January 22, 2009, at 1:17 pm

New York Dancehall

Its a given that Soul Jazz Records are kind of predictable in their eclectic approach to releases. Therefore it’s not exactly surprising that hot on the heels of the An England Story compilation (compiled by Heatwave) comes 100% Dynamite NYC at the end of February. Two CD’s of New York Dancehall and Hip hop crossovers and a classic garish Soul Jazz cover which manages to be both tacky and brilliant at the same time.

100% Dynamite NYCDisc 1
1. Don Dada – Super Cat
2. Know How Fe Chat – Shinehead
3. Rat – Super Cat
4. Hip Hop Mixes – Yankee B
5. Ring The Alarm – Fu-Schnickens
6. Informer – Born Jamericans
7. Style And Fashion – Jah Batta & Skitee
8. Mattress Jockey – Shaggy

Disc 2

1. Girls Fresh – Rayvon
2. Dem A Murderer – Red Fox
3. DJ De Yah – Ugly Man
4. Cuss Cuss – Roots Radics
5. Rough And Rugged – Shinehead
6. Zig Zag Stitch – Nikey Fungus
7. Love Woman So – Mad Lion
8. Texas Rumpus – Jamal-ski
9. Typewriter – Rankin, Louie

Check the review on the Fact website

6 comments to New York Dancehall

  • quality reviewing, that. 🙂

  • Gabriel

    given that an england story wasn’t a soul jazz origination… does that make this more or less predictable?

  • Tim P

    Hi Gabriel. Fair point (I’ve amended the text)though your compilation was of course released on Soul Jazz.

    Whilst they may well have done something like this anyway, after the England Story comp (and it’s popularity) it was a bit of a no brainer really. I should stress this is not meant as a criticism of Soul Jazz – there’s nothing wrong with the comp or the idea I’m just pointing out the connections.

    On a related point did you ever check out the UK Dancehall mix i done? I believe this slightly pre-dated your one that lead to England Story (not that I’m claiming any kind of credit or anything). I may put it up on this site soon as the podomatic page hardly every works due to bandwidth restrictions.

  • Tim P

    Nice one John… I was of course far too rude to point out that the first I heard of the CD was via the review linked through the mighty Uncarved blog.

  • hey tim

    I downloaded loads of your mixes from podomatic a couple of years ago including the uk dancehall one, really liked them all especially the rocksteady ones (my favourite reggae era) and the jammy’s and black scorpio selections.

    there’s so much uk dancehall (both vocals and productions) that is so good and still largely unknown beyond the uk reggae scene, it’d be great to have more compilations dedicated to that, all that brilliant fashion/montana stuff as well as mafia & fluxy, unity, uk bubblers etc. it’s a shame that there wasn’t space in an england story to include more tracks from that era, in a way I think we maybe ended up spreading things too thinly over 25 years on that.

    re: the NYC comp, it’s definitely a good move on SJ’s part, I guess I was a little miffed cos I was thinking of pitching them a similar thing! but like you say, it’s a definite no brainer after the england story one and it’s not like I can lay claim to the concept once it’s out in the open – or indeed before, given that similar mixes like yours and john eden/paul meme’s Lyric Maker (or Fashion’s Great British MCs) had explored the theme already!

  • While I am happy to see that there is a NY compilation like this, it also seems like the tunes that were selected kind of scrape the bottom of the barrel. I feel like they should have selected at least one vaugely underground Artist like Super C rather than having a bunch of Super Cat who was not, in fact, from NY. For that matter, neither was Born Jamericans (washington D.C.) or Uglyman.

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