August 22, 2010, at 11:46 am

Seven more days on ebay

Another seven days watching the goings on in the reggae vinyl sales sections on ebay.

Eastern MemphisPeople are strange, ebay is strange – whatever… Earlier this week a copy of the quality instrumental Eastern Memphis by the Wailers band sold for £60.99 ($95.00). There is nothing particularly strange about that, this is an indemand tune and the copy described as VG+ by it’s seller Kingtuney sounds very clean.


Kingtuney may be a little dissapointed though as the last copy to sell went for just short of £100 ($152.50). Admittedly this record was described as M- so there has to be an expectation of a higher price but £40.00 is still a significant jump. The price difference shouldn’t be surprising of course, at the end of the day in the earlier auction there just happened to be two bidders who were prepared to bid up a tune more. For all I know it may even have been the losing bidder in the first auction who had a result by getting the record significantly cheaper in the second (whoever said losing an auction is a bad thing!).

So sanity was just about maintained on the Eastern Memphis front. It was never going to last though and we are firmly on funny farm territory when we consider the copy sold by Bob Brooks for Steve Barrow a couple of months ago. I discussed the Bob/Steve factor on this column a couple of weeks ago but this one takes the biscuit. Their copy of Eastern Memphis (described as EX+) sold for a whopping £421.54 ($623), good luck to Steve and Bob but this is just NUTS! If I could get that kind of mark up on my records I’d sell them all tomorrow.
Soul Brothers
A bit of a mystery tune with a big sale price this week was a Studio One blank from 1966. The seller, Earl of best*ones from Jamaica didn’t know the A side title and to be honest no one else is 100% sure either. The artists are undoubtedly the Soul Brothers but the title has not been possitively identified, the best guesses are Warlord or possibly Eastman Ska. The other side is You Were Wrong by Anthony Ellis.

This is a quality double sider with Warlord/Eastman Ska being a lovely if slightly overblown late ska instrumental. It’s also very very rare and the kind of tune that will get the big time, money no object, collectors sitting up and taking notice. All things considered it’s not surprising this record went for big money though the finishing price of just over £1300 ($2025) was still nothing less than staggering.


Thanks to Mark Harris, Steve The Hat and the people on the Pama forum for details about Warlord/Eastman Ska.

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