Caltone Records Part 4 (list of Caltone associated tunes)

Caltone and associated releases [Jamaica release/UK release]

Alva Lewis – Suicide (AKA Hang My Head & Cry) [Jontom/Jolly]
Alva Lewis – Return Home [Caltone/Caltone Tone111A]
Chuck Jacques & The Supersonics – Another Guy [Jontom/sometimes listed as Caltone TONE110 though this was almost certainly never pressed either on a label copy or a blank pre-release. ]
Chuck Jacques & The Supersonics – Dial 609 [Caltone/Ska Beat]
Chuck Jacques & The Supersonics – Now That You Are Gone [Jontom/Ska Beat]
Chuck Jacques & The Supersonics – Will You Be Mine [Jontom/-]
Clarendonians –Baby Baby [Caltone/Caltone TONE114A]
Clarendonians – Bye Bye Bye [Caltone/Caltone Tone114B]
Clarendonians –I’m Sorry [Caltone/Bullet]
Clarendonians – I’ll Never Try [Shockin’/Caltone ]
Clarendonians – Lonely Heartaches [Shockin’/Caltone]
Incorrectly listed as the Tartans on the UK issue.
Claudette Thomas – Roses Are Red My Love [Caltone/Caltone Tone116A]
Cool Cats (Ewan McDermott) – Hold Your Love [Jolly/Jolly JY009B]
Cool Cats (Ewan McDermott) – What Kind Of Man [Jolly/Jolly]
Dandy And His Group – In The Mood [-/Caltone Tone 103B]
A UK production by Dandy Livingston.
Diplomats – Going Along [Caltone/Caltone Tone109B]
Diplomats – Meet Me At The Corner [Caltone/Caltone Tone108B]
Diplomats – Strong Man [Caltone/Caltone Tone112B]
Don Drummond Jnr (Vin Gordon) – Dirty Dozen [Blank/Caltone Tone124B]
Don Drummond Jnr – Sir Pratt Special [Jontom/Caltone Tone 104A]
Emotions – A Rainbow [Caltone/Caltone Tone 100A]
Emotions – Don’t be Ashamed [Caltone/sometimes listed as Caltone TONE113 though this was almost certainly never pressed either on a label copy or a blank pre-release.]
Emotions – Gypsy [Caltone/Ska Beat]
Emotions – No Use To Cry [Caltone/Caltone Tone118B]
Emotions – Rude Boy Confession [Caltone/Ska Beat]
Emotions – Soulful Music [Caltone/Caltone Tone118A]
Emotions – Careless Hands [Caltone/Caltone Tone120A]
Emotions (Romeo & The) – Don’t Want To Let You Go [Caltone/Caltone Tone106A]
Emotions (Romeo & The) – I Can’t Do No More [Caltone/Caltone Tone106B]
Helmsley Morris – Little Things [Blank/Jolly JY007B]
Hemsley Morris – Love Is Strange [Jontom/Caltone Tone104B]
Heptones – Ain’t That Bad [Caltone/Caltone Tone105B]
Heptones – Crying Over You (AKA I Am Lonely) [Caltone/Ska Beat]
Heptones – Gunmen Coming To Town [Caltone/Rio]
Heptones – School Girls [Caltone/Caltone Tone105A]
Heptones – We’ve Got Love [Caltone/Ska Beat]
Honey Boy Martin – Dreader Than Dread [Caltone/Caltone Tone 103A]
(on the same rhythm as the Tartans – It’s Alright)
Horace Hinds (Horace Andy) – Black Man’s Country [Blank/-]
Joe Nolan – Cool It With Reggae [-/Jolly JY013B]
(Not a Caltone production, this UK production took the rhythm for Yvonne Harrison’s – Near To You and overdubbed an organ lead).
Johnny Moore – Sound & Soul [Jontom/Caltone Tone 101B]
Ken Boothe – The One I Love [Jontom/Caltone Tone107A]
Ken Boothe – You Left The Water Running [Jontom/Caltone Tone107B]
King Rocky (Anthony Ellis) – You Are The One [Caltone/Caltone Tone111B]
Kingstonians – Love Is The Greatest Science [Caltone/-]
