January 10, 2012, at 7:23 pm

2 twelves from Kiddus I part 2

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with reissues coming out, not that this is a bad thing…

A week or so ago I mentioned that Dub Store had reissued a couple of 12″ singles from Frank Dowding AKA Kiddus I in December. Well a few days later they’re back with two more.

Kiddus I – Fire Burn/Fire Burn Version Fire Burn was previously released on Dub Stores LP/CD Rockers: Graduation In Zion 1978-1979 but … continue reading…

January 1, 2012, at 7:19 pm

Two 12″ from Kiddus I

Japanese re-issue label Dub Store have just issued a couple of lovely Kiddus I tunes on 12″ vinyl.

Kiddus I – Graduation In Zion (Cheer Up) / Graduation In Zion Version (12″) Made famous from the film Rockers and first released by Dub Store on a 7″ a few years ago, this 12″ is a re-recording “from a few years later”. It sounds lovely all the same. [audio:http://www.dancecrasher.co.uk/2012/01-12/graduationinzion.mp3] Kiddus I – Kiddus I – … continue reading…

November 3, 2011, at 8:00 pm

Maxfield Avenue masters

Deeper Knowledge/DigiKiller once again show everyone else the way to do reissues with another impressive batch of Channel One titles on 10″ or 7″.

Clarence Parks – Things a Come Up To Bump/Come Up To Bump DUB 10″ A big sound system tune, previously issued on a Yard Vibes 12″ (possibly a bootleg?), no relation to the Bassies tune of the same name.

Don Angelo – General/Mix Down Style Version 7″ Originally issued on … continue reading…

October 9, 2011, at 10:28 pm

Deeper Knowledge : Three-Away Roots

Deeper Knowledge/Digikiller continue to lead the field for vinyl reissues, with three one-away roots seven inches.

Black Oney – Jah Send The Parson (AKA Rasta Move)/Version (Record Smith) The Record Smith label used is a reproduction of the original 7″ issue. This Lloydie Slim production was also issued on a 12″ on Roots Records out of New York. [audio:http://www.dancecrasher.co.uk/11-10/jahjahsendtheparson.mp3]

Prince Junior – Girl For All Seasons/Version (DJ’S Choice) This was issued on Prince Junior’s LP … continue reading…

October 4, 2011, at 10:34 pm

A Ghost Of A Dub

The third Burning Spear LP (after two for Studio One) titled Marcus Garvey was recorded for Jack Ruby and released in 1975. It was picked up by Island records in the UK and sold pretty well. Following this success the tapes were taken to the Island Studio’s in Hammersmith, London by John Burns and Dick Cuthell, and the “dub” LP Garvey’s Ghost was built and released in 1976.

[audio:http://www.dancecrasher.co.uk/11-10/theghost%28MarcusGarvey%29.mp3] The Ghost (Marcus Garvey)

Some 35 … continue reading…

September 12, 2011, at 7:25 pm

Pick Up The Pieces

Another DanceCrasher dubplate exclusive. An early 80’s dub plate mix of Pick Up The Pieces by The Royals complete with a rewind. This sounds heavier than the release version too but I’m not sure if that will come across on the youtube recording.

September 7, 2011, at 9:01 pm

Truth And Rights

Check this great take on the Truth And Rights rhythm from from UK Hip-Hop legend Rodney P alongside The Peoples Army and Mighty Mo (Heartless Crew). The video was shot at one of the large student demonstrations earlier this year and after the recent riots is a great contribution to the soundtrack for the UK in 2011.

This is a perfect excuse to feature some great versions of a great rhythm. For those who … continue reading…

September 1, 2011, at 9:37 pm

Roots and Dancehall

Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge are back once again in fine style with five 7″ singles; two on a roots tip on the Zion Yant label and three late 80’s digital tunes on the New Name imprint.

First up two early 80’s roots tunes produced by Michael Gardine AKA Kush Dan I. His own Jah Law Of Love comes on a replica of the first issue label, the original press of this was in very limited numbers (some … continue reading…

July 30, 2011, at 8:46 am

Hudson Dub

Out now on a Joint International 12″ from Deep Roots Distribution in France comes a re-issue of (Felt We) Felt The Strain from Keith Hudson. Originally released as the flip to Nuh Skin Up on a Greensleeves 12″ in 1979, this release includes the Dub and a next “Dubplate Mix” which is apparently old and probably taken from an old dubplate, this is serious steppers business – it’s good too.

Buy it … continue reading…

July 17, 2011, at 10:56 am

Larry Marshall – it's Onlyroots

French ebay record sellers Onlyroots have been branching out into re-issues recently and have just released a couple of Larry Marshall roots productions on 7″. Tilly & Larry – Jah Gave Us Everything on Marshall and Rupert Deeble & The Ebonaires – Tribulation.

Jah Gave Us Everything


The sound samples they’ve made available are pretty low quality and I’m not sure how well these are pressed but the replica labels look great … continue reading…