chu
    Noel & The Fire Bells – Reggae Rub
    Karl Bryan – Red Ash
    Roland Alphonso – Charade
    Bumps Jackson – Funky In Jamaica
    Tommy & The Upsetters – Lock Jaw
    Jackie Mittoo – Melody Maker
    Otis Gayle – I’ll Be Around
    Blooblo – Loose Baby Love
    Hopeton Lewis – Sounds & Pressure
    Freedom Singers – Give Peace A Chance
    Nairobi Sisters – Promised Land
    Derrick & The Chariot Riders – Float On

    Here’s the play-list,for those wondering.

  • CDB

    Thanks Tim, sounds like an excellent session

  • Prince

    Not strictly Studio One is it?
    Check this one out, strictly rocksteady and early reggae from Coxsone, presented by King Stitt:

  • Tim P

    Err Papa Dave I don’t know where that tracklist came from but it’s not for this mix.

    Prince – thanks I’ll check that soon.

  • Tim P

    It’s Chakademus & Pliers – Duty Character a take on John Holt’s Fancy Makeup.

  • Mark H

    Tim, if you follow your link to the soforito site the latest mix is a ‘funky reggae’ one with the track list above.

    a shame as there’s a few on the prilous one i’d like to ID (and one i don’t think i can live without…)

  • Tim P

    Thanks Mark I thought I was going mad for a minute… The direct link for the Perilous mix is still no tracklist though!

  • Al

    That’s really a great record, hadn’t heard it before.

    Since the Jamaican “writers” have already ripped off whoever wrote “Ferry Cross the Mersey”, isn’t it kind of a moot point? Who is stealing from who, exactly?

  • Al

    Re the Paragons tune and label… Supertone was a very large sound out of May Pen, Clarendon. I wonder if there was any affiliation with these Paragons releases? Perhaps he helped finance the recordings, etc.

  • Al

    Message Of Old came out in Jamaica on the Muzik City label as well as a blank. A very rare tune on JA press, especially with a label.

    I love the Higgs/Boothe duets, on my personal top ten would be “You Hurt My Soul”, the only flaw it has is being too short.

  • Donald Gregory

    That’s a good point that Al makes. Not that 2 wrongs make a right of course, but Jamaican music is full of instances like this. I’ll be interested to see other points of view on this matter.

  • Al

    It’s difficult to tell from an MP3 but to me this sounds like it was mastered from a clean copy of the vinyl, not from master tape. If it appeared on a Coxsone LP the tape should be around, so I’m not so sure about your comment on the quality? Yes the label looks nice but that is the easy part. Is Coxsone Jr a full or half-brother to the other siblings? If he was Downbeat’s “jacket” as they say in Jamaica, that might explain some of the animosity. At any rate I’m on Junior’s side as he seems like the one most interested in actually getting the music out there, the rest of the Dodd family hasn’t done much since Coxsone Snr’s death.

  • Tim P

    I’m still looking for a sound sample and label scan for this but thanks very much for the info anyway Stefan.

  • pama boss sounds

    please send me a mail and i will reply with soundfile and scan of the ‘BIG L – MUSIC BOX’

  • I am Roy Wilson.I am not dead.I live in Florida West Palm Beach.Everyone thinks I am dead,or they don’t know where I am.I am still alive and kicking.

  • I have been reading about the “Bootlegging” of Studio One music with great interest. The Artists/Singers compensations or lack of are not even mentioned. Carol Dodd, who is now managing “Studio One’s” massive catalogues and re-issues have never paid the Artists for their work. She is a thief who steals our music, re-issues them, claims publishing rights unlawfully…she is now calling others “Bootleggers?.”
    Regarding Tommy of Rockashaka, he needs to cultivate some professional integrity and stop stealing our music and start paying us for our work that he releases.
    He just released “Skatalites Freedom Sound” backed by my tune, “Everybody Loves a Lover” (Norma Fraser)..I have not been paid for that Tune and I want to be paid.
    Tommy of Rockashaka Label let me hear from you real soon or I will take legal action against you.

  • Tim P

    Many thanks for the comment Norma, it’s great to hear from you.

    If you don’t mind me asking what was your arrangement back in the 60’s with Studio One? We’re you paid a flat fee per tune or did you have a contract that promised royalties?


  • Tim P

    Thanks for the offer Steffan but I’ve got them now. Thanks again for the info about this.

  • Prince Andrew

    Anyone know the name of the last track in this mix and who does it? Thanks in advance and thanks for bringing this mix to our attention Dancecrasher crew.

  • Bernard

    Prince Buster must have a very hefty catalogue of recordings that many of us would lap up if they were to be released. I gather there is a reluctance on his part to licence release for financial reasons but surely he must realise that in a few years they come out of copyright so he makes no money at all if others have access to the catalogue. Is there any news of progress?

    There is a relatively paltry amount of Prince Buster material on CD at present. Which are the must haves?

  • Tim P

    Roy Wilson – if you read this please contact me at

    Bernard – exactly, there is a decent CD’s worth of Busters earliest productions that goes into the public domain next year. And year by year it will only get better. I fear if he doesn’t act very very soon there will be little left to licence – still he is supposed to be ill – maybe he can’t do it at the moment even if he’d want to.

  • Tim P

    Thanks Oliver – you’re right of course.


  • Sam

    Big selections Perilous! I will ask him about the name of that last track Andrew…

  • While I’d hope that these are “fully licenced and legitimate”, Phil Enthucol concedes that they’re sourced from vinyl.
    So, what’s best of knowledge?
    I have to wonder when label credits producer J. Johnson and Sir JJ was named Carl!

