March 26, 2009, at 7:04 am

Dancehall Sleeve art

from weareie There is an entertaining array of late 80’s and 90’s dancehall LP sleeves at the weareie blog.

When you’ve finished looking at the pictures you can read the funny squables in the comments section too.

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  • Peter Dalton

    Great stuff, for the most part at least! A few that deserve their place alongside these, in my opinion at least, include the following (all compilations/one riddim albums unless otherwise stated):

    Dance-Hall Fever! Volume One, Y&D
    Die Hard Pt. 1: Cutty Tanks & Tony Rebel, Penthouse
    Digital B Presents Kette Drum, Digital B
    Electrocutioner Phase 1, Jammy’s
    Ini Kamoze, Island
    Live & Love: Frankie Paul, Jammy’s
    Further East Volume 1, Jammy’s
    Mambo Taxi, Taxi
    Mercyles Bad Boy: Cobra, Sinbad Production
    Miss Ivy Last Son, Champion
    Momay Man Skank: Half Pint, Jammy’s
    Musical Confontation: Nitty Gritty & King King, Jammy’s
    Muslim, Xterminator
    Penthouse Cultural Center, Penthouse
    Propecy: Capleton, African Star
    Riding West, Jah Life
    Rough & Rugged: Shabba Ranks Vs Chaka Demus, Jammy’s
    Sara: Frankie Paul, Jammy’s
    Sin-Bada Then Them, Sinbad Production
    Top Temn Sound Clash, Uncle T
    Turbo Charged: Nitty Gritty, Jammy’s

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