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Is Mavado a video game? « DanceCrasher
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    April 11, 2008, at 10:19 am

    Is Mavado a video game?

    The truth is finally out Dancehall’s latest talent Mavado is actually a cynical marketing ploy by the manufacturers of the game Grand Theft Auto. OK well maybe not but his over the top Gangsta style fits well with the game.

    It’s a shame really as Mavado is a huge talent. If he would drop the skull bore, marrow fly lyrics we could appreciate him a whole lot more. Check this post on the heatwave blog for a great tune by him without stoopid gangsta lyrics.

    Meanwhile maybe Mavado should read this or this or this or this… there is a fine line between commenting on what goes on in Jamaica and glorifying an attitude/lifestyle that kills kids everywhere.
    Lecture over.

    Props to computerstyle for the heads up on the youtube link.

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