  • Roy Wilson

    those colored vinylbrings back memories.Roy

  • betterdub

    on the recordsleeves on the Dubstore-homepage you can see the program of twenty Merritone-singles.
    Anybody with secure information if there will be another twenty?

  • betterdub

    Thanks Tim, I’m too fast a reader it seems!

  • Prince Andrew

    Well the Batman release is a bit confusing as I thought it was a Randy’s tune. Been out of a 10 inch back in the mid 90’s on a Randy’s label. I first hear Bob Brooks play this tune at a selecter’s clash almost 19 years ago and it flattened the dance big time before Asher G ripped it off the turn table for some reason.

    I was led to believe there were only three copies in existence or that might be some myth to add mystery to the tune.

  • Prince Andrew

    Bless, thanks Sam


    Gonna be bad!!!

  • MoW

    There is definetly more than 3 copies and it’s 100% certain (confirmed by Keith Scott and Sam Mitchell plus I’ve seen the original label) that it’s a Merritone tune.

  • Prince Andrew

    Thanks for that MoW, perhaps Randy’s Group were that band that recorded it for the Merritone label. Great side.

  • Tim P

    I don’t think there was a connection Prince Andrew, the 10″ Randy’s issue was unauthorised.

  • Prince Andrew

    Thanks Tim P, that’s interesting. You learn a bit more all the time.

    What does interest me is that for an up town sound and label Merritone could put out some pretty tough sides.

  • Tim P

    From what I know there was no direct connection between the sound system and the label. The label took the name from the sound because it sounded good and it was probably a mutually beneficial arrangement. Val Blake started the sound, which was then taken over by his sons. Ken Khouri who owned Federal started the label and was the money man production wise the real work was done by Keith Scott and Sam Mitchell.

  • Alias

    What happened to compilation CDs? I’d rather get a CD (or two) for £10 (each) rather than paying £10 for each single.

  • MoW

    I wrote an article about Merritone for Big Shot #6 and I think I found some loose connection between the sound and the label, but embarassingly, I neither remember nor do I have a magazine with me at the moment. Will have to check!

  • According to Paul Khouri, the name was rented from the Blake family.
    BTW, On test pressings, How Soon is paired with an add’l take titled part 2, Born to Rule is paired with Sai Pan and We Were Meant To Be has acapella version on flip.
    Big Shot 6 Merritone piece appears well done, although still awaiting translation of last 2 pages by a Dutch friend! Would you have it in English?

  • MoW

    I’m sorry, I don’t have it in English. Of course I would’ve translated it as well, but I don’t have access to the piece at the moment. Sorry!

  • Prince Andrew

    How’d the 45 shoot out go? Will there be some audio put up? Like the attitude in the piece written about the contest.

  • Mike Murphy aka bmd

    Hey Tim, thought I’d let your blog viewers know that there is an interview on Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio with Phil all about this release.
    Hey and Roy if you are reading this again, PLEASE CONTACT TIM, We are all big Higgs and Wilson fans!

  • TheMoonInvader

    1-18 rocksteady tunes?

  • I used the tracks from the Zodiacs, that i discovered here thanks Tim, in a special rocksteady mix… Sugar !

  • Al

    Born To Rule & Sai Pan were originally flip sides so that one is correct.

  • betterdub

    and who was part of the Merritone players, besides Lyn Taitt?

  • Mick, Dublin

    Many thanks Tim, have been waiting in anticipation for this and sounds don’t disappoint. Listening to part 1 and those studio 1 instrumentals are great + the flute version to Door Peeper, top class

  • Great stuff Tim, what a night of tunes that was. Thanks for putting the recording up.

  • Dave Home

    Thanks for uploading Tim. It sounded like a really great session.

  • bjorn_late

    Not sure when this was stated, but I’d love to see the top 20. Really nice series.

  • Tim P

    Now updated with streaming versions of the files in case you don’t want to download – enjoy!

  • Donald Gregory

    I am a fan of this period, unlike yourself, and am fortunate to have most of the records, but it is the sort of organized compilation that the music needs. Not the same old tracks over and over. By the way, if I ever meet you, I’ll slip you some money for the website. Am just relucant to use my credit card for such a purpose. Cheers

  • plattsie

    superb that you had to forsight to record this tim. still cant get enough of it. does anyone know what the tune is at 39.05 on part 2 (where were you…..). i think i should know…but i dont. anyone???

  • Jerry Perilous

    Many thanks for this one tim,i was away when the session happened and been waiting for this with baited breath!!

  • The Gaz

    Can’t see anyone playing the first disc ever, why bother doing it

  • Turn it on its head if you were newly discovering reggae, that disc might be enough to get you to buy the box and broaden your horizons via the other four discs, not all purchasers are seasoned collectors like most if not all on DC

  • Lord Koos

    Trojan combines some obscurities with the well-trod path in an attempt to get both collectors and newbies to buy the product. I’m definitely going to pass.

  • Tim P

    Lord Koos – Trojan have done this many many times but this compilation is hardly like that and does dig alot deeper. If you don’t buy that’s up to you but it may be your loss.

  • Bull

    MUZIK KINDA SWEET BY POGUS CAESAR 1st – 30th October 2011

    The British Music Experience at O2 presented by the Co-operative, in association with OOM Gallery will be showcasing an exclusive exhibition of 38 rare photographs celebrating legendary black musicians working in the UK.

    Using a simple camera photographer Pogus Caesar followed the musicians and singers around the famous venues producing a collection that celebrates a style of black music that brings together the UK, the US and the Caribbean.

