March 5, 2009, at 11:38 pm

Watch These Sounds at Tighten Up

To celebrate the return of Tighten Up this Saturday I thought I’d put up one of the most popular mixes I previously featured on the podomatic site. Enjoy.

Watch These Sounds – a third Rocksteady mix
Rocksteady turns Reggae circa 1968

Watch These Sounds by Tim Dancecrasher on Mixcloud

Uniques – Beatitude (UK Island)
John Holt – I’ve Been Admiring You (UK Smash)
Junior Soul – Miss Cushie (UK Doctor Bird)
Pioneers – Pan Ya Machet (UK Amalgamated)
Lee Perry – People Funny Boy (UK Doctor Bird)
Sir Gibbs – People Grudgeful (UK Amalgamated)
Gaysters – One Look (Gayfeet pre)
Tartans – Lets have Some Fun (UK Nu Beat)
West Indians – Falling In Love (JJ pre)
Righteous Flames – Need To Be Loved (UK Fab)
Overtakers – Girl You Ruff (UK Amalgamated)
Glen Brown & Hopeton Lewis – Live Like A King (UK Fab)
Ernest Ranglin – Heart Beat (UK Pama)
Bunny & Ruddy – On The Town (UK Nu Beat pre)
Glen Adams – Dread Saras (Lee’s pre)
Slim Smith – I’m Lost (UK Pama Supreme)
Coolers – Birds Of The Air (UK Pama)
George Dekker – Treating Me Bad (Beverleys pre)
Ethiopians – Do It Sweet (UK Doctor Bird)
Uniques – Watch this Sound (UK trojan)
Lloyd Charmers – Follow This Sound (Tramp)
Slim Smith & Rupie Edwards All Stars – Success Pleasure (Success)
Lloyd Charmers – Oily Sound (Splash pre)

Tighten Up

3 comments to Watch These Sounds at Tighten Up

  • Robert

    Nice one Tim for this again, are the others lost or are you reposting them in time,
    I’d love to have copies of the Professor v Archie clash, let me know

  • Tim P

    Hi Robert

    I can’t get them back easily but it is possible so I’ll do this over time. I’ll have a look at the Keats Wine Bar clash. I never got all three parts to work on podomatic anyway so it’ll be worth a try. It’s a case of soon come at the moment…I’ll get there when I can.

  • Robert

    Hi Tim, Look forward to that, dealy session that Keats do, been after of the vocal to Glen Browns “tell it like it is” and Gene Rondo’s “someday” since hearing them on your podcast.
    many thanks for that mate

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