September 4, 2010, at 1:55 pm

Absolutely Pressure Sounds

Coming soon from Pressure Sounds is a CD/Vinyl LP compilation of Bunny Lee produced sides from perhaps the greatest rocksteady vocal group of them all, the Uniques. Some dozen years ago Pressure Sounds released a Uniques compilation called Watch This Sound. This new collection treads similar ground but with significant changes to the track listing. Given that the old compilation is now deleted they’d have been forgiven if they’d stuck it out again with very few changes anyway, but a fresh look at this material is more than welcome.

The Vinyl version will come with a screen printed cover which sounds very cool.

Pressure SoundsTracklist:
1. Give Me A Love
2. You Lied To Me
3. Let’s Get Together (not on LP)
4. Stand Up And Fight
5. People Rock Steady
6. Facts Of Life
7. This Feeling
8. Trying Hard To Find A Home
9. Blinded By Love (not on LP)
10. You Don’t Care (You’ll Want Me Back)
11. I’m Lost
12. Love & Devotion
13. Let Me Go Girl
14. I’ll Let You Go (Let Me Go Boy) – Dawn Penn
15. Where Do I Turn
16. Have Pity On Me (not on LP)
17. Build My World
18. The Beatitude (Version Two) (not on LP)

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