February 23, 2010, at 9:35 pm

Woofah styles

WoofahWoofah magazine number four has just come out after over a year in the making. This time around it’s a hefty 92 pages long with a fine variety of features in their chosen genres of reggae, grime and dubstep.

I’m hardly qualified to comment on any dupstep or grime content so I’ll leave that to those that understand such things. On the reggae front there is:

A fine feature on the dub poet Michael Smith with input from Linton Kwesi Johnson and Dennis Bovell.

An informative interview with Joe Ariwa and Young Warrior, the sons of Mad Professor and Jah Shaka respectively and both active in the music in their own right, the issues around accusations of trading in their fathers names are particularly well addressed.

There is an interview with Ron Vester who took photo’s in Jamaica for many years, particularly at Studio One and he has some fine tales to tell – his picture of Ninja Man with the baby rabbits is quite possibly the greatest ever portrait of a Jamaican artist…period.

Bristol’s dub men Dubkasm get an interview, as does YT. The mighty Tim Wells contributes a poem about Eek A Mouse and Wayne Marshall of wayneandwax.com has an article about reggae and outaspace which I haven’t actually got my head round yet, this certainly has a more academic feel than the other features/interviews and seems to be concerned about aliens with dreadlocks(!). There is also a feature about the history of dub cutting studio’s in the UK that is a really nice introduction but sadly doesn’t get as deeply into the subject as it might have (though in fairness the writer says as much in the article).

All told this is a quality publication and well worth the £4.00 it costs if you buy it directly from the Woofah website. Move fast if you want one though, this edition is limited to 1,000 copies so is pretty much guaranteed to sell out like the previous three issues.

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