April 26, 2010, at 10:30 am

A rocksteady style: Jump And Shout

So here is another old mix from my old podomatic site. This is called Jump And Shout. As I said in Feb 2007 when this first appeared: A Rocksteady mix focussing mainly on the later period circa 1968 just as the music was turning into Reggae.

Jump And Shout by Tim Dancecrasher on Mixcloud

Jump And ShoutWho Will She Be – Barry York (UK Crab – Derrick Harriott prod.)
Our Man Flint – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics (UK Treasure Isle – Duke Reid prod.)
Jump And Shout – Andersons All Stars (UK Blue Cat – Gladstone Anderson prod.)
Facts Of Life – Slim Smith & Roy Shirley (UK Camel – Bunny Lee prod.)
Fire Fire – Wailers (Wail N Soul M blank – Wailers prod.)
Mary Poppins – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics (Treasure Isle – Duke Reid prod.)
While I Was Walking – Roman Stewart (UK Fab – George Murphy prod.)
If We Should Ever Meet – Stranger Cole (UK Unity – Stranger Cole prod.)
Double Action – Beverley’s All Stars (UK Pyramid – Leslie Kong prod.)
Tonight – Alton Ellis (UK Nu Beat – C.Bough prod.)
Yield Not To Temptation – Maurice Johnson (Blank – G.Murphy prod?)
James Ray – The Crystalites (UK Island – Derrick Harriot prod.)
On The Town – Bunny And Ruddy (UK Nu Beat Blank – Bobby Kalphat prod.)
Born To Love You – Derrick Harriot (Blank – Derrick Harriott prod.)
Alfred Hitchcock – The Crystalites (Blank – Derrick Harriott prod.)
I Mean It – West Indians (UK Doctor Bird – JJ Johnson prod.)
Love Is A Treasure – Freddy McKay (UK Duke – Duke Reid prod.)
Love Is A Treasure – Lizzy And Freddie McKay (UK Duke – Duke Reid prod.)

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  • milky

    lovely mix my friend, if any one no about a music den listen up .if ur young den listen up and no were it a com from..SEEN!!!!!RESPEK TIGHTUN UP CREW….. comin from an old brixton soldier.. easy!!!!!!

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