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    April 11, 2009, at 8:20 am

    U Roy Classics

    Out on the 21 April on Sound System Records is U Roy – Foundation Skank : 1971-1975 Rare Sides By The DJ Originator. A properly licensed release with some quality tunes from when U Roy was at the top of his game. This will be available on both CD and LP though the LP version has a number of tracks missing.

    U Roy - Foundation Skank Track list:
    1. Foundation Skank
    2. Foundation Version
    3. True Love
    4. Mr. Warner
    5. Nanny Skank
    6. Nanny Skank Version (CD only)
    7. Linger You Linger
    8. Real Cool
    9. Real Cool Version (CD only)
    10. Rhythm Train (CD only)
    11. The Other Half(extended version) (CD only)
    12. Cool Down Your Temper
    13. Creation Rebel (CD only)
    14. Love I Bring (extended version)
    15. Hudson Affair
    16. DJ Special (CD only)
    17. Call On I
    18. Dreamland Version (CD only)
    19. Never Get Away (extended version) (CD only)
    20. Down Deh
    21. Down Deh Version (CD only)

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