March 21, 2011, at 12:03 am

Dub Store Jammy's

Dub Store reissue another seven classic Jammy’s digital productions on 7″ at the end of May. There are some real classics coming, this series just gets better and better:

  • Echo Minott – I Am Back/Version

  • Pad Anthony – Dangerous System/Version

  • Admiral Tibet – Running From Reality/Version

  • Gregory Isaacs – The Ruler/Version

  • Sugar Minott – Conscious Lover/Pad Anthony – By Show Down

  • Conroy Smith – Sugar Me/Version

  • Little John – Come Do It To Me/Version

2 comments to Dub Store Jammy's

  • Sir Mango

    … at the end of march (28th of march) the new Jammy’s come out if I’m correct. Really great releases indeed.

  • James

    These releases look so good, I would love to have a handfull but is there anywhere they can be bought for a “reasonable” price. I understand the quality of these releases is great but it’s anothing thing paying the price of an LP for a 7″…

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