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Rythem (sic) Killer! « DanceCrasher
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    December 10, 2010, at 8:34 am

    Rythem (sic) Killer!

    Garnett SilkJust out from Digikiller on 7″ vinyl, four tunes from the Rythem Track camp. Three from the mid 80’s and the final one, the indemand Every Knee Shall Bow by Garnett Silk originally from 1997. All come on a facsimile of the original Rythem Track label (though the Garnett Silk originally came on the 2-Hyped label).

    Tony Roach – Big Bout Yah/Big Bout Yah version

    Tony Roach – Entertainer/Entertainer version

    Anthony Selassie – Busy Body/Busy Body version

    Garnett Silk – Every Knee Shall Bow/Every Knee Shall Bow version

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