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Tighten Up – Natty Frontline meets Ras Digby – listen « DanceCrasher
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    July 12, 2011, at 4:04 pm

    Tighten Up – Natty Frontline meets Ras Digby – listen

    Update due to the new server space I’ve now updated this with streaming versions of the three music files.

    Natty Frontline meets Ras DigbyIt’s taken a while to sort this one out but here by popular demand is the audio for the May 2011 Tighten Up with Ras Digby and Natty Frontline.

    This was a heavy duty pure dubplate session with both soundmen pulling out all the stops. There is a tiny bit of hiss on the recording but it won’t spoil your enjoyment.

    Part 1 – Download

    Part 2 – Download

    Part 3 – Download

    Thanks to Plattsie for the photo.

    12 comments to Tighten Up – Natty Frontline meets Ras Digby – listen

    • Mick, Dublin

      Many thanks Tim, have been waiting in anticipation for this and sounds don’t disappoint. Listening to part 1 and those studio 1 instrumentals are great + the flute version to Door Peeper, top class

    • Great stuff Tim, what a night of tunes that was. Thanks for putting the recording up.

    • Dave Home

      Thanks for uploading Tim. It sounded like a really great session.

    • Tim P

      Now updated with streaming versions of the files in case you don’t want to download – enjoy!

    • plattsie

      superb that you had to forsight to record this tim. still cant get enough of it. does anyone know what the tune is at 39.05 on part 2 (where were you…..). i think i should know…but i dont. anyone???

    • Jerry Perilous

      Many thanks for this one tim,i was away when the session happened and been waiting for this with baited breath!!

    • ras digby

      Nice one Tim bless to the Tighten up crew Big respect to listening massive for the support and comments
      looking fwd to the next one Bless PS We had Champian working his ***** off HISTORY

    • dj friendly

      yo, could we have some working links please? really need this and all i get it is babylon enforcers. bless

      • admin

        not sure if I’ve still got the original files! I’ll put them up if I can find them.

        • timekeeper

          Yo Tim,

          hit me up if you can´t find the files. i´ve still got them on my portable mp3 thingy and they still are on heavy rotation!!

          btw. when´s part 2 of this night coming? tell me early, need to book the flight

    • MickH

      Smashing stuff, only heard part 1 last year and nuff different versions there, part 2 is great and listening to part 3 now, what a night it must have been

    • ras digby

      When is the part two taking PLace? You missed this show you might never get another session like this ever only Tighten up could of got this show from us out of respect to Tim P Steve & Champian.

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