October 4, 2010, at 5:40 pm

A Trojan Pepper Pot

Trojan records have just released a second limited edition vinyl 7″ single, though the limited run of just 250 is beginning to look increasingly unrealistic as this one sold out in a matter of a few days. This release, on a facsimilie orange Randy’s label, paired Count Matchuki & Randy’s All Stars – Pepper Seed with the (apparently) previously unreleased Lick It Back by Winston Samuels, both originally recorded at Randy’s by Clive Chin circa 1969.

Samuels had been a name in the ska era recording many tunes for Lyndon Pottinger, by ’69 his career seems to have been pretty much over. His voice sounds OK here but lyrically it’s weak and more than a little cliched. Pepper Pot is a different matter altogether and is a early reggae tour de force with a fine hammond organ and skat vocals by the legendary foundation deejay Count Matchuki.

This was released in a 70’s style Trojan printed bag on heavyweight vinyl and is very well mastered. It is a bit of a mystery why Trojan would go to so much trouble on such a limited run and even if they were to double the pressing to 500 copies it looks like they’d sell out in a short enough period… so sort it out Trojan.

Count Matchuki – Pepper Pot

Winston Samuels – Lick It Back

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  • steve

    Not the first time Pepper Pot has been re-issued, at least not here in the UK – I have a facsimile Randy’s issue of this from about 10 yrs ago (?) with a great Jackie Mittoo version – ‘Walking Trouble’ – on the B-side. Like you though, I’m puzzled at such a short pressing run, especially given the popularity of this ‘Skinhead’ genre. I wonder if Carlos will be getting himself a copy?

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