    From Stevie Wonder in 1989, Grace Jones in 2009 and Big Youth in 2011, this unique exhibition documents how black music, in its Reggae, Soul, Jazz and R&B tributaries of sound, has changed and renewed itself over the decades.

    Journeying from Jimmy Cliff to Jay-Z via Mica Paris and Mary Wilson of The Supremes to David Bowie’s bass player Gail Ann Dorsey, these images conjure up an alphabet of the music of the Black Atlantic.
    The photographs selected from OOM Gallery Archive are also as much about the clubs and venues, as it is about the singers, producers and musicians. The Wailers at The Tower Ballroom, Sly Dunbar at The Hummingbird Club, Courtney Pine at Ronnie Scott’s, Cameo at the Odeon Cinema, Ben E. King at the Hippodrome and Soul II Soul’s Jazzie B at BBC Pebble Mill, many venues now lost to regeneration or renewal, and only recalled through memory and imagery.

  • Interestingly, Johnny Osbourne claimed that the Al Campbell who sang “Take A Ride” was none other than Freddy McKay.

  • Afraid my allocation (Over half of the entire press) of the Rulers ‘Let My People Go’ sold out within a day of arriving, Kingstonians ‘Put Down Your Fire’ is still available as its a less limited press. More JJs thriller due in due course!

    Phil E

  • Brian, The Kingstonians ‘Put Down Your Fire’ is properly licensed, but I can not vouch for the Rulers 45 which surfaced from an undisclosed (to me at least) source in Central Europe

  • Jon C


    I’d like to see that list, and share notes.


  • Donald Gregory

    Had to share this. Thanks Tim P.

  • wicked! The drop does seem heavier. Even on youtube.

  • simon

    Does anyone know if Wax Poetics is available to buy in the uk?

  • Tim P

    Hi Simon

    The Soul Jazz shop in London used to stock it there must be others but I don’t know. Other than that you can buy online from
    and probably alot more. It’s not cheap I’m afraid.


  • Roots Encounter

    download limit exceeded….darn!

  • simon

    Nice one Tim, im in soho tuesday ill pick it up! Many thanks!

  • Donald Gregory

    You are spot on about this Tim. I’ve known this was coming for some time. The obnoxious Cl**f Ri****d has pushed this through for his own ends and his music establishment pals.

  • michiel oord

    RIP leonard dillon,
    big up for Leonard! Great artist
    Holland The hague

  • Bionic D

    I agree – why would you want to play dubplates made for another sound? Interesting stuff for hardcore reggae fans because of their historical importance – and I’m happy they’re released (in pristine quality to beat) – but should have been put out as a collection on CD/LP.

    A bit disappointed with the selection too actually. Pretty boring set of riddims with standard boasting lyrics. Hope they will continue to put out some of the real killer Jammy dubs, but sorry not going to be buying any of these.

  • Timekeeper

    I have the Heptones – “I am your man” on a yellow/black Coxsone as “Give Me the Right”. Can anyone tell me if all pressings of this tune sound so horrible as the 2 I´ve had? Both looked quite good but the sound was awful!

  • Tim P

    Hi Timekeeper

    I think the I Am Your Man title came n the LP’s Freedom Time and Sounds Of Young Jamaica (the latter is a compilation). Where as it’s always called Give Me The Right on seven inch. The US Studio One press with the yellow red label is a clean press and I think the black/white Coxsone one is too. I’m not sue about the yellow/black though (i guess that’s the first press?).


  • Timekeeper

    Hmm may have to look for the black/white press then.
    I also figured that the yellow/black was the first press but early 70s Studio is a bit of a hit & miss for me.
    Thanks for your quick answer Tim!


    Hi Tim
    You probably know but FYI ‘Summer Place’ is on the Sparkers ‘Dig It Up’ rhythm, 4th cut (AFAIK) after ‘Dig It Up’, ‘Rent Too High’ and ‘Code It’. Probably makes more sense adding this to the text than publishing the comment

    Phil E

  • Tim P

    Nice one Phil. I’ll sort this when I next do some updates on this

  • Great piece and very insightful too boot.

  • AnorakTrev

    Thanks for these latest additions . Keep `em coming .

  • Prince Andrew

    Nice re issue. I remember first hearing Boris Gardners version of Groovy Kind of Love at a selecters clash in London about 20 years ago and it got a huge forward. Everytime I’ve seen that record for sale it goes for between $200 and $300 US. My only wish with the reissue is they should have kept the soul tune on the B side of Groovy kind of love as it’s well nice. Rocka Shacka do it again, nice work.

  • laurie

    I don’t know where moon dust comes out of, but there was a third wave ska label out of new york in the nineties called moonska records. I believe it was run or funded by some of the Toasters. So I wonder if this is related, as the moonska label put out a fair bit of modern skinhead stuff at the time.

    Cheers and thanks for all the downloads from tighten up/trash and ready. Here in Canada we are seriously lacking.

  • THANKS for posting about the new Laurel stuff! Moon Ska Records was Bucket of The Toasters label. No relation at all except that one of my first releases of traditional Ska was the Laurel Aitken release on the label. and now I get to release something special with one of my heroes!

  • afterdeath

    I’ve been waiting to see were Hip Hug would be place in the top 100 rocksteady charts.

    Can’t wait for the no1. Better be a Lynn Taitt special!

    has it as Soul Sufferer: Orville Wood // You’ll Lose A Good Man (hw): Orville Wood

  • Charles

    Wow Swing and Dine #18 a little low for me, but Rocksteady has never been given its due as a genre. The first music I know of to really emphasize the bassline. Add Lynn Taitt’s guitar = magical sounds that will never die.

