November 6, 2010, at 5:25 pm

A Dub Irator and some Leggo Sounds

Digikiller have come through wth a mixed bag of vinyl re-issues.

First up is a double side 12″ on the Dub Irator label from Hyman “Jah Life” Wright, pairing a 1991 Scion Success cut with a mid 80’s Jug Head tune:

  • DKR027 – Scion Success – Jah Is My Hero/Dub B/W Jug Head – Joyce Gone / Dub

    Scion Success

    Jug Head

Also out now are a couple of 7″s and a 12″s on the Leggo Sounds imprint. On 12″ an 80’s Dave Robinson cut on Tempo, and on 7″ a couple of late 70’s classics from the Jewels:

  • DKR-010 – Dave Robinson – Have To Go Thru/ Vex Version 12″
  • DKR-028 – Jewels – Love And Livity/Dub 7″
  • DKR-029 – Jewels – Slave Trade/ Dub 7″

1 comment to A Dub Irator and some Leggo Sounds

  • Peter Simmons

    Thanks for the heads up on Love and Livity. his is one of them I’ve had on tape for years but couldn’t justify (to the Mrs) paying £30 plus for. Order now placed with Dub Vendor 🙂

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