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Rhythm style « DanceCrasher
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    November 16, 2007, at 1:54 pm

    Rhythm style

    In the old pre-internet days there was no effective way of identfying other versions of a particular rhythm. The only notable exception being the superb Studio One rhythm book Never Grow Old.

    A few years later and along came the internet, a man called Pupa Vlado set up the first internet rhythm database at Though incomplete it was still a superb resource. Unfortunately this site closed down a couple of years ago. Luckily for us Pupa Vlado made his core data base available to all and therefore a number of new rhythm databases are currently running (most if not all using the core work that was on Below is a list of the ones we know about, if there are any missing leave a comment and let us know.

    • Jamrid A slightly chaotic layout means this is hard to use. There are lots of Sound Samples though which is very useful. This site works alot better in Explorer than in Firefox.
    • Riddim Base This site says it is the worlds largest Riddim Database – we’ve no idea if this is true but the claimed 52532 tunes is pretty significant. The search facility is clear however sometimes a predictive box covers this so you can’t type in what you want (in Firefox at least) this is more of an irritant than anything else.
    • Riddimbase Part of the German Reggae portal this has a really clean, user friendly frontpage. 36000 tunes are listed
    • Zone Riddim Database Riddimbase Part of the Step In The Zone website. I’m not sure how long this database has been around. The interface is not great but it all seems to work OK. There don’t seem to be any updates after 2005.

    2 comments to Rhythm style

    • Thanks for the kind words; let me add that we also got soundsamples at our site, something like 1500 or so.

      Two other significant databases i wanna point out (though there are even more than that):
      This one’s also based on Pupa Vlados body of work, but has many additions to it. Search function isn’t top-o-de-crop (in fact it’s nonexistent), but the data is fine, mostly.
      Not sure what data this based on; it’s quite barely designed (and french…) but it’s pretty good especially on releases from the nineties

      Then there’s of course the great, which doesn’t have any riddim info, but can provide lots of additional infos on tunes you may have stumbled upon on the other databases.

    • niz

      Like bass said there is a lot of site of this kind: I’ve done a little selection one year ago : (it’s in french but most of the links still works)

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