October 12, 2009, at 10:22 am

A Musical Fever

Some great stuff to listen to:

First up RS Digital’s show of Supreme FM 99.8fm on Sunday night featuring a WIRL special. This show is all off the mastertapes with enough false starts and musical chatter. Only the second half of the show is featured below. I’ll add part one if it becomes available. Thanks to my good friend Dave Home for the recording and link and to Richie from Musical Fever for the heads up.


Next for some quality 60’s and 70’s mixes check Soulshake podcasts. There is some quality stuff here, an excellent mix of rare and well known tunes.

Check this sixties mix for example. The first tune Voodoo Moon by the Soul Brothers is a monster.


And for something different check Deadley Dragons recent digital special where they had Japanese selector DJ Hamatai on their show. There are some serious selections even if you can’t understand a word Hamatai says!


2 comments to A Musical Fever

  • Baudolino59

    From the fairly “Latin” sound of it, “Voodoo Moon” is probably a cover of the 1942 Enric Madriguera tune also known as “Enlloro”. He was a Latin American bandleader popular from about 1932-1950, and the tune was also recorded by Percy Faith.

  • toby

    cheers Dancecrasher crew for posting the Soul Shake show and promoting my page. big thanks.

    yes, Voodoo Moon is in a class by itself, no doubt

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