  • Dave Home

    Tim, that’s a very accurate description of ‘Garvey’s Ghost’. When this album was first released (’76 I think) it was much maligned, probably for two reasons. Firstly, it was mixed in the UK and secondly, it was mixed by white engineers at Island. If I’m honest I avoided it for many years for those reasons. I did pick up the Jamaican pressing sometime later but after one or two plays, it just sat unplayed and forgotten. It was only much later when I bought ‘Marcus Garvey’ on CD, that also included ‘Garveys Ghost’, that I listened to it again.
    Finally, some 30 years later I really enjoyed listening to it. It’s true that the mixing is quite laid back but in a way that’s the album’s strength. The engineers really allow the quality of the rhythms to shine through and there are no intrusive distractions. You can just concentrate and enjoy the rhythms showcased by the sensitive mixing.
    As an aside, Lloyd Coxsone was involved as an ‘adviser’ on the mixing sessions so I imagine his input would have been positive.
    My advice would be that if, like me, you’ve avoided this album, pleaee give it another chance. It’ll get you in the’s only a matter of time. Eventually the penny will drop!

  • thore

    hey , that sign the cheque is on a matador rhythm track isnt it !?

  • Little Things is my all time favourite, Rock Steady tune. Best of all it only 10p in 1972!

  • Sam Trafford

    Is there anything about the companies and individuals that designed the sleeves, and the briefs they were given?

    For example, Horace Ove did the Bamboo/Banana sleeves, was he interviewed? – I love those designs

  • Bottom line is that they cost about the same as they would as part of the limited edition singles series, but you get 7 at once intsead of wairing 7 months and you dont get to pay postage at £2 a 45 (In the UK at least) and as abonus get the box etc all thrown into the deal, how bad can it be and all on original, if you could find them all for sale mint ever it would be a mirace and even the sevn on decent copies wiould be over 20 times the price of the box set these days IMHO!

  • .. and Little Things is just re-issue on a top quality UK pressing (One of four 45s worth of Phil Pratt produced Caltone rocksteady just issued) complete with previously unissued instrumental next cut on the flip!

  • Timekeeper

    really would have loved to have the 7″ label designs illustrated as well. this actually really makes me reconsider if i am going to buy it or not…
    Maybe they´re saving it for a future project? But then would there be enough label desings to make a whole book?

  • Tim P

    Sam -no there are no interviews but printers etc do get a mention. I reckon this is fair enough as it’s supposed to be a coffee table book, a bit of eye candy, not a book of interviews.

    Timekeeper – I doubt they are saving it for another project but now that you mention it – a coffee table book of reggae 7″ label illustrations would be very nice!!

  • MoW

    CLING TO ME – what a tune, puuuuure beauty.

  • omar

    now this is the place to do some deep research into reggae music.

    top website !!

  • Art

    Was ‘Skinhead A Bash Dem’ anti or pro ‘Paki-Bashing’..?

  • admin

    Hi Art. Personally I wouldn’t have said the lyrics are that clear, to my mind they are just commenting on it rather that supporting or condemning but I’m sure others would disagree! Either way it’s a pretty rubbish tune.

  • Laurie

    Great pictures, can you put up any sound for those of us who missed it? Cheers.

  • Ras Charles Jones

    My name is Ras Charles Jones. I performed with Keith is 1980 in a band called Earthworm. We performed at My Fathers Place, Tramps, Tier 3, Eighties. I now do radio at Binghamton University-WHRW. I can re reached at 607 7295526 for further info on Keith. Ras Charles Jones

  • Al Kaatz

    The violence in Jamaica is out of control. It was no random killing, from what I hear people had been urging Riley to leave the country for some time. If you get too successful in Jamaica and you don’t have powerful friends (or if you anger the wrong people, don’t grease some palms etc) it’s easy to dead.

  • Al Kaatz

    Regarding the Norma Fraser tune “Heartaches”, the pairing on the original JA Studio One label was with the flip side being the Righteous Flames “You Don’t Know”. The ska “Everybody” was recorded earlier…

  • sta press

    hi tim p,
    Drunken Night is a completely different tune to (Endlessly)that was released on Crab (CRAB 59)
    rkr has this mistake.

  • admin

    thanks very much for the info Sta Press – I’ll correct this soon.

  • Laurent


    I’ve just bought it last friday and it’s an excellent one. I confirm that there are two UK productions here :

    – “Boss” by Count Sticky & The Upsetters is in fact “The Rhythm” by the Mohawks on Gas (flip side and instrumental version of “Someday We’ll Be Together” by The Marvels)

    – On “Rockfort Psychedelion”, you can hear the British band The Rudies mentionned in the lyrics…

    These two titles are good anyway, even if not produced by L. Perry and played by the Upsetters…

  • Dylan Godfrey


    Can anyone point me in the direction of where I could find stored copies of Black Music somewhere in the UK? Or if there is anywhere online that has scanned copies?


    • Bernard Jennings


      I have a fairly full set of BMJRs but am not looking to sell them. I live in Reading and would be happy to make them available to you. What sort of project are you working on?


      • Michael Beer

        Hey Bernard,

        I was wondering if you would be able to make these available for myself also, I am at the University of Manchester and in the process of writing my dissertation on the influence of Reggae on British society. I cannot stress how helpful these magazines would be to my work.

        Please get back to me when you have the opportunity,

        Thanks, Mike

      • Helmut

        Hi Bernard,

        for an investigation I am urgently looking for the issue with Carl Gayle interviewing King Tubby, think it was February 1976. If you don’t want to leave the issue, a scan of that article would also be helpful.

