January 30, 2010, at 3:26 pm

60's to 80's sevens

Coals to Newcastle style, three Lesley Kong titles have recently been pressed up on an exact copy of the old UK Pyramid label in Jamaica, I don’t know the source of these so I’ve no idea if they are legit or not. There is some nice Rocksteady either way, pick of the bunch being a couple of tough instrumentals from Roland Alphonso. All three presses have the same A and B sides as the original Pyramid issues.

  • Derrick Morgan – “Want More”/Roland Alphonso & Beverley All Stars – “Goodnight My Love”
  • Roland Alphonso & The Beverley”s All Stars – “Sock It To Me”/The Spanishtonians – “Rudie Gets Plenty”
  • Desmond Dekker & The Aces – “Unity”/Austin Faithful & The Hippies – “Ain’t That Peculiar”

Meanwhile over in New York the people at Deadly Dragon have done some business with Bunny Lee and the result is a couple of nice 7″s on the Striker Lee label featuring Simple Simon.

  • Simple Simon – Hey Bad Boy/Christopher Columbus
  • Simple Simon – Revolution Fighter/Version

All three tunes are tough though I was under the impression that Christopher Columbus was cut for Channel One (it came out on Hitbound), maybe this is a next cut or it was pressed by Channel One for Bunny?

Last but definitely not least two 12″ of crucial mid 80’s Mikey Jarrett productions all on the same rhythm from the Digikiller crew, also out of New York. The Madoo on this is previously unreleased. Digikiller are relative unknowns but they are steadily building up a catalouge of quite superb re-issues so don’t sleep on their stuff.

  • Scion Success – Settle Them a Settle / Dub B/W Madoo – Lose Respect / Dub
  • Kevin ‘Skie’ Warrington – It a Road Block / Road Block Dub B/W Mikey Jarrett – Vicey Verse / Satta George – Watch The Woman Them a Fight Fe Man


Scion Success:

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  • Simple Simon cut Christopher Columbus twice both times on full up! First one was for Hit Bound and then for the LP he did for Striker. If you notice, the riddim is a bit more digital than the Hit Bound edition.

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