September 4, 2017, at 7:51 am

Sufferer/Dancing Down Orange Street CD Releases

Another two fine CD reissues from Doctor Bird, part of the Cherry Red group. Due out on the 8 September 2017:

The Kingstonians – Sufferer

The classic LP complete as first released in 1970 together with 12 additional cuts on one CD. These are either recordings by the Kingstonians or instrumental versions of tracks from their LP by the Crystalites.

This is packaged with the original sleeve, front and back on the booklet. There are sleeve notes by Laurence Cane-Honeysett, illustrated with a great selection of original label and sleeve pictures.

Original Album
1. Your Love
2. Singer Man
3. Sufferer
4. Hold Down
5. I’ll Be Around
6. Winey Winey (Reggae)
7. The Clip
8. Rumble Rumble
9. Come We Go Moonwalk
10. Complicated Scene
11. Easy Ride Reggae
12. Nice Nice

Bonus Tracks
13. Kiss a Little Finger – Kingstonians
14. Undertaker’s Burial (Singer Man) – Crystalites
15. Splash Down (Sufferer) – Crystalites
16. Sic Him Rover (Hold Down) – Crystalites
17. Right from Wrong – Kingstonians
18. The Bad (Winey Winey) – Crystalites
19. Musical Madness (The Clip) – Crystalites
20. Rumble Version 2 (Rumble Rumble) – Crystalites
21. Barefoot Brigade (Nice Nice) – Crystalites
22. Out There – Kingstonians
23. Out There Version II – Crystalites
24. Version from 3 – Kingstonians (Medley of Sufferer, Winey Winey and Singer Man)

Various Artists – Dancing Down Orange Street

First issued in 1969 on Trojan’s High Note subsidiary Dancing Down Orange Street collected Sonia Pottinger productions most of which had been released on the Doctor Bird and High Note labels in the UK.

It is released here with 13 additional tracks, again all Sonia Pottinger productions and all originally released on High Note 7″s in the UK. This is well packaged with sleeve notes by Andy Lambourn and Marc Griffiths in a booklet full of label images and artist photos.

Original Album
1. That’s Life – Delano Stewart
2. Somewhere – Ken Boothe
3. Heartaches – The Melodians
4. Tell Me Baby – Delano Stewart
5. It Hurts (Instr.) – The Soul Rhythms
6. Lady With The Starlight – Ken Boothe
7. Look Pon You – The Conquerors
8. Live Good – Ken Boothe
9. All For One (If I’m In A Corner) – The Afrotones
10. Put Yourself In My Place (Instr.) – The Soul Rhythms
11. Lonely – The Melodians
12. I’m The One Who Loves You – Delroy Wilson

Bonus Tracks
13. It Hurts (I’ve Been Hurt) – Delroy Wilson
14. Rocking Sensations – Delano Stewart
15. We Were Lovers – Patsy
16. Round Seven – The Soul Rhythms
17. If You Can’t Beat Them Join Them – The Conquerors
18. Let’s Have Some Fun – Delano Stewart
19. Mary Mary – The Beltones
20. Put Yourself In My Place – Delroy Wilson
21. Give Me A Chance – Delano Stewart & Patsy
22. National Lottery – The Soul Rhythms
23. Anywhere You Want To Go – The Conquerors
24. Going Away – The Beltones
25. Dance With Me – Delano Stewart

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