March 31, 2008, at 10:17 pm


It’s hard to keep up with the amount of Mashups and remixes that are coming out these days and when you hear the quality of some of them you wouldn’t want to bother anyway. Still once in a while something comes along that is just a little bit special and worth checking out. One that definitely falls into this catagory is a melodica version of Albaroise’s classic Kingston Town that was featured on the Blood And Fire message boards recently.
If this isn’t enough then check the dub version built by Dread Foxx.

On a slightly different tip but still well worth a listen is a fine mash up of Sean Paul over a modern sounding Ska rhythm (the rhythm isn’t too fast though, it sounds good). Ska type rhythms on Mashups are usually bad news but this one really works and is alot of fun.
This last one is the only one that’s had a vinyl release as far as I know. It’s on a blank, stamped “Whoever Mashups”. I’m not sure where you can pick it up from – if anyone knows then leave a comment.

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