Black Music magazine – front covers

First there was Blues & Soul, later there was Black Echoes, between the two came Black Music and with it some of the finest and consistent Reggae journalism of the early 1970’s courtesy of one man, Carl Gayle.

From its first issue in December 1973 the monthly Black Music, though dominated by coverage of Soul music in all it’s forms, became the first UK magazine to take more than a token interest in Reggae Music. Here we present, in all their glory, the front covers of the magazine that featured Reggae artists between December 1973 and the end of 1976, plus a few from ’79 and the early 80’s.

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  • Dylan Godfrey


    Can anyone point me in the direction of where I could find stored copies of Black Music somewhere in the UK? Or if there is anywhere online that has scanned copies?


    • Bernard Jennings


      I have a fairly full set of BMJRs but am not looking to sell them. I live in Reading and would be happy to make them available to you. What sort of project are you working on?


      • Michael Beer

        Hey Bernard,

        I was wondering if you would be able to make these available for myself also, I am at the University of Manchester and in the process of writing my dissertation on the influence of Reggae on British society. I cannot stress how helpful these magazines would be to my work.

        Please get back to me when you have the opportunity,

        Thanks, Mike

      • Helmut

        Hi Bernard,

        for an investigation I am urgently looking for the issue with Carl Gayle interviewing King Tubby, think it was February 1976. If you don’t want to leave the issue, a scan of that article would also be helpful.

        Thanks, Helmut

      • Jack Rennie

        Hi Bernard

        I am aware this comment was posted 3 years ago, But I local to Reading and I am currently writing a dissertation very similar to the commenter here. If you receive this message, I would be forever in your debt if I could have access to your collection for just a few hours one afternoon soon?

        Very much hoping to here from you soon

        Many thanks


  • @Bernard @Everyone. We are the management company (Koffe an Kreem) for Kofi (ex Brown Sugar). We have set up the Wiki entries for both and are desperately looking for source references, articles, chart images, awards, photos, etc. for both Kofi and Brown Sugar.
    But.. any information, etc. you could find and scan would be great. Contact info is on our website. Thanks in advance.

  • Robert B

    I shave a number of copies available from 1974 – 1976 – 24 in all – which I am looking to sell. Feel free to contact me if anyone is interested

    • Helmut

      @Robert B.
      What about the issue with the Tubby interview by Carl Gayle? If you have that one and want to sell a single issue, let me know.

    • Steve.R

      @Robert B

      I would be interested in purchasing your magazines

      • Robert B

        I have the following available: 1974 – February, March, May and July
        1975 – March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December
        1976 – January, February, March April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December
        1977 – January and February

    • Allison Cadogan

      Hi Robert, I did an interview with Carl Gayle in 1974 and i think it wasfor Black Music and I was on the cover but not sure which one…I have a copy of the picture…do you know anything about it?..I think it was Black Music…not sure…Thanks for your help

      • Robert B

        Hi Allison Cadogan – what do you want to know?

        • Allison Cadogan

          Oh sorry Robert, I am Susan Cadogan and i wondered if you knew which magazine contains the interview that I did with Carl Gayle…I was trying to locate a copy of it and am not sure which one it was in but it was sometime in 1974 and had pull out poster of me……Thanks!

    • Robert Berry

      Hi Robert. I was in a group called The Afro Dimension. We won the contest in London around 1976 and we were put on the cover. Do you have that copy?

    • wynmarie sugden

      with trepidation and crossed fingers i wonder if you still have black music mags for sale.i have been searching the internet for ages.thank you wyn

  • Robert B

    Helmut, I do have the Feb 1976 issue, but no sign of the interview you are looking for, sorry!

  • Helmut

    Robert, thanks for your answer. Seems like I got some wrong informations. But I’m sure there is an issue with Carl Gayle interviewing King Tubby, maybe you can find out. Would be a great help. Best, Helmut

  • Robert B

    I now posted a lot of 28 isues of Black Music on eBay – magazines are located in The Netherlands

  • Allison Cadogan

    Hi again Robrt…sorry!! you must wonder who I am!!…hahaha..I am Susan Cadogan…he interviewed me at Scratch Perry’s studio in Jamaica

  • Sue

    I’ve got a whole black bag full of pristine Black Music, Blues and Soul etc from the 70s through to early 80s. Are they worth anything ? Ex husband doesn’t want them anymore so there they sit up in the loft.

  • Bren

    I have copies from 1, with about 69 of them. There are all in great condition and been boxed up for the last 20 or so years.
    Looking to sell

  • doug herzog

    anyone selling back issues?

  • Dave Brown

    Have 200 copies of Black Echoes newspaper/magazine on e-bay for sale. to end on Wednesday this week 01/10/2014 if of any interest to anyone.

  • Dave Brown

    86 editions of Black Music on E-bay to end on 16/10/14 Hope of interest.

  • wynmarie sugden

    i am interested in buying copies of black music please..especially 1974..
    i had all my copies stored , unfortunately they were destroyed when the roof of my garage leaked and i didn’t realize till it was too late to save them..they cover all my years of concerts and allnighters and i would love to get them back. if any one can help please e-mail me.

  • Chris May

    I edited BM&JR from 1979 until its closure in 1984. I no longer possess any issues (long story). Does anyone have a complete set I could acquire?

    Best – Chris May

  • Guess no one ever scanned the complete BM catalog and posted an archive digitally? I would purchase a CD-ROM or downlaoad a paid file to reread it on my rablet. I used to await every first week of the month to buy an issue at a newsstand in New York all through high school and college.

    Blessings and gratitude to all. Brian Chin, Brooklyn, NY

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