August 14, 2009, at 10:10 pm

Rocksteady with Sir Collins

The recent activity in the Sir Collins Down Beat camp is more than welcome. The only trick is going to be making sure that nothing is missed as publicity on this stuff seems to be a little limited. Anyway alongside some reissue LP’s available for download and apparently on vinyl too (more on those soon) there have recently been two 7″ released on the Collins Down Beat label:

  • CR013A C.C. Collins & Owen Gray – Still Of The Night/CR15A Owen Gray & Dudu – I Will Be Waiting
  • CR016A Owen Gray – Stand By Me /CR18A C.C. Collins & Owen Gray – Giddap

The catalogue numbers are consistent with missing numbers from the original 60’s series of Collins Down Beat labels (though it’s odd there is a different catalogue number for either side of the record) and these present themselves as apparently unreleased 60’s recordings. I can’t place the rhythms on the first release but CR16/CR18 are Music Field and Grab A Girl respectively. Stand By Me is pure quality and easily the strongest of the four tunes, Giddap is just eccentric and I’ll Be Waiting and Still Of The Night are both nice.

Owen Gray – Stand By Me

These were probably pressed in Japan and come with picture sleeves. I’ve no idea of the numbers pressed but copies seem to be drying up already so move while you can. The only draw back is the price which at £10 a shot is a little steep.

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  • I am just preparing a Collins Down Beat special for Radio Jamaica. Thanks for introducing the new Collins Downbeat 45s! Just a note:

    CR013A C.C. Collins & Owen Gray – Still Of The Night
    uses the backing track of Glen Adams´ “King Sized” (CR0010)

    CR15A Owen Gray & Dudu – I Will Be Waiting
    is another “Grab A Girl” cut I think.

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