November 18, 2008, at 9:06 pm

Remember Alton?

Alton EllisA timely reissue from Japanese specialists Rock A Shacka in the shape of Soul Train Is Coming, a complilation of Alton Ellis productions from around 1968 to the early 1970’s.

Due out on or around 6 December 2008.

1. My Time Is The Right Time …. Alton Ellis
2. I Love You Girl …. Alton Ellis
3. Denver …. Alton Ellis & The Flames
4. Keep On Yearning …. Alton Ellis
5. Again …. Alton Ellis
6. My Dedication …. Alton Ellis
7. Big News …. Alton Ellis
8. Baby Talk …. Alton Ellis
9. Tribute To Sir Alex …. Johnny Moore
10. Past Time …. Alton Ellis
11. Soul Train Is Coming …. Alton Ellis
12. A Little Bit More …. Alton Ellis
13. I Don’t Know Why …. Alton Ellis
14. It’s Alright Girl …. Alton Ellis
15. Love Is The Key …. Hortense Ellis
16. I Miss You So …. Hortense Ellis
17. Wild World …. Alton Ellis
18. If I Had The Right …. Alton Ellis
19. Bam Bye …. Alton Ellis

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