May 9, 2010, at 8:52 am

In the Gleaner

There are a couple of intersting pieces in the Gleaner today:

First off Mel Cooke talks to U Roy about his early recordings for Duke Reid, how they came about and his dealings with the producer.
Check it.

Next the Gleaner reports on a court case between Clement Dodd Jnr on one side and his stepmother, Norma, sister Carol, on the other. The case related to his removal from Dodds 1987 will, Clement Jnr claimed this was malicious whereas the other two claimed Dodd Snr had done this on purpose.

The ruling was in Clement Junior’s favour and means he can now take a share of royalties and have a say on how the catalogue is managed and sold. Hopefully this resolution will mean that the excellent Studio One re-issue programms by Heartbeat and Soul Jazz can resume. Read the Gleaner article.

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