May 10, 2008, at 7:16 pm

Cutty on VP

Cutty RanksVP have been releasing a number of solid anthologies in recent months. One that is definitely worth a mention is a retrospective of one of the greatest deejays of the 80’s/90’s, Cutty Ranks.

Titled Limb By Limb the anthology is spread over two CD’s. Most of his big tunes are there including his debut for Techniques, Gunman Lyrics, the classics for Fashion, Limb By Limb and The Stopper, and perhaps his biggest tune of all Who Seh Mi Dun. The biggest ommission is probably Danger Commit.

Limb By Limb – The Anthology is released on the 9 June.

2 comments to Cutty on VP

  • Reggie

    Enjoying the site, the news pieces coming through thick and fast now.
    would add From mi heart as another classic missing from this collection. looking forward to it though

  • PortOJam

    Just caught with the depth of the site. Amazing job Tim. When you gonna complete the 100 greatest Rock Steady Tunes section?

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