April 27, 2009, at 9:07 am

Pressure/Treasure…Pleasure Dub

Next up from Pressure Sounds is a re-issue of the classic dub set Pleasure Dub. This was the third in the trilogy of Dub LP’s of Treasure Isle Rocksteady classics originally recorded by Tommy McCook and the Supersonics and then mixed/dubbed by Errol Brown. Unlike the other two LP’s Treasure Dub Vol 1 and 2 Pleasure Dub has not been re-issued since the first release. The image on the right is of the original sleeve however Pressure Sounds say they have retained this artwork for the new issue.

1. Tracking Dub
2. Love Dub
3. Dub With Strings
4. Lift Off
5. Ride De Dub
6. Rema Skank
7. Bond Street Rock
8. Many Questions
9. The Attorney
10. Silver Hour
11. Twilight Rock
12. Dreads Leaving Babylon

CD bonus tracks

13. Side Walk Doctor
14. I Shave The Barber
15. Barbering
16. Seven Eleven (7-11)
17. I See Your Face Version
18. Scrubit (featuring Lizzy)

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  • i had the lp back in the 70s and sold it out of ignorance. so glad it came back around on cd. the lagoon label released Treasure Dub 1 & 2 and this completes the trilogy. a hard to find work has resurrected for the world to enjoy. i will. thx, Lord Chris (musical savior)

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