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    January 26, 2008, at 3:14 am

    Peter Tosh sevens box

    Clive Chin is putting together a box set of late 60’s Peter Tosh singles with help from UK record dealer Bob Brooks from Reggae Revive. All will be Randy’s productions except record 2 which is a Lee Perry production. The release date is slated for early March.

    Record 1
    A. You Can’t Fool Me Again (RANDY’S PRE DYNA RANDY 414-1 (1969) JA
    (a Tosh vocal on an uptempo early Reggae rhythm, this was reissued on a Randy’s 7″ a few years ago)
    B. Green Duck (RANDY’S PRE DYNA RANDY 415-1 (1969) JA
    (the same rhythm that was used on the UK produced Torpedo release Skinheads Don’t Fear, when I asked Clive about this he had not heard the Torpedo release before and had no idea how they got hold of the rhythm)

    Record 2
    A. Rightful Ruler – Peter Tosh & U-Roy
    (UPSETTER PRE DYNA UPSETTER 718-1 (1969) JA / KEITH’S KR 200 B (1969) US **
    (some argue that this was the first tune U Roy voiced but there are competing claims on this, mainly the tunes for Keith Hudson or Lloyd Daley)

    Record 3
    A. The Return Of Al Capone (UNITY UN 525 A (1969) UK
    B. Sun Valley (UNITY UN 529 A (1969) UK
    (Two cuts with Tosh on the organ. His playing is a bit of an aquired taste, Sun Valley (on the Everybody Needs Love rhythm) is particularly eccentric).

    Record 4
    A. Little Green Apples (RANDY’S PRE DYNA VC 957 (1970) JA
    B. The Crimson Pirate (JACKPOT JP 706 A (1970) UK
    (Crimson Pirate is an organ cut of Slim Smith’s Somebody To Love)

    Record 5
    A. Stick Up – Peter Tosh & Count Machukie (RANDY’S DYNA VC 956-1 (1970)
    B. Moon Dust – JACKPOT JP 706 B (1970)
    (Moon Dust is titled Moon Duck on the Jackpot issue, another organ piece).

    Record 6
    A. Man’s Greatest Adventure – (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (1969)
    B. Selassie Serenade – BULLET BU 414 B (1969)
    (Selassie Serenade is another organ cut, the rhythm is a fairly obvious one, probably from the Bunny Lee camp but I can’t place it at the moment).

    Record 7
    A. 30-60-90 – RANDY’S RRM STUDIO 17-4 (1969)
    B. Whistling Jane – RANDY’S DYNA RANDY 971-1 (1969)
    (a cut of Alton Ellis’s What Does It Take To Win Your Love, apparently with Jackie Mittoo on organ nd Peter Tosh whistling)

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