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Crying Time « DanceCrasher
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    November 21, 2007, at 11:21 pm

    Crying Time

    Out on CD on 26 November is Roots Master, a long overdue collection of 70’s and 80’s sides by Claudius Linton. Claudius first recorded as a member of the Hoffner brothers in the very early 70’s. Later in the decade, and into the 80’s, he was releasing self produced solo singles on labels such as Peacemaker and Daniel. It’s the self produced recordings that feature on this release which of course includes the massive Crying Time. The new stereo mixes smack of padding on what would have otherwise been a pretty short release, it will be interesting to hear if these were really worthwhile. Either way this is worth getting for Crying Time alone.


    1. Crying Time*
    2. Shoulder To Jah Wheel*
    3. 20th Century*
    4. Backra Massa*
    5. Reach Out
    6. Woman Wash Your Hair
    7. Third World*
    8. Reduce The Arms Race
    9. Road To Life (Unreleased)*
    10. Chun Pon Nanie
    11. Shoulder To Jah Wheel (Dub)*
    12. Mountain Music (Version)
    13. I’ve Been In Chains Too Long (Version)
    14. Crying Time (Mono Mix)
    15. Backra Massa (Mono Mix)
    16. Shouler To Jah Wheel (Mono Mix)

    *New stereo mix
    The CD also features a 10 minute documentary.

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