February 22, 2010, at 4:04 pm

Rewind & come again!

Here by special request is the recording of the last Rewind Mi Selectah! session on 30 January with guest selecta’s Professor Mark & Tiny T in the house. Sadly the mic wasn’t recorded but you’ll hear the tunes in top quality. These are download only I’m afraid as I’m stretching the bandwidth already this month.

Part 1 – with Mistah Brown on the decks around 30 minutes long.
Part 2 – with Professor Mark around an hour long.
Part 3 – The first half of Tiny T at the controls.
Part 4 – Tiny T part 2.

Special thanks to Stephen Taw who recorded the session – check his soundtapes.co.uk messageboard. And to Plattsie who helped out by dropping some great tunes earlier on – sadly this part of the night wasn’t recorded.

If you like what you hear then check Rewind Mi Selectah! this Saturday…

Rewind Mi Selectah!

5 comments to Rewind & come again!

  • Marni

    very nice, thanks. hope to come check you in London one day this year. One question, what is the 3rd tune in part 1(….Hip Hip Hooray… that sounds like Lovejoys)?

  • Mistah Brown

    Easy Marni – that tune is Penetrate by The Almighty Stones. Great record. Picked it up a few years back off DJ Stein (The System) but haven’t played it out that much. Can’t remember the label right now tho…

  • Mistah Brown

    Just had a bit more of a listen and I’m actually only playin for the first 20 mins after which Plattsie takes over with that killer horns ting so his set’s right on there for sure. Will have a proper listen later.

  • Tim P

    Thanks Mistah Brown – so Plattsie is on the recording after all! Excellent – I’ll let him know.

  • Marni

    Thanks M.B., found out I heard it on eBay before (and lost the bid). Did a little research: on the original issue (Welders 7″) they were named Mighty Artons. Only 50 copies were issued apparently. Then as The Almighty Stones on Hot Stuff. But what a bass.

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