The Bullet label. Part 6

BU526A – Not Traced
BU526B – Not Traced

BU527A The Three Tops – Take Time Out
BU527B The Three Tops – Just Like A Log
Actually by the Silvertones, Lee Perry productions.

BU528A The Planets – People Get Funny
BU528B Docbird All Stars – Funny Version

BU529A Shorty Perry – Yama Skank
BU529B Hugh Roy Junior – Doctor Run Come Quick
Two versions of the My Conversation rhythm produced by Rupie Edwards. Yama Skank AKA Yamaha Skank.

BU530 to BU549 not used

Second Series (1975)

BU550A Shelton Walks – No Money, No Friend
BU550B Bob Mack All Stars – Money Dub
Issued on both yellow and red Bullet labels.

BU551A – Unverified
BU551B – Unverified

BU552A I Roy – Step Right Up
BU552B Andy’s All Stars – Banjo Serenade
Step Right Up is a cut of Gregory Isaacs Open The Door To Your Heart, a Roydale Anderson (Andy’s) production.

BU553A – Unverified
BU553B – Unverified

BU554A The Starlites – Healing In The Balmyard
BU554B GG All Stars – Healing Dub

BU555A Gregory Isaacs – Lonely Days
BU555B GG All Stars – Lonely Days (Version)
Also issued on the Camel label by Pama.

BU556A – Unverified
BU556B – Unverified

BU557A Sons Of Jah – Nyah Chant
BU557B Sons Of Jah – Rasta Waltz
Titled Fly Away Jah/Waltzing Nyah Man on the Jamaican issue.

References used for the production of these pages:
The Pama Forum (special thanks to contributions by Tony Rounce, Madam Streggae, Joe Lawrence, Marcus Downbeat, Sabascus, Mill/Reggae Fever, Charley Organaire (in conversation with Mill), 3pan1, Old Broom, Mr Soul Of Jamaica, Oldwah, Upsetter FC, UTodd and Door Peeper).
Special thanks to Dave Arnold, Dubmart, Matty J , Kris (Antwerp), skaville1966, Stefan Pama Boss Sounds Reggae Fever, Joe Lawrence, Stefan Kohlscheen, Steve Lindley, Eastwood and Roger Dalke.

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