January 25, 2010, at 10:27 pm

A chat with Steve Barrow Pt 2.

I recently gave a mention to the first part of an interview with Steve Barrow on Bigmikeydread Reggaeradio. Part 2 is up now and if anything is even better than part 1.


6 comments to A chat with Steve Barrow Pt 2.

  • Lesha

    Is it any chance for transcript of this chats?

  • bmd

    Lesha, hi I’m Mike the guy who did these interviews, I thought about transcribing them, but have put that idea aside, just not enough time in my life to do it. However anyone is of course welcome to do exactly that and I’d be all the help I could.


  • Tim P

    I think it would be a good idea bmd – I could help and host it if your interested?

  • bmd

    Hi Tim, I’d be very interested in seeing them transcribed, just not in doing the work myself. It’s only that I am so busy with stuff, I’ve got shows coming up to do with Steve gain, the possibility in the offing of doing something similar with Penny Reel and I hope Dave Home, plus the shows I already do, the websites I’m designing and the blog I’ve just started regarding wider musical interests. It’s all mad, plus the 2 year old, the wifey and the lack of a job at the moment. . . (as you know, ’cause you’re doing similar)
    If I can help then I can send a DVD of the shows, but I just can’t spend the time doing the transcribing. Anyone else who wants to put in the time is very free to do so thought. There is nearly 4 hours of chat, so the transcription I can’t imagine how long that would take, it would certainly be a big job. I’d be happy for you to havem hosted at D’Crasher, as you know you were my original inspiration!

  • Tim P

    Nice one bmd I’ll be in touch…

  • bmd

    Tim, have sent PM back to you a C Mouth, call me or e-mail whatever, and let’s chatty chatty mouth nicodemus…

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