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    January 26, 2008, at 11:12 am

    Eek A Mouse Extended

    Greensleeves Records are releasing a compilation CD of Eek A Mouse material on 3rd March. The best news concerning this release is it’s mainly comprised of 12″ versions from the Mouse at his prime circa 1980-83 so will be pretty much essential unless you own a big pile of those old Greensleeves 12″ discos. The tracks slated for this release (not in release order) are:
    Wa Do Dem 12” Version
    Anarexol 12” Version
    Teacher 12” Version
    Noah’s Ark 12” Version
    Christmas A Come 12” Version
    Do You Remember 12” Version
    Wild Like Tiger 12” Version
    Operation Eradication 12” Version
    Terrorists In The City 12” Version
    Ganja Smuggling
    Sensee Party
    Star, Daily News & Gleaner

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