March 17, 2013, at 7:08 pm


Pressure Sounds have been releasing an increasing number of vinyl singles in recent years. They tend to pick more obscure titles and the quality is always superb so it’s always worth investigating when they have something new out. Their latest offering are four 7″ featuring Clancy Eccles productions.

  • Hemsley Morris – Stay Loose/Joe Higgs – Don’t Mind Me
    A scorching double sider with a top quality rocksteady tune by Hemsley Morris and an equally fine early reggae side by Joe Higgs alongside Roy Wilson (Wilson isn’t credited on the label for some reason). This is presented on a nice reproduction of the original New Beat label (Clancy Eccles Jamaican version not the UK Pama one).

  • The Dynamites – Reggaedelic/Version
    The first of three instrumental releases. Reggaedelic was first issued in 1970, the rhythm is perhaps better know for King Stitt’s cut Lick It Back though this instrumental cut is better. All three instrumental singles have been matched with the dub sides that were originally issued on The Sound System International Dub LP (reissued on Pressure Sounds a few years ago) the dub of Reggaedelic was originally titled Joe.

  • The Dynamites – Nyah Rock/Version
    A great instrumental with a fine organ lead. The version side was originally titled Dub Star.

  • The Dynamites – Red Moon/Version
    A Winston Wright lead organ instrumental, possibly the weakest of the three instrumentals though the dub is great. These three singles are pressed with reproduction Dynamite labels, this particular label design was very short lived first time round with only one release back in 1970.

1 comment to Reggaedelic!

  • jack_of_my_trade

    I do rate “Lick it back” by King Stitt higher than this straight “Reggaedelic” instrumental which is a bit boring IMO. Can’t argue about taste though.

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