April 14, 2009, at 6:33 pm

Goodies Are The Greatest

Another old DanceCrasher mix is given a new lease of life. More rocksteady business with no general theme this time, just great tunes.

Goodies Are The Greatest by Tim Dancecrasher on Mixcloud

Carl Dawkins – Baby I Love You (UK Rio)
JJ All Stars – Cabbage Leaf (Blank)
Larry Marshall – The First Time I Met You Girl (Olive Blossom)
Pioneers – Goodies Are The Greatest (UK Blue Cat)
The Crystalites – Slippery (UK Explosion)
Prince Buster – Going To Ethiopia (Blank)
The Paragons – My Number One (Supertone)
Techniques(?) – Tell Me Baby (Blank)
Roy Shirley – Million Dollar Baby (UK Island)
Derrick Harriott – Walk The Streets (UK Island)
The Kingstonians – False Witness (UK Doctor Bird)
Lloyd And Glenn- You’ve Got Me Going (Blank)
The Fugitives – Cantelope Rock (UK Doctor Bird)
Tommorrow’s Children – Bang Bang Rocksteady (UK Island)

2 comments to Goodies Are The Greatest

  • Donald Gregory

    Great to hear a version of Baby I Love You. Will look out for Cabbage Leaf. Any other versions of this?

    Donald Gregory

  • Tim P

    Hi Donald

    There are no other versions of Baby I Love you as far as I know. My version of Cabbage Leaf is on the label illustrated – I’ve always liked the “Hard Rocksteady” comment on this.


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