October 9, 2010, at 6:02 pm

Studio First On Ebay

An almost regular look at the last seven days of reggae vinyl sales on ebay returns after a couple of weeks off.

Studio One has always been a difficult one. Though rightly popular it’s a mine field for people chasing down original tunes due to the myriad of different Jamaican labels and the very variable sound quality. 60’s UK issues on Coxsone/Studio One are always in demand as are early 70’s Bamboo and Banana issues, generally speaking (though not always!) the sound quality is reliable on these issues and it’s hard not to love those classic label designs.

GayladsGaylads – Sunshine Is Golden (UK Coxsone LP) A very hard to find release on the orginal UK issue and one that is always going to command a good price. An EX copy sold for around £200 last year so to see a copy described as VG go for £332.99 ($531) was still a surprise (though this may well have been undergraded and perhaps the bidders could see that).

Also from the same seller another nice UK blue label Coxsone; Rocksteady Coxsone Style. This isn’t as rare as the Gaylads LP and has been reissued fairly consistently over the years but it’s still an indemand release.

The seller graded the vinyl VG+ but in reggae terms it sounds like they could have made it EX and the sleeve grading of G- seems very low. A G- sleeve in reggae terms would usually be a postage stamp sized scrap of paper that looks like it had gone through a hurricane or two. This particular one is much better than that and VG- would have probably been fair. Again £157.36 ($251.19) was a little higher than you might have expected so it looks like the bidders could see the possible undergrading once again.

Bamboo LPUK releases on the Bamboo label don’t command as high prices as the earlier Coxsone and Studio One releases but they are still sought after and more than one can still fetch a high price. Natural Reggae Volume II collects some classic Studio One tunes from around 1970 and is a lovely release. Unfortunately Carlos spotted this one and wrecked the auction using the fake ID bladylan. There was a +4 feedback for this ID but only because ebay has bizarrely stopped sellers leaving negative feedback. The “positive” feedback from sellers took the form of entries like “FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE GET A LIFE TWAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and similar compliments, so you get the idea. With the fake bids this was pushed up to £89 ($142) but it’s currently re-listed.

Jamaican seller Best*Ones AKA Earl had some stunning Studio One rocksteady blanks on auction last week, he often has some of the best tunes to come up on ebay but he knows it too and the starting prices can be heafty. Considering the rarity it’s no surprise that these sell well though it’s a bit of a surprise that the condition didn’t put more people off. In common with more than one other reggae seller Earl’s grade are always a little optimistic, you have to listen to the sound samples to get a proper idea of the condition.

Peter Austin & Dudley Sibley – Hole In Your Soul/Zoot Simms – Tim O. Graded at EX and fetching £174 ($278)
Invaders – Soulful Music/Jackie Mittoo – Happy Organ. Graded EX- £351 ($561) …wow.
The Octaves – The Battle/Heptones – Promises. Earl couldn’t identify the A side on this but it still made £200 ($320) so someone knew what it was! Graded as EX-.
Kingstonians – I Make You A Woman/Basses – I Don’t Mind Graded Ex-/VG+ £219 ($350)
Enforcers – Forgive Me Girl/Jeff Dixon – Tickle Me. EX- £126 ($202)
Slim Smith – The New Boss/I’ve Got Your Number. EX £88 ($141)

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