September 17, 2012, at 10:37 pm

A Peckings single

A lot of work has been done on the Peckings discography on Dance Crasher over the last few days and it’s a lot closer to being complete now. In order to get it finished we’d appreciate any help with the following:

Were these catalogue numbers issued and if so what are the artists/titles? PTI014, PTI015, PTI016, PTI017, PTI021, PTI027, PTI028, PTI029, PTI035, PTI036, PTI037, PTI038, PTI039, PTI040, PTI041, PTI042, PTI043, PTI053, PTI061, PTI062, PTI064, PTI065.

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September 15, 2012, at 12:08 pm

New host

DanceCrasher has just transferred to a new web host. I hope this will speed up pages and cut down on the number of occasions when the site would be down. There is far too much here for me to test everything so if you come across anything that is not working please leave a comment and I’ll get right on it.

June 12, 2012, at 10:25 pm

DanceCrasher in a Rub A Dub Style

DanceCrasher is very proud to present, in association with Beth Lesser: Rub-A-Dub Style: The Roots Of Modern Dancehall. Read this brand new book online at DanceCrasher with photo’s and sound samples to illustrate the text.

The first five chapters are online now and more will follow shortly.

March 9, 2012, at 4:38 pm

Count Your Blessings

[audio:] Ken Parker – Count Your Blessings

Just up on DanceCrasher is a fine interview conducted with Ken Parker by Mike Turner. This was first published in the Beat magazine in 2003. For this web version we’ve been able to add sound samples and labels scans of many of the tunes that Ken discussed. Check it here.

[audio:] Ken Parker – Only Yesterday

January 14, 2012, at 5:11 pm

Unity Sounds

The latest addition to DanceCrasher is a discography of the 80’s Unity Sounds/Unity labels operated by North London’s celebrated Unity Sound System. The discography also takes in the CF label that seems to have also been closely associated to Unity and a few other labels that featured productions by Unity main man Robert “Ribs” Fearon.

Check it.

The discography is a work in progress, if you can contribute then please get in touch.

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July 26, 2011, at 9:34 am

A new dancecrasher

Well not really but a new server. I’ve upgraded which means lots more space (so more soundsamples etc etc) however not everything has been exported yet so some stuff isn’t working. Hopefully everything should return within the next few days so hold tight…

January 8, 2011, at 10:21 am

The Gorgon Speaks

In association with Michael Turner DanceCrasher is proud to present an interview Michael conducted with Cornell Campbell a couple of years ago, complete with sound samples etc.

Alongside the interview is a Jamaican singles discography courtesy of the forthcoming

Check it.

March 26, 2010, at 11:26 pm

…with a Bullet

The Bullet records feature is taking shape nicely with another 75+ label scans (thanks Matty J!) plus around 20 more sound samples added over the last few days.

If anyone can help with the missing label scans and more importantly Jamaican label scans of any of the Bullet releases then please get in touch.

December 29, 2009, at 3:35 pm

DanceCrasher updates – 3 in 1

There has been lots going on with DanceCrasher over the last week or two.

The Pama discographies have been extended with the Bullet label being added, there are still a load of label scans and sound samples to go on but these will be added over time. The Unity discography has now had all the sound samples added except King Cannon – Five Card Stud (UN517B) which may or may not exist. There are … continue reading…

December 18, 2009, at 11:55 am

New DanceCrasher layout

The layout on this site is currently being changed. It’s not complete so there are a few odd things going on at the moment but this should all be sorted within the next couple of days.