Kingstonians – Why Wipe The Smile From Your Face [Caltone/-)
Larry Marshall – Money Girl [Jontom/Nu Beat]
Larry (Marshall) & Alvin (Leslie) – No One To Give Me Love [Caltone/Caltone Tone126A]
Leslie Foster – Nowhere To Hide [-/Jolly JY022B]
(Not a Caltone production, this UK production took the rhythm for Emotions – Careless Hands and overdubbed a new vocal).
Lloyd [Jackson] & The Groovers – Do It To Me Baby [Caltone/Caltone Tone108A]
Lloyd [Jackson] & The Groovers – My Heart My Soul [?/Caltone Tone109A]
Lloyd [Jackson] & The Groovers – Listen To The Music [Caltone/Caltone Tone112A]
Lynn Taitt – The Brush [Caltone/Caltone Tone115A]
Lynn Taitt – Listen [Caltone/-]
Max Romeo – Blowing In The Wind [Jontom/Nu Beat]
Milton Boothe – I Used To Be A Fool [Caltone/Caltone Tone119B]
Milton Boothe – My Baby’s Right [Caltone/sometimes listed as Caltone TONE113 though this was almost certainly never pressed either on a label copy or a blank pre-release. ]Peter Austin – Time Is Getting Harder [Caltone/Caltone Tone125B]
Peter Austin – Your Love [Caltone/Caltone Tone125A]
Pioneers – Doreen Girl [Caltone/Rio]
Pioneers – Good Nanie [Caltone/Rio]
Pioneers – I Love No Other Girl [Caltone/Caltone Tone119A]
Pioneers – Teardrops To A Smile [Caltone/-]
Pioneers & Ramblers – Give Up [Caltone/Rio]
Pioneers & Ramblers – Never Come Running Back [Caltone/Rio]
Phil Pratt – Safe Travel [Blank/Caltone Tone126B]
Phil Pratt – Reach Out [Blank/Caltone Tone124A]
Phil Pratt & Ken Boothe – Sweet Song For My Baby [Wriggle Spoon/Jolly JY008A]
Tartans – Awake The Town [Caltone/Caltone Tone115A]
Tartans – Coming On Strong [Caltone/Caltone Tone117A]
Tartans – It’s Alright [Caltone/Caltone Tone117B]
Tartans – Making Love [Caltone/Nu Beat]
Tartans – Save A Little Bread [Caltone/-]
Tartans – Solid As A Rock [Caltone/Unity]
Thrillers – I Am Restless [Blank/Jolly JY008B]
A Phil Pratt production
Tommy McCook – Caltone Special [Jontom/Caltone Tone120B]
Tommy McCook & Vin Gordon – Sir Pratt Special [Jontom/Caltone] (Phil Pratt production)
Tommy McCook – Jerk Time [Caltone/Rio]
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Outer Space [Jontom/Rio R101A]
Tommy McCook – Killer Joe [Jontom/-]
Tommy McCook – Riverton City [Caltone/Rio]
Tommy McCook – Ska Jam [Caltone/Rio]
Tommy McCook – Smooth Sailing [Blank/Rio]
Tommy McCook production
Tommy McCook – & ? My Kind (vocal) [Jontom/Caltone]
Tony (Gregory) & Doreen [Schaeffer] – Just You & I [Blank/Caltone Tone 100B]
Uniques – Do Me Good [Jontom/Rio]
Uniques – The Journey [Jontom/Rio]
Tommy McCook production?
Unknown – It Was A Trap (FKC 1441) [Blank/-]
Unknown – Jugging The Wine (FKC 1442) [Blank/-]
These two tunes are the two sides of a Jamaican blank, they are possibly Caltone productions but this is unconfirmed – if anyone has any information on these tunes please let us know.
Vibrators – Wait For Me [Caltone/Ska Beat]
Wilbert Francis & The Vibrators – Memories Of You [Jontom/Ska Beat]
Yvonne Harrison – The Chase [Caltone/Caltone Tone 102A]
Yvonne Harrison – Near To You [Caltone/Caltone Tone116B]
Yvonne Harrison – Take My Hand [Caltone/Caltone Tone 102B]

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