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The Bullet label. Part 1 « DanceCrasher
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    The Bullet label. Part 1

    BU399A Winston Shand And The Sheiks – Throw Me Corn

    BU399B Winston Shand – Darling Remember
    Quite why the Bullet label started with catalogue number 399 is not entirely clear but it’s just possible this was some kind of reference to “Bullet 399” in the John F Kennedy assasination.

    The Sheiks reference on Throw Me Corn was not not on the Jamaican issue and may have been an invention by Pama, there are harmonies on the track though so maybe that’s the Sheiks?

    Darling Remember is actually by Patricia Edward, though again there are two voices on the track, a male and a female so maybe it’s supposed to be Patricia And Edward? The Jamican issue came out on Carib-Dis-Co and had the same two tracks as on the UK issue.
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    BU400A Girlie – Madame Streggae
    BU400B Laurel Aitken – Stupid Married Man
    This only came out as a blank label pre-release. Two UK productions, these saw full release on the Pama LP Scandal In Brixton Market.
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    BU401A The Ebony Sisters – Let Me Tell You Boy
    BU401B Rhythm Rulers – Mannix
    Let Me Tell You Boy was a big tune for Harry Mudie, he returned to the the rhythm a number of times including the male counteraction Let Me Tell You Boy by Winston And Rupert and a later deejay cut by Nicodemus.
    Mannix presumably took it’s name from the US TV detective Joe Mannix.
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    BU402A Dennis Walks – Heart Don’t Leap
    BU402B The Clarendonians – I Am Sorry
    Following on from Let Me Tell You Boy is Heart Don’t Leap, another huge hit for Harry Mudie and another tune with many versions including an organ cut, Musically Red by Winston Wright, and deejay cuts by I Roy with Heart Don’t Leap Version and by Nicodemous with Mother In Law.
    The other side, I Am Sorry is a Caltone produced Rocksteady tune.
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    BU403A The Meditators – Duba Duba

    BU403B Cecil Thomas – Running Along
    This probably only came out as a blank label pre-release.

    BU404A The Soul Rhythms – Work Boy Work

    BU404B Cecil Thomas – Girl Lonesome Fever
    Two Joe Gibbs productions, this was probably only issued on Bullet as a blank label pre-release.

    BU405A George Williams – No Business Of Yours
    BU405B George Williams – Mast It Up (actually Mash It Up)
    Two Harry Mudie productions.
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    BU406A The Tennors – Festival Knocks
    BU406B The Tennors – Making Love
    Two George Murphy productions.
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    BU407A Rico – Tribute To Don Drummond
    BU407B Rico – Japanese Invasion
    Tribute To Don Drummond is on the same rhythm as Bookie Man by the Race Fans.
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    BU408A Dennis Walks – Love Of My Life
    BU408B Dennis Walks – Shady Tree
    Two Harry Mudie productions, this was also released by R&B records on their Moodisc label.
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    BU409A The Kingstonians – I Am Just A Minstrel
    BU409B The Kingstonians – Yesterday
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    BU410A The Fabions – V-Rocket
    BU410B The Fabions – Smile
    V Rocket is a version of Another Scorcher by the Kingstonians featuring Delroy Jones. Smile is by the Tennors. Both tracks are George Murphy productions.
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    BU411A Winston Shand – Matilda
    BU411B The Harmonians – Come To Me
    We cannot display this gallery

    BU412A The Hippy Boys – Hog In A Me Minty
    BU412B The Hippy Boys – Lona Run
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    BU413A The Hippy Boys – Whats Your Excuse
    BU413B The Hippy Boys – Tell Me Tell Me
    What’s Your Excuse features Count Sticky. Both sides are Ranny Williams productions and were released in Jamaica on a Upsetter pre.
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    BU414A Glen Adams – Cat Woman
    BU414B Peter Touch – Selassie Serenade
    Cat Woman is on the How Long Will It Take rhythm.
    There is a next cut to Sellasie Serenade, Ambitious Beggar credited to Ranny Williams, this was released on the Unity label in the UK.
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    BU415A Willie Francis – Motherless Children
    BU415B Willie Francis – I Am Not Afraid
    There is a deejay cut of Motherless Children, Meet The Boss by Sir Harry.
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    BU416A The Chuckles – Run Nigel Run
    BU416B The Chuckles – Come Home
    Both tracks are actually by Nicky Thomas and were apparently his début recordings. Produced by Derrick Harriott.
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    BU417A The Imperials – Black Is Soul
    BU417B The Imperials – Always With Me
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    BU418A – Not Traced

