January 10, 2012, at 10:50 am

Trojan Corporation

Due out at the end of this monthClaudette And The Corporation - Hot Bread And Butter on a Trojan limited edition 7″ single are two previously unreleased UK productions from around 1970 on a facsimile Grape label:

  • Claudette And The Corporation – Hot Bread And Butter/Ashes To Ashes

Hot Bread And Butter

Claudette And The Corporation are best known for Skinheads A Bash Dem which is probably more popular for it’s title than the quality of the music. These two sides are no Studio One classics either but as examples of UK styles of that era they are pretty impressive.

Hot Bread And Butter is standard funky reggae fair with an uncomplicated horn line that sounds more like a passing express train.

Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes has stabbing organ and more involved horns over a bass line that is a slower than most UK productions of this era. The somewhat curious chatted lyric revolves around a funeral service in Brixton Market.

As with all of the current limited edition Trojan singles this is well pressed on heavy duty vinyl, it retails for £7.99 on the Trojan website and is released on 30 January (though you can pre-order now).

4 comments to Trojan Corporation

  • Art

    Was ‘Skinhead A Bash Dem’ anti or pro ‘Paki-Bashing’..?

  • admin

    Hi Art. Personally I wouldn’t have said the lyrics are that clear, to my mind they are just commenting on it rather that supporting or condemning but I’m sure others would disagree! Either way it’s a pretty rubbish tune.

  • Greg

    @admin: Rubbish tune??? Are you serious? In my opinion, it’s one of the brilliant ska songs at the time.

  • justdontknowwhy

    Greg: I can see from your comment and mentioning the music genre that you do not have a deep knowledge of what is ska and what is early reggae….

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