        Thanks, Helmut

      • Jack Rennie

        Hi Bernard

        I am aware this comment was posted 3 years ago, But I local to Reading and I am currently writing a dissertation very similar to the commenter here. If you receive this message, I would be forever in your debt if I could have access to your collection for just a few hours one afternoon soon?

        Very much hoping to here from you soon

        Many thanks


  • David

    We need the final 13!

  • andy hynd

    there is a version of ‘my best girl’which includes the horns and the vocals-check out heartbeats ‘duke reids treasure chest’sounds so much fuller than the original issue!

  • sut

    absolute classic. must be some damn fine tunes to come. cant wait 🙂

  • Nice one Cliff (NOT!) So all I’ve got to do is survive to beyond 70+ and hope that someone out there has the finance and ability to bring out these classic ska, rock steady and reggae tracks that the majors tend to shun (Trojan/Island via Universal are excused from that) The ironic thing is that Cliff Richard actually LOVES reggae music. He’s said so himself many times! 60’s – 70’s anyway. I can’t picture him having much in common with Bounty Killer, Assassin, Buju Banton etc lol!

  • nilo82

    So glad to see you continue this project and now I’m really curious about the top 10!

  • Also glad to see you continuing the project Tim. Good work! You like this side best then? It’s very nice but I do prefer the other side myself.

  • afterdeath

    If Eric Donaldson, Lyn Taitt and BUNNY LEE got together to record a “Tune”! My kind of Rocksteady.

    Keep them comming.

  • Carl

    Im delighted to see you continue with this series, youre really making us wait 🙂 but come on, as nice as this song is, it doesn’t compare with whats on the other side of this single. My Conversation is a stone cold classic, evergreen and beautiful. nearly perfect in every way.
    Do you honestly think Beatitude is a stronger song, or are you trying to go for the less obvious and obscure? keep up the works anyway, looking forward to the top 10 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Carl, yes I do think Beatitude is better though I’d agree Conversation is the bigger tune. I’m not deliberately going for the obscure (I’m not sure if Beatitude would count as that anyway?) though in some ways less familiar tunes are more exiting than ones you’ve heard a thousand times.

  • vaidya

    And now Jah will make him beautiful !

  • Matt Johnson

    I have both of these and I have to say that the sound is slightly better on the Trojan issue although the Baron’s is also pretty good. As an aside, the dub version used on the Trojan flip can also be found in its full length on a 1975-ish Jamaican issue of Ali Baba that appeared on Dutchess

    • admin

      Thanks Matt that’s good to know. I checked the dub against the one on the mid 70’s Treasure Isle (Pottinger issue) but that one is slightly different.

  • muzzer

    Honeyboy Martin emigrated to Britain,he had a record shop in Luton and had a radio show on BBC Bedfordshire.I used to listen to it in the eighties.He also carried on his singing career,mainly making big people records.You Tube has a 70’s tune “Jamaica” that sounds alot like the GB records Trojan were putting out.
    Pressure Sounds have put out a great release,it fills in an important gap in the history of the music

  • afterdeath

    If BUNNY LEE produced Lyn Taitt arranged and Eric Donaldson sings that would be great Rocksteady. Beatitude and Conversation is just one of BUNNY LEE’s greats latter end of Rocksteady.

  • muzzer

    OMG!! I remember this.A great way of avoiding “Nationwide” on BBC1 on a week night.It was on BBC2 at the same time.I’d just got into drumming,listening to Style,Carlie and Sly.This was an absolute god-send for me and my brother(who was learning bass).
    We talked endlessly about it at school.I found the book later on and still use the material when I teach basic Reggae styles to my drum students.
    The 3 presenters are still involved in music education.Dierdre writes pieces for the”Rock SChool” exam syllabus,Geoff writes for drum magazine “Rhythm” and Henry wrote a book on slap bass,that my brother studied from.

  • lutxo

    well, i’m not sure whether I’ve let a comment before but just want to thank to the author for the superb work. though this tracks i’ve learnt a lot about rocksteady, not to mention the pleasure to discover new tracks, artists, producers… i’m really looking forward to the top ten. big up!

  • Carl

    I’ve been following this countdown for ages, and I’m really grateful. I have discovered so many tunes I now love and cherish (I was delighted to see The Clarendonians Im Sorry and Lonely Heartaches show up on the latest Pressure Sounds release after discovering them here). I was very happy to see ‘Bus Dem Shut’ in the top ten, cos its one of my all time favourites. I love the mixture of information, label pictures and soundclips. Its been a very informative journey.
    But if its truly a list of ‘greatest’ Rocksteady tunes, I do however think that there are some massive omissions, particularly of the Studio One variety, some really obvious and immortal tunes like (off the top of my head):
    Dawn Penn – No no no
    Soul Vendors – Rockfort rock
    Alton Ellis – Im still in love with you
    The Heptones – Pretty looks isnt all
    Carlton and the Shoes – Love me forever
    Ken Boothe – ‘Moving away’,
    The Techniques – ‘Queen Majesty’ and ‘You dont care’
    Hopeton Lewis – Take it easy
    Keith and Tex – Stop that Train
    and as i mentioned before The Uniques – My Conversation.
    I know these songs are extremely well-known, but they are all beautiful and era-defining, and the basslines and riddims have been versioned endlessly all the way through to the dancehall era. It seems a shame not to acknowledge these masterpieces.
    Having said that, its been more educational to read about some of these lesser celebrated jewels. And im dying to see what the top ten will be!! please dont make us wait too long 🙂 🙂