    BU418B – Not Traced

    BU419A The Clan – Copycats
    BU419B Bunny Lee All Stars – Hot Lead
    The Hot Lead rhythm track was also used on Music Box by Big L that was issued on UK Attack.
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    BU420A The Ebony Sisters – Each Time
    BU420B The Bunny Lee All Stars – Boss Walk
    There is a talk over cut of Boss Walk produced by Rupie Edwards called Handicap. This means that either the credit on the Bullet 7″ is incorrect or there was some rhythms selling/sharing going on.
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    BU421A Freddie Notes And The Rudies – The Feeling Is Fine
    BU421B Freddie Notes And The Rudies – Girl You’re Killing Me
    This was very possibly not released, no copies have been found and it’s not clear where this listing came from. If any one has any details about this please leave a comment below.

    BU422A Fitzroy Sterling – That’s My Life
    BU422B Fitzroy Sterling – Queen Of My Heart
    We cannot display this gallery

    BU423A Noel Brown – Phoenix
    BU423B Noel Brown – Heartbreak Girl
    Noel Brown sings By The Time I Get To Phoenix backed by an older Rocksteady tune, Heartbreak Girl, both for Derrick Harriott. The same pairing was also issued by Trojan on the Songbird label, Heartbreak Girl was first issued in the UK on Island.
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    BU424A The Crystalites – A Fistful Of Dollars
    BU424B The Crystalites – Crystal
    This was most likely only issued on a blank. Two more Derrick Harriot productions, A Fistful Of Dollars saw a full UK release by Trojan, on the Explosion label. Crystal sounds like a slightly earlier tune, similar to the great rocksteady sides Harriot was recording with hornsman Bobby Ellis circa 1968.

    BU425A Winston And Rupert – Come By Here
    BU425B Winston And Rupert – Somebody
    These are apparently Harry Mudie productions, they were issued in Jamaica on the Boss Sound label.
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    Part 2

    9 comments to The Bullet label. Part 1

    • pama boss sounds

      Pama Bullet – BU 419 – 1970 ” Bunny Lee AllStars – Hot Lead ” is the second cut, but with piano and less strong organ, to Trojan ATTACK – ATT 8001 – 1969 ” BIG L – MUSIC BOX ”
      all the best

    • Tim P

      Hi Stefan

      I don’t think I know Music Box – if you can supply a sound sample and label scan please let me know.

      Many thanks

    • Tim P

      I’m still looking for a sound sample and label scan for this but thanks very much for the info anyway Stefan.

    • pama boss sounds

      please send me a mail and i will reply with soundfile and scan of the ‘BIG L – MUSIC BOX’

    • Tim P

      Thanks for the offer Steffan but I’ve got them now. Thanks again for the info about this.

    • David

      Hi Tim, I have a copy of BU421 on a blank, it does exist.

    • Tim
      There are two pressings of BU 406, the lalel copy is as above, but the blank couples Making Love and Greatest Scorcher, a totally different tune and in fact the fourth cut of the Another Scorcher rhythm

      Phil E

    • The Goose

      ‘Boss Walk’ was also issued by Trojan as a Lee Perry production on their ‘Scratch The Upsetter Again’ L.P. in February 1970 but entitled it as ‘The Result.’ To add to the confusion,Pama also released a tune called ‘The Result’ by ‘The Upsetters’ on their ‘Punch’ label(which was actually a horn-led instrumental of ‘A Testimony’ by The Upsetter Pilgrims – namely Lee Perry, Busty Brown & Nora Dean). This ‘The Result’ released by Pama on ‘Punch’ was coupled with an alternate take of ‘Touch Of Fire’ (both released by Trojan on their ‘Return Of Django’ L.P. and later as an Upsetter U.K. single. It is an absolutely commonly known fact that producers at ths time traded rhythm (Lee Perry, Bunny Lee, Rupie Edwards and Derrick Morgan in particularly with each other) during this period and it is not clear who were the originators (as all of them claim to be in order to get the credit) Furthermore, they would sell the same tune (at time alternate but very close takes) to both Trojan and Pama but under different names and titles. It is believed that this is one of the reasons why Pama lost out to Trojan because they didn’t like not having a so called exclusive when discovered that Trojan had already had it and with a bigger distribution machine.

    • The Goose

      The alternate take of “Touch Of Fire” was entitled “Feel The Spirit” when Pama released it on their ‘Punch’ label with ‘The Result’ on the other side. This Pama release of ‘The Result’ by ‘The Upsetters’ is not the same as ‘The Result’ by ‘The Upsettters’ on Trojan’s “Scratch The Upsetter Again” L.P. whic IS another release of “Boss Walk” (in a shortened form).

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