May 30, 2008, at 10:58 am

Listening to…

I’ve been checking KHSU Reggae Jamdown out of Arcatia (pronounced Arcadia?) Humboldt County, California alot lately. You can check the show at the website

This show has great music but is unintentionally quite funny to UK ears as well. DJ Dub Cowboy shouts out “Massive Respect” quite alot and then starts going on about the shows sponsors which are probably the kind of things you’d expect for a Reggae show on Californian college radio…it’s all very organic and loads of hydroponic gardening (whatever that is…though please don’t email to tell me as I don’t really care). Musically it’s mostly top drawer stuff, both 70’s Revives to Modern Roots.

If you need your fix of Californian Reggae radio you can do the itunes podcast thing here. Or play the 23 May show here

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  • c a

    another good one out of california is called reggae revive – available through itunes – it’s not all revival, there’s some dancehall in there too

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