March 11, 2010, at 7:53 pm

Gimme African Love

In a welcome return to the Sleng Teng theme that’s undoubtedly going to run for the next few months Gold Shop Records have just put out another three Shinehead reissue singles on the African Love iimprint. The pick of the bunch being the mighty Know How Fe Chat on … (do I really have to say it?) …Sleng Teng.

Strangely enough these releases aren’t showing up on the Gold Shop web site but Deadly Dragon have got them so they’re definitely out and about.

  • ALM-7-012 Shinehead – Know How Fe Chat/African Love Sleng Teng
  • ALM-7-004 Shinehead – Who The Cap Fits/Version (Tempo)
  • ALM-7-007 Shinehead – Rough & Rugged/Version (Mad Mad)

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