October 9, 2008, at 10:13 am

Asher G download

Asher G is among the best (if not THE best) revival DJs in London, he is rightly know as the Rocksteady Daddy. In 1992 he played at the Dub Club in Tufnell Park, North London. This was a bit of a change from his usual sessions as the Dub Club music policy was more Roots/Dub orientated where as Asher G would usually play across the board Ska to 70’s. Still he mashed the place up with a killer selection with lots of Studio One. You can download the session at Megaupload, the recording is taken from the board so it’s crisp and clean. On the mic are Clappers priest, Selah and Ishu.

A big thanks to Clappers Priest for the copy of this session.

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  • Robert

    Hi, can’t play this Tim, for some reason i can never play .rar files, do you have it on any other format

  • Tim P

    Hi Robert

    It’s a compressed file you need to unpack it, there is an mp3 inside. Check this for more info

  • Robert

    Cheers Tim, I googled rar files and downloaded a free extractor thing, thanks for getting back to me mate. the sellection is killer Asher G really is the man, do you have any other recordings of his apart from the one(s) on your podcast page. Really been enjoying the Proffsser and Archie ones again.
    All the best


    hi to all i will in the new year have my uk dub sound system list ready to go with a lot of goodies the list will include all of my recordings ie sound system recordings going back to 1983 featuring myself Mc Clapper Priest
    and will also feature many dub club sessions
    and uk 1980s sound sessions so i will keep everone posted bless

  • Mr English

    Asher G is wicked, digging some ugly tunes outta his studio one box. tuff session, bless up !

  • big bad

    great! thanx!

  • Hi,

    I’ve been looking for sessions by Asher G as i heard a lot about him, but couldn’t find anything, so could someone please re upload this?


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