  • Carl

    Ive just noticed that 3 of the last 4 songs i listed are in fact featured in your countdown….I should have double checked before i posted the last comment, i was writing off the top of my head. The main point i was making was that your Top 100 has been a pleasure to follow (despite what i would consider as omissions or misplacements, and a penchant for favouring the less obvious), and i have learned loads!
    Thanks again

  • Doctor Zhivago

    Glad to see the final countdown, there should be at least one Wailers tune in the Top 10 and a few Coxsone chunes, Hurting Inside, Rougher Yet something from Bob Andy’s Song Book would be my choice, but as you said before, it’s all a matter of personal taste. Did I mention the Call OF The Drums. Anyway, thanks for the hard work

  • I have been following the top 100 since I came upon the website by accident – everyone’s a scorcher, by the way. But the selection is, as stated, obviously the compilers opinion. It totally amazes me that the vast majority of the chart I’ve never heard. What were the ones like that failed to make the grade?

  • I’d love to see the finished article. But I’m sure that at least one of the contributing artist in this clip has passed on.

  • Yes, Justin Hinds has definately left us. I’m not so sure onStranger Cole though.

  • In 1989 when this show was broadcasted I was at my home town which is outside of the shows broadcast area i.e London mainly. Back then with no internet, hearing the show was a lost cause to me. It is with much grattitude that it has been posted up and I’ve at last been able to listen to it. Thank you. I’m just so gutted about the many other tribute shows that I’ve missed over the years.

  • muzzer

    You can read a sample chapter of the book on
    Click on the “rub-a-dub style” icon at the top of the home page.
    Well worth a look.

  • Carl

    i met a guy this week who has approximately 19,000 reggae vinyls!!!!! i went round to his place and picked up this tune (among others) after hearing it here. cheers 🙂


    i can only pray that they will also do a cd compilation of this stuff.
    i need “The Jerk” or “Tang tang festival song” on officially cd with good sound quality.

  • DrBassie

    Wow, what’s the name of that first tune?

  • AnorakTrev

    Raise a glass to your top ten ! Keep `em coming ….

  • ras digby

    Nice one Tim bless to the Tighten up crew Big respect to listening massive for the support and comments
    looking fwd to the next one Bless PS We had Champian working his ***** off HISTORY

  • I always loved the sound of Harriott’s productions. His voice is so angelic. The “Dance Romeo” track with Paulette is a lost gem!

  • John Bailey

    Do you know who owns the copyright to PAMA labels.

  • admin

    Hi John

    Most of the music seems to have reverted to the individual producers – Pama turned into JetStar but with a few limited exceptions they were never a big reissue company like Trojan.


  • Perilous

    hi tim the rhythm on bitty’s brother man is “free soul” jackie mittoo

  • muzzer

    I’ve not been able to get hold of this.Is there anywhere I can download it from?I’ve tried the websites listed and her facebook page to no avail.
    Was it only available for one day or have I misread it?

  • admin

    Hi Muzzer

    It’s been put back to 30 May:


  • muzzer

    Why Is there a pic of dennis brown on the front cover and the name marcia griffiths onthe sleeve when neither appears to feature on the album? Is this some sort of tribute to coxsone’s talent for misinformation on his album covers? LOL.

  • admin

    Thanks Perilous – I’ve updated this

  • Prince Andrew

    They must have been on ebay a lot to come up with this selection. No complaints here about the selection, looks good.

  • muzzer

    Agreed, very good selection.Rodigan told a story on Sunday on Kiss about going down into a basement of “Brad’s” in New York with a torch hunting for the Prince Lincoln tune, such was its rarity.

  • muzzer

    Hi Tim, don’t know much about Byfield or Matthews.Were all the tunes mixed by Scientist? And who were the backing band? Nice organ.

  • marmalade

    very happy that Tell me that You Love me is being reissued, killer tune and goes for big money!

  • Walk The Streets was originally recorded by Tommy Roe as You Might As Well Forget Him on US ABC (UK HMV) in 1964. He also composed the song. Enjoyed the top 100 by the way.

  • NotOsama

    The Marcia Griffiths mistake is more easily understood as in the liner notes it states that the Rita Marley tune included was mis-credited to Marcia Griffiths on some of the original 7″ labels but the D Brown has me wondering. Maybe some ‘hurry come up’ layout person thought it was Johnny Osbourne.

  • ossie thomas

    the lord gave the word great are people who publish it rastafari love.big up yuself beth.

  • admin

    Nice one Ossie – we met a couple of times when you used to come to the Tighten Up club with Paul Penge Killer Coote over 10 years ago now.

    Tim P

  • Hi.
    Any infos about SC-1895-1 and SC-1896-1 (Blank on DYNAMIC) 1969/ 1970 approx.
    Many thanks.

  • i’ll be upgrading my scratchy versions for this box though still..thanks for the nod.

  • John Bailey

    Hi I am trying to get a contact for Jeff palmer to get permission to use images of Pama labels in my forthcoming book, any help would be appreciated with some free copies.


  • Greg

    @admin: Rubbish tune??? Are you serious? In my opinion, it’s one of the brilliant ska songs at the time.

  • I’d just like to say that Trinity is one of the nicest and most professional people I’ve worked with. Not the only one, but still….
    My respect – to him and Mrs Brammer – is total !

    Steve / july 2012

  • Ha ha – I agree with both of you above. For us Anglos, ‘mon’ rhymes with ‘on’, so that’s how we read it. Perhaps the best approximation would be ‘mun’, atho’ that’s not quite right either.

