March 25, 2009, at 12:33 pm

Keats Clash – Professor Vs Archie

Professor Mark Another refugee from the Dancecrasher podcasts on the useless podomatic site that never seems to work…

This revival clash took place in 2007 at Keats Wine Bar, Park Royal, North West London. It features Professor Mark from London and Archie from Wolverhampton. Maximum respect to Lepke for making this available through the Blood & Fire message board.

This has been posted by special request of Robert. Photo on the right is Professor Mark at Tighten Up.

Part 1: Download

Part 2: Download

Part 3: Download

1 comment to Keats Clash – Professor Vs Archie

  • Robert

    Cheers Tim you’re a star, made my night hearing this again, great clash, very entertaining and proper tunes for proper people
    Cool Runnings!

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