Caltone Records Part 3 (reissues)

Caltone Reissues
Since this feature was first completed in 2004 there has been a significant growth in the availability of recordings associated with the Caltone stable.
Though the Blondel Calneck estatemay not be benefitting from these releases, a few of the producers who worked with him, and on some occassions the artists, are. As a number of precious master tapes were accidentally destroyed by Blondel’s sister and mother a number of years ago we are perhaps lucky to have this amazing music available at all.

Reissues on CD/LP
There have been four albums:

Safe Travel – Phill Pratt & friends (Pressure Sounds PSCD 47)

1. Safe Travel – Phil Pratt
2. No One To Give Me Love – Larry Marshall & Alvin Leslie
3. I Used To Be A Fool – Milton Boothe
4. Sweet Song For My Baby – Phil Pratt & Ken Boothe
5. Black Man’s Country – Horace ‘Andy’ Hinds
6. Time Is Getting Harder – Peter Austin
7. Reach Out – Phil Pratt
8. What Kind Of Man – The Cool Cats
9. Little Things – Hemsley Morris & Phil Pratt
10. Bigger Things – Tommy McCook
11. Money Girl – Larry Marshall
12. You Left The Water Running – Ken Boothe
13. Book Of Books – Charlie Ace
14. Dirty Dozen – Vin Gordon
15. Love Is Strange – Hemsley Morris
16. The One I Love – Ken Boothe
17. Bye Bye Bye – The Clarendonians
18. Carltone Special – Tommy McCook
19. Suicide (Hang My Head & Cry) – Alva Lewis
20. Your Love – Peter Austin
21. I’m Restless – The Thrillers
22. Baby Baby – The Clarendonians
23. Victory – Phil Pratt All Stars

Listen To The Music: Caltone’s Jamaican 45?s 1966-69 (2012)
01. Peter Austin & The Clarendonians with The Ernie Ranglin All Stars – I’m Sorry
02. Lloyd & the Groovers With Tommy McCook and the Supersonics – Listen To The Music
03. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics- Killer Joe
04. Devon and The Tartans – Making Love
05. Alva Lewis with Lynn Taitt and his Band – Return Home
06. Chuck Jaques & with Lynn Taitt and the Comets – Dial 609
07. The Uniques with Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – The Journey
08. The Kingstonians – Why Wipe The Smile From Your Face
09. The Clarendonians – I’ll Never Try
10. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Smooth Sailing
11. The Kingstonians – Love Is The Greatest Science
12. The Clarendonians with The Aubrey Adams All Stars – Lonely Heartaches
13. The Cool Cats – Hold Your Love
14. The Uniques With The Caltone Studio Orchestra – Do Me Good
15. The Diplomats With Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Going Along
16. Lloyd and the Groovers with Lynn Taitt & his Band- My Heart And Soul
17. Chuck Jaques & The Supersonics – Now That You’ve Gone
18. Eric ‘Monty’ Morris – Hear Them Say
19. Honey Boy Martin & The Voices with Tommy McCook and the Supersonics – Dreader Than Dread
20. King Rocky & The Willows with the Super Sonics – You Are The One
21. The Emotions with The Lynn Taitt Band – Gypsy

These two Pressure Sounds compilations are the best re-issues of Caltone related material. Primarily because of the beautiful attention to detail both in both song selection and in the packaging.

Caltone Special (Attack CD 16)

1. Near to you – Yvonne Harrison
2. Do it to me baby – Lloyd Jackson Grovers
3. Meet me at the corner – Diplomats
4. I am lonely – Heptones
5. Soulful Music – Emotions
6. Get on the ball – Roy Shirley
7. Sound & Soul – Johhny Moore & Tommy McCook
8. The chase – Yvonne Harrison
9. Dreader than dread – Honey Boy Martin
10. The one I love – Ken Boothe
11. Don’t want to let you go – Emotions
12. Roses are red my love – Claudette Thomas
13. Caltone Special – Tommy McCook
14. Gunman coming to town – Heptones
15. No use to cry – Emotions
16. Take my hands – Yvonne Harrison
17. Sir Pratt special – Don Drummond Junior
18. Love is strange – Hemsley Morris
19. Careless hands – Emotions
20. You left the water running – Ken Boothe
21. Buy you a rainbow – Emotions
22. In the mood – Danny & Group
23. School Girls – Heptones
24. Ain’t that bad – Heptones

The sound quality on the above release is not great and the presentation is very poor in comparison with the Pressure Sounds release.

Cool Down. Rock-A-Shacka – Volume 9
1. Dreader Than Dread – Honey Boy Martin
2. Do It To Me Baby – Lloyd And The Groovers
3. The Chase – Yvonne Harrison
4. Sound And Soul – Johnny Moore
5. Get On The Ball – Roy Shirley
6. Love Is Strange – Hemsley Morris
7. You Left The Water Running – Ken Boothe
8. Crying Over You – Heptones
9. Caltone Special – Tommy McCook
10. Careless Hands – The Emotions
11. Soulful Music – The Emotions
12. Take My Hand – Yvonne Harrison
13. Near To You – Yvonne Harrison
14. The One Love – Ken Boothe
15. Sir Pratt Special – Don Drummond And Tommy McCook

Rock-A-Shacka is a Japanese label. Their releases are hard to pick up in this part of the world and tend to be quite expensive if you are lucky enough to find them.

You can find the Heptones sides for Caltone on a compilation issued by Earl Morgan, an original member of the trio, called The Heptones – Journey From Caltone To Treasure Isle To Studio 1.

The Heptones sides for Caltone have also appeared on Trojan, most recently on a CD called Peace And Harmony (TJDDD202).

The Trojan Rocksteady Rarities Boxset (TJETD299) featured It’s Alright by The Tartans and Lonely Heartaches by The Clarendonians

Finally a couple of the Emotions sides were issued by Jamaican Gold on a CD called The Many Moods Of Max Romeo.

Reissues on 7″ single
Earl Morgan has released sinjgles of the Heptones Caltone material on his Trenchtown Music label, Max Romeo has done likewise with Emotions material on the Charmax label.

Club Jamaica in Japan released 11 singles on coloured vinyl and one on plain black vinyl in late 2009. These were pressed in Jamaica for distribution in Japan, it’s unclear if they are properly licensed or not.

Phil Pratt regularly represses the bigger tunes from his Caltone days on the Sunshot label.

There have also been issues on the Hep Hep label and on a plain black and white Caltone label, again the licensing is unclear on these releases.

In 2011 Pressure Sounds released four singles licensed from Phil Pratt.

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