  • X

    If someone want to sell a copy:


  • lutxo

    Lynn Taitt’s guitar is beautiful in this one.

  • admin

    Thanks Steve!


  • Julio Niño

    I think Jimmy Hughes recorded the original version of “You Might As Well Forget Him”: Fame 1002/1963.

  • Cool Tim, when “Fair Deal” is #8, “Are You Ready” has to be in the top 3 then 😉


  • admin

    That would depend on if i like Are You Ready more or not Marc – have to wait and see 😉

  • Mike calnek

    Wondering if any relation. Family is from Kingston but moved to Canada in late 60’s. Sam Calnek, nena Calnek, Janet Calnek.

  • Prince Andrew

    I was wondering if the Progressions would be in this list. I thought the other side of that record ‘Are you ready’ was the better tune but that’s just me. I also have a feeling what might be No. 1 and if right I think it’s a suitable choice but definitely not a rare tune. Look forward to the final seven. Great work and giving thanks.

  • Al Kaatz

    Great job tim — looking over the last 40 entries I would have chosen most of them myself, can’t argue with that!

  • Errol Hobson

    My name is Errol Hobson, Derrick K. Hobson (The ‘K’ means Kenyute and not Keith as was previously mentioned) is my late brother who died the summer of ’78. I know for a fact that he did a few recordings with artiste such as Johnny Clarke and Roman Stewart. The tunes that readily came to mind: “Ride On Young Girl” by Johnny Clarke, and Roman Stewart’s “Love Jah and Live”. “Ride On Young Girl” was remixed and release on a 12″ Disco Mix. This particular track was released on his own label [THE BETSY original Stamma].

  • For thirty four years I’d busted sweat on trying to find out who did the tune give Thanks and Praise (version) because I only heard it once, I had it on tape and the tape snapped just where the track info was inserted. Thank you Only Roots Reggae. I can now rest easy. Roll on pay day!

  • David

    Hi Tim, I have a copy of BU421 on a blank, it does exist.

  • David

    Hi Tim, BU507 also comes on the orange label.

  • Ogonkov

    Most of this tracks were re-issued before on colored Jamaican sevens. What was the reason of packing box-set with already re-issued sides? It’s a bit disappointed about this release.

    P. S. Same to Lucky Seven, i have 2 copies of “Way of Life” now, one from box set and another on Japan reissue on “Flame”, wtf, only 3 years since last re-issue, damn.

  • Jos Z.

    It’s a great value for money package, for sure. A shame though, that the last track on CD 1 is not the 12″ mix of Roots Train, with the Dillinger toast, but rather the album mix from Police and Thieves. And hopefully a second volume will showcase some rarer tunes. That said, a very nice compilation indeed.

  • admin

    I think those colored vinyl issues were bootlegs Ogonkov. It wouldn’t be the first time that a bootleg has stopped a legit issue coming out but thankfully not on this occasion.

    • Ogonkov

      Well, i don’t know much about it. I will contact via e-mail printed on labels, and got answer, that they have license for re-issue this sides.

  • Alias

    There’s also a new Super Ape/Return of the Super Ape CD on Trojan on the way. Includes some extended versions.

  • Alias

    They seem available in Sweden (where I’m from) but not in the UK (yet). On eg it says “Please note, territorial restrictions may apply to this product.”

  • @Bernard @Everyone. We are the management company (Koffe an Kreem) for Kofi (ex Brown Sugar). We have set up the Wiki entries for both and are desperately looking for source references, articles, chart images, awards, photos, etc. for both Kofi and Brown Sugar.
    But.. any information, etc. you could find and scan would be great. Contact info is on our website. Thanks in advance.

  • Stephen Parker

    Hi. Excellent web site, keep up the great work. Just wondered if you knew that the latest two scratch links show ‘file not found’. Also I think that you may have missed the passing of the great Ossie Hibbert about 2 months ago.
    Kind regards

  • Greetings and I’m telling you I love the Peckings releases!! I play vinyl on Kool 97 and the listeners love the Peckings songs… I just can’t get enough!!I would love to get these to add to my collection:
    PS 0001,0002,1001,1005a/b,1006,1007,1012,1013,1018,1020,1023,1024,1025-withDominic,1026,1030-KellyMakeda,1032,1033,1034,1044,1046,1049,1050,
    1052,1056,1057,1066,1072,1075,1078,1079,ptig001,ptig002…. also “taller than them”… “struggling” and “smiley culture” (I have on cd)
    Please advise asap how I can get these …. I have friends in England who travel to Jamaica and can bring them for me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep up the wonderful cultural work. Blessings, Michael

    • admin

      Hi Michael

      I can’t help you myself but I’ve put this comment up and hopefully someone else will get in touch with you if they can help.


  • muzzer

    Hi Tim,
    This is still not up on the Trojan website yet and I was wondering if this was worth getting as I’ve got the Arkology set and the3 box sets Steve Barrow put together in the ’80s.Be good to see a tracklist so I can make a judgement.

  • that Jimmy London tune is pure class

  • admin

    You’ll have most Muzzer but probably not all:

    Disc: 1
    1. Norman – Max Romeo, The Upsetters
    2. Bad Weed – Junior Murvin
    3. To Be A Lover (Have Some Mercy) – George Faith
    4. Know Love – The Twin Roots
    5. Rainy Night In Portland – Watty Burnett
    6. Disco Devil – Lee “Scratch” Perry, Full Experience
    7. City Too Hot – Lee “Scratch” Perry
    8. Words – Sangie Davis, Lee Perry
    9. Roots Train – Junior Murvin, Dillinger
    Disc: 2
    1. Open The Gate – Watty Burnett
    2. Neckodeemus – The Congos
    3. Rasta Train – Doctor Alimantado, Raphael Green
    4. Ketch Vampire – Doctor Alimentado, Devon Irons
    5. History – Carlton Jackson
    6. Sons Of Slaves – Junior Delgado
    7. Party Time – The Heptones
    8. Free Up The Prisoners – Lee “Scratch” Perry
    9. Garden Of Life – Leroy Sibbles

  • romain

    What a great selection !
    I can’t wait for the top 5 !!
    (don’t rock my boat rocksteady’s version ? the girl i left behind ?)
    When do you think you’ll add more tunes ?


  • Lloyd

    new to me – and bloody luvverly! Cheers for posting it Tim

  • jefy

    great tune! i wonder, if the flip of this record (the even better “yield not to temptation” by maurice johnson) will be in the last 6 … 🙂

  • Tim

    Thanks for introducing many great rocksteady tunes.

    Surely the origin of drum song’s bassline, is the Impressions version of the Beatles yesterday, the only difference being tempo and the doubling of the third note.

  • As far as Peckings back catalogue titles are concerned they tend not to repress (With a few exceptions such as Walk Away From Love for example) I have been trying to encourage Chris and Duke to repress certain titles, but to be honest there is so much unreleased stuff stacked up it is unlikely that older titles will repress so your best bet is eBay or similar. You might also wish to listen to the mix cloud page where I posted up the guest slot I did on Danny Hatcher’s internet radio show where I previewed 20 odd unreleased Peckings recordings, none of which have yet seen the light of day!

  • Asked George Murphy about this and the reply I got back was that it isn’t the Tennors, but is in fact a solo recording by group member Maurice “Prof.” Johnson

    Phil E

  • Tim
    There are two pressings of BU 406, the lalel copy is as above, but the blank couples Making Love and Greatest Scorcher, a totally different tune and in fact the fourth cut of the Another Scorcher rhythm

    Phil E

  • dj friendly

    yo, could we have some working links please? really need this and all i get it is babylon enforcers. bless

    • admin

      not sure if I’ve still got the original files! I’ll put them up if I can find them.

      • timekeeper

        Yo Tim,

        hit me up if you can´t find the files. i´ve still got them on my portable mp3 thingy and they still are on heavy rotation!!

        btw. when´s part 2 of this night coming? tell me early, need to book the flight

  • Alex

    Tim – I can confirm the JA Wiggle Spoon blank really exists.

  • dean

    Is the junior soul ‘Armageddon time’?

  • Andre Col.

    I like to think that the piano line missed notes in The Uniques My conversation are intended to be this way, IMHO of course! Great site!

  • thore

    excellent work tim
    toppa toppa topppa top rocksteady 45 ! 🙂

    does anyone have more infos about The Rio Grandes – The One You Love // Kepp On Moving 1967 on STAR Label ??
    same label as “got to be at the paty” comes on ??

  • del

    Just one thing. Summer Place by Ranny Williams: the original to that rythmn is Rent To High by Glen Adams on Trojan and not Dig It Up by the Sparkers as stated in your book. Dig It Up was itself a version of Rent To High.

  • Patrick Harty

    Got To Be At The Party was recorded by Milton Boothe, with two members of the Progressions, who were at WIRL on that day, and volunteered to do background vocals, the producer, Miss Barnett who was not in the studio, had sent him to do the vocals on his own, but, the Progressions thought that it needed a little help,if you listen to “Fair Deal” or “Are You Ready” you will hear the similarities.More information on The Progressions can be supplied on request.

  • Patrick Harty

    Just a Correction on the spelling of Patrick Harty.

  • Patrick Harty

    You left Tony Russell off the list, and Rudy Mills had been a member when the Progressions were known as the Jets, recording “Fresh Out Of Love” & “Someone” on the Top Deck label. Derrick Bucknor did not make it to the “Fair Deal” session, so The Progressions were short one voice, and had to make do. Such is history.

  • Thanks Patrick, but this totally contradicts information directly from George Murphy (Clive Tennors). What is the source for your info and is there anymore to substantiate it?

  • admin

    Hi Phil. As I understand it – Patrick Harty = Pat Hardy producer of the Progressions? Hopefully Patrick will be able to give more information!


  • Richie rene

    Peter spence Border & Hard Time pressure is on the “I Will Get Along Without You” Riddim

  • Richie Rene

    I’m A Worried Man Riddim Lady lex I don’t know why & Courtney john Worried Man.

  • Richie Rene

    Sorry re Courtney john Lucky man is I’m A Worried Man Riddim.

  • Richie Rene

    Gappy Ranks Kooyah &Ras Demo No Slackness is an unreleased Treasure Isle done by Tommy McCook.

  • Richie Rene

    Sparky Speaker Box is Hot Milk riddim.

  • Richie Rene

    Nerious Joseph Cool Dem Down, Empress Ayeola Dem Bow, Prince Malachi Just Keep Calm, Bunny True Lie Lie Dear God, Gappy Ranks Mountain Top & Jah Mali Love For Each Other is the Step it out riddim by the Ballistic Bros.

  • Richie Rene

    Bitty McLean Never Let Me Go & the b side same riddim which is Don’t bother me, the terrors

  • Richie Rene

    Taurus Riley Young Hearts Reminiscing is Make Up To Break Up riddim

  • Richie Rene

    Natijah Find A Way is Angel Of The morning riddim.

  • Richie Rene

    Sadiki Would’nt Stay Away & Lady Lex You is don’t stay way riddim

  • Richie Rene