February 15, 2011, at 10:18 pm

The 100 greatest Rocksteady tunes #21

Little Things – Hemsley Morris (Phil Pratt Production)

A delicate haunting vocal that seems absolutely perfect for the rhythm. Apparently Phil Pratt is providing the harmonies on this but it’s definitely the Hemsley Morris show. The lyrics are based on Kitty Kallen’s 1954 pop hit Little Things Mean A Lot though they are far from identical and this is alot more than a cover version.

Producer Phil Pratt had a link with Ken Lack of Caltone fame back in the Rocksteady era and the pair both used the Jontom label for releases (named after Johnny Moore and Tommy McCook) but in Jamaica Little Things only saw release on a blank, the UK issue, as shown, came on Jolly.

Little Things is available on a seven inch issued by Phil Pratt on his Sunshot label and on the Pressure Sounds compilation Safe Travel: The Rare Side Of Rocksteady.

[wpaudio url=”http://www.dancecrasher.co.uk/rs100/littlethings.mp3″ text=”Little Things” dl=”0″]

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