July 21, 2008, at 10:48 pm

The Universal take on Trojan

Tighten Up Vol 1Trojan Records under the ownership of Sanctuary lead a bit of a schizophrenic existance, some great and inspired reissues always vied for shelfspace with cheap and nasty box sets and compilations of the same old tunes by celebrity deejays that very few people had even heard of.

Since Trojan was bought by Universal a good few months ago there had been very few new re-issues from them until recently. In April there was a box of 7″ singles featuring the earliest releases on the Trojan label and in August comes a “Deluxe edition” re-issue of the first Tighten Up LP on double CD. This is kind of nice at it collects together the B sides of the original singles that went to make up the compilation and a load more similar tunes, 47 in total. there is nothing especially rare and a few week tunes look like they will disrupt the flow but all in all this promises to be a solid collection of rocksteady and early reggae.

We hope they remember to pay the royalties to all those involved.

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