June 18, 2011, at 9:03 am

More Merritone

Merritone - Roland Alphonso - Sai PanDubstore have just confirmed the next five singles to be released from the Merritone series:

  • Tomorrow’s Children – Bang Bang Rock Steady / Rain (Rock Steady)
    Bang Bang has been in demand for quite sometime mostly due to the novelty value as it’s a cover of Cher’s 1966 hit (sung by Nancy Sinatra in the film Kill Bill)
  • Henry Buckley – Beware Of All Those Rude Boys / If I Am Right
    A fairly typical circa 1966 rude boy tune (and there’s nothing wrong with that).
  • Federal (Merritone) - Roland Alphonso - How Soon Part 2

  • Roland Alphonso – How Soon / How Soon Part 2
    This sounds like two different mixes of the same recording (but are apparently different takes). The B side label on this release is a late 60’s/early 70’s Federal one and not Merritone.
  • Roland Alphonso – Sai Pan / Black Brothers – Born To Rule
    Sai Pan is a fine late Ska instrumental but the real gem is the Black Brothers vocal, inexplicably hidden away on the flip side.
  • Ethiopians(?) – You Got To Be Clean / Miss Nora
    There is no evidence of Leonard Dillon on these tunes so it’s unclear where the Ethiopians credit comes from. Nice vocals and great rhythms all the same though.

The release date is 27 June. Expect to pay up to £10 per single – not cheap but the quality is